public news server hosts a public news server, a USENET site that is intentionally kept open for all IP addresses without requiring any kind of authentication both for reading and for posting. In order to avoid mass abuses, every IP address is authorized to post no more than 40 messages per day.
A lot of documentation about the service provided by is available on the website: a brief service description and a detailed list of all terms of use that all new users should read before starting to use this server, the user's manual and a list of frequently asked questions. Some more specific technical documents are available in the documentation section. Those who need to get in touch with administrators should read the contacts page.

Currently, service is provided by two different hosts:
This is the main server that everyone should prefer when using this service. It is configured to accept the new incoming user connections on the following ports:
  • 119 (Plain and TLS)
  • 563 (SSL Only)
  • 443 (SSL Only)
  • 22 (SSL Only)
  • 80 (Plain and TLS)
A backup server is also made available to allow customers to use the service even when the main host is overloaded or unreachable. Everyone must keep in mind that this server is considerably slower than the main one.
  • 119 (Plain and TLS)
  • 563 (SSL only)