In this section are collected some documents that provide technical information that is not interesting to service users but only to other servers administrators. Specifically, it contains instructions for configuring a usenet feed between this server and another one and all instructions needed to manage the aioe.* usenet hierarchy that is controlled through this server.
The following pages are available:


An introduction about free NNTP servers
This page, which is twenty years old, provides some theoretical information about public news servers both about what they are and about why they exist. Many years ago, it was the manifest of this service.
Peering data
All the data needed to configure a usenet feed between this service and another server is shown in the summary table that is contained on this page. This page is completely useless for service users because exchanging a usenet feed with this server requires a prior agreement between administrators.
How to setup a feed with
This is a detailed tutorial explaining how to configure INN2, an open source news server, to manage a usenet feed with this server. Those who need to establish a usenet feed with this news server must carefully follow the instructions on this page.
aioe.* technical data
All technical information that system administrators need to manage the aioe.* usenet hierarchy are on this page. Some information on this page may have become obsolete.
Leafnode & howto
This page contains an old tutorial explaining how to use leafnode together with this news server. Since a small number of users still use leafnode and its development still goes on it is kept available.
Access restrictions
When serious abuse occurs, some additional rules may be added to those already contained in the terms of use. This page shows all rules that are applied by the server at the moment.
Postfilter is an antispam filter for InterNetNews, a widely used NNTP server. Unlike cleanfeed - which checks remote articles, those messages sent through other sites - postfilter scans local posts and tries to reject spam and various abuses. Even if it's designed for large sites, notably USENET servers, postfilter can be safety used also by small or private hosts that need a less strong protection against abuses.
Site map
A list of all pages hosted by this site.