aioe.* hierarchy

  1. Introduction
  2. May i have a custom aioe.* group ?
  3. Posting rules
  4. List of aioe.* groups


1. Introduction owns a small USENET hierarchy that is mostly used for helpdesk groups. Since some other site carries these groups, if the servers go down, our clients can ask for informations posting through a different news server. This strategy avoids panic attacks when our servers go offline because the administrators are always able to communicate with the users.
All aioe.* groups are protected against the spam. In case of abuses, those messages that break the netiquette are cancelled through NoCeM cancel articles without any kind of previous notice.


2. May i have a custom aioe.* group?

The admistrators are happy to create new groups if somebody requests their creation. Those who wish a group should follow the following steps:

  1. Choose a name that must start with aioe.public. (ie aioe.public.pets)
  2. Write a short Manifesto. A manifesto is a relatively short text that explains the topic and the mandatory rules that each poster must follow.
  3. Send a message to news://aioe.system . This request must include a valid proposer's email address, the desired name and the Manifesto.

If the request is acceptable, the new group will be created in a few hours. Everybody should consider that is always forbidden to post binary contents - mostly pornography and warez - and the crosspost outside aioe.*. Those who need a moderated group must also provide a valid email address that will be used to forward the posts before being approved. Since the existence each group consumes a small amount of system resources, all groups requested by the users are deleted if there're less than 5 posts per months.


Local groups still have a cost to the system because it has to handle them after they're created. Therefore, new local groups are added only when they are used to something.


This service is provided for free.


3. Posting rules

Each posted article must be smaller than 32KiB. Headers must be smaller than 2KiB

Articles which include a Content-type header which is not "text/plain" are refused, so HTML and multipart posts are forbidden. Those who need to sign their messages with a GPG/PGP key have to include the digital sign in the body of the article without adding a special multipart section.

Each body line of an article must be shorter than 160 characters. Quoted, blank and empty lines must be less than 80% of total article. A quoted line begins with ">" or "|", a blank line contains only spaces an empty one includes only a single newline ("\n") character. The argument of the Date header must be correct. Often spammers send messages with a future date in order to become visible in the top of article list on clients which sort their groups by date; this implies that your system clock has to be properly configured.

Articles can be posted to no more than 10 groups. Articles that do not have a follow-up-to header cannot be posted to more than 3 groups. Articles that do have a follow-up-to header cannot have more than 3 groups in the Newsgroups header.
All the articles sent in the aioe.* hierarchy that break these rules are cancelled in an automatic way


4. List of aioe.* groups             Discussioni varie in lingua italiana
aioe.system                     Support group for admins            Assistenza in lingua italiana sul news server              English helpdesk for english users                 Nocem messages sent by (Closed)
aioe.test                       General test group for the hierarchy
aioe.test.moderated             Test moderated group for (Moderated)
aioe.test.tor                   A place where test whether NNTP over Tor works