public news server hosts a public news server, an USENET site that is intentionally kept open for all IP addresses without requiring any kind of authentication both for reading and posting. Each IP address is authorized to post maximum 25 messages per day and the posting rights are suspended for 24 hours if more than three messages are rejected in a day. Each post must be sent to less than three groups (crosspost) and each one can include at most three followup groups. Maximum allowed size is 32 KB per article and 2KB per header. Only four concurrent connections per IP address on and 2 ones on are allowed and 400 connections per day are accepted from each IP address. fully supports both SSL and TLS.
Spam, pornography, paedophilia, and any kind of abuses are not tolerated.

Currently, active servers are:

  1. which opens the following ports:
    • 119 (Plain Text and TLS)
    • 563 (SSL Only)
    • 443 (SSL Only)
    • 22 (SSL Only)
    • 80 (Plain Text and TLS)
  2. which listens the following ports:
    • 119 (Plain Text and TLS)
    • 563 (SSL only)