List of groups

This page lists the available groups on the server that are still being populated by users. The first column indicates the name of each group, the second the number of articles posted within the last three months, the third field shows whether the newsgroup is moderated or closed, the last contains the description of the group. This list does not include all the groups that received less than two messages in the last three months because they are abandoned and therefore useless. At the same time, everyone should consider that all groups with less than a few dozen messages are probably no longer read by anyone.


24hoursupport.helpdesk1726openNo description.
ab.general6openItems of general interest in Alberta, Canada.
ab.jobs4openJobs in Alberta, Canada.
ab.politics9openDiscussion of politics in Alberta, Canada.
abg.english2openAugsburg: chatten auf englisch auch fuer nichtenglaender...
abg.witziges16openAugsburg: muss auch sein....
adass.test2openNo description.
ahn.test2openTesting Usenet in the Athens, Georgia, area.
aioe.helpdesk195openNo description. varie in lingua italiana in lingua italiana sul news server helpdesk for english users
aioe.system63openSupport group for admins
aioe.test374openGeneral test group for the hierarchy
aioe.test.tor22openA place where test whether NNTP over Tor works
ak.test23openMessages with the beta-nature.
alabama.general280openGeneral discussion in the state of Alabama.
alabama.politics7openPolitics in the state of Alabama.
alabama.shoals.general2openDiscussion about the Shoals area in NW Alabama, USA.
alabama.test190openNews system testing in the alabama hierarchy.
alt.1d5openOne-dimensional imaging, & the thinking behind it.
alt.26001882openNo description.
alt.2eggs.sausage.beans.tomatoes.2toast.largetea.cheerslove36openNo description.
alt.abortion1409openNo description.
alt.abuse.recovery44openHelping victims of abuse to recover.
alt.acting10openI'm just not myself today.
alt.activism81openActivities for activists.
alt.activism.children526openOpen discussion of political issues about children.
alt.activism.d4openA place to discuss issues in alt.activism.
alt.activism.death-penalty146openInfo and discussion re abolition
alt.activism.drug-war7openNo description.
alt.activism.drug-war.mj-millennium5openDiscussion of the MJ-Millennium
alt.adoption3openFor those involved with or contemplating adoption.
alt.adoption.searching15openMatching adoptees and birth parents.
alt.aeffle.und.pferdle46openGerman TV cartoon characters das Aeffle und das Pferdle.
alt.agnosticism7opensupport for those not quite atheists or theists.
alt.agriculture.goat-herding4openfor all the goat herders
alt.airline.united2openUnited Airlines
alt.airports356openNo description. and views relating to Edinburgh description.
alt.alcohol14openDon't drink and drive on the, I can't say it.
alt.algebra.help118openCheating on Homework 101.
alt.alien.research60openExtraterrestial body snatching for fun and profit.
alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk1636openSomething about simoN.
alt.alien.visitors84openSpace Aliens on Earth! Abduction! Gov't Coverup!
alt.alt.alt.alt.alt2openWhen the ants go marching five by five.
alt.alt.test48openUse alt.test instead.
alt.alumni.bronx-science3openThose crazy kids from Bronx-Sci.
alt.america10openCreated by a British cluebag; probably now has USA talk.
alt.anagrams51openPlaying with words.
alt.anarchism4openAnarchists of the world, unite!
alt.angst35openAnxiety in the modern world.
alt.animals2openUse rec.pets.* or alt.animals.* instead.
alt.animals.ethics.vegetarian1676openNo description.
alt.animals.felines3openCats of all types.
alt.animals.foxes2openFor those wild and crazy guys.
alt.animals.gorilla2openDiscussion of the gorilla
alt.animals.rights.promotion2openNo description.
alt.animals.whales2openEverything from harbour porpoises to blue whales.
alt.anime28openJapanese animated movies and TV shows.
alt.anime.cardcaptor-sakura3openCardcaptor Sakura and its English
alt.anime.shoujo6openJapanese animation targeted to young girls, and its origins.
alt.anonymous44openalt! Who goes there?
alt.anonymous.email18openNo description.
alt.anonymous.messages11876openAn anonymous message pool newgroup, whatever that is.
alt.answers4moderatedRepository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated) some people hate AOL and/or its users.
alt.appalachian771openAppalachian region awareness, events, and culture.
alt.archeology89openNo description.
alt.archimedes.bugs19openFew people know he invented giant mechanical bugs.
alt.architecture7openBuilding design/construction and related topics.
alt.arse-bandit3openarse bandit talk-a-plenty a spectacle of yourself in the art world.
alt.arts.poetry.comments12473opena place to post and comment on poetry
alt.arts.poetry.urban57openPoetry of the urban experience from an urban
alt.ascii-art5openPictures composed of ASCII characters.
alt.assassination.jfk10912moderatedJFK Assassination Discussion. (Moderated) description.
alt.astrology76openTwinkle, twinkle, little planet.
alt.astrology.metapsych3openDiscussion of astrology
alt.astrology.pro5422openNo description.
alt.astronomy2207openNo description.
alt.atheism68508openGodless heathens.
alt.atheism.satire21openFunny Godless heathens.
alt.atlanta20openNo description. of live sound reinforcement Mercedes-Benz cars.
alt.autos3openUse* or* groups instead. 40 years of 4x4 Chevy/GMC trucks description. about Americas premiere sportscar General's Warning: Dodge Trucks or Die. Ford vehicles. General Motors vehicles. a Discussion group for Honda/Acura vehicles. Motor Company and its line of vehicles.'s Jaguar automobiles. cars and trucks. automobiles. automobiles. of Pontiac Automobiles description. vehicles. related to Toyota cars and trucks. description. Trucks automobiles.
alt.aviation.fun2openNo description.
alt.aviation.safety46openAviation safety enhancement
alt.babylon5.uk9openUse instead.
alt.backup-software12openA newsgroup for IT profesionals to discuss the
alt.baldspot8640openHe's not only the founder, he's a customer; our guy Sy.
alt.banjo4openSomeone's in the kitchen with Dinah.
alt.barefoot2openCampaigning against "No shirt, no shoes, no service."
alt.barney.dinosaur.die.die.die6open"There's enough hatred of Barney for everyone!"
alt.basement.graveyard28openAnother side of the do-it-yourself movement.
alt.bathroom14openDiscussion of bathrooms, toilets, etc.
alt.bbs63openComputer BBS systems & software.
alt.bbs.ads250openAds for various computer BBS's.
alt.bbs.allsysop7openSysOp concerns of ALL networks and technologies.
alt.bbs.amiga.cnet3openCNet Amiga Pro BBS support.
alt.bbs.doors3openBulletin board system add-on executables, or "doors".
alt.bbs.general9openNo description.
alt.bbs.lists22openPostings of regional BBS listings.
alt.bbs.mystic289openNo description.
alt.bbs.pcboard3openTechnical support for the PCBoard BBS.
alt.bbs.wildcat2openWILDCAT! BBS from Mustang Software, Inc.
alt.beer13openGood for what ales ya. was a time of sorrow, it was a time of joy.
alt.bestjobsusa.computer18openNo description. description.
alt.bible9508openGeneral discussion about the Holy Bible. of the Bible and its prophecies.
alt.biology31openNo description.
alt.bitch.pork3openFlames in a particular vein.
alt.bitcoins4openDiscussion of bitcoin and other alt coins
alt.bitterness5openNo matter what it's for, you know how it'll turn out.
alt.bonehead.jai-maharaj5openlook at his posts and make up your own mind
alt.books.arthur-clarke29openThe writings of SF writer Arthur C Clarke.
alt.books.inklings13opendiscussion of Barfield,Auden,Williams,et al.
alt.books.isaac-asimov3openFans of the late SF/science author Isaac Asimov.
alt.books.louis-lamour42openLouis L'Amour, the American Western Story teller.
alt.books.m-lackey7openAuthor Mercedes Lackey and her books.
alt.books.nabokov2openNo description.
alt.books.pratchett8openDiscussions of Terry Pratchett's books and characters.
alt.books.reviews171open"If you want to know how it turns out, read it!".
alt.books.stephen-king2openThe works of horror writer Stephen King.
alt.books.tom-holt21openMiscellany related to author Tom Holt
alt.boomerang32openThe angular throwing club, not the Eddie Murphy flick.
alt.bozoes5openNo description.
alt.bread.recipes292openPosting of different bread recipes
alt.bristol7openNo description.
alt.buddha.short.fat.guy2726openReligion. And not religion. Both. Neither.
alt.building.construction32openBuilding industry construction.
alt.bullshit7opena place to bullshit
alt.bumbling.idiots.the.fbi18openNo description.
alt.business45openUse instead. displaying PC home business plans and services. aspects of international trade. trade in raw materials. aspects of commerce. (network) marketing businesses.
alt.buzzard.rules2openThis group discusses buzzard rules
alt.c6411openUse comp.sys.cbm instead.
alt.cad3openComputer Aided Design.
alt.cad.autocad7openCAD as practiced by customers of Autodesk.
alt.california5348openThe state and the state of mind.
alt.california.illegals23openNo description.
alt.callahans161openCallahan's bar for puns and fellowship.
alt.cannabis.seed-banks19openItems regarding cannabis seed banks.
alt.cats8openNo description.
alt.cellular19openCellular telephone technology.
alt.cellular-phone-tech1988openNo description.
alt.cellular.bluetooth165openNo description.
alt.cellular.gsm.carriers.voicestream10openDiscussion of Issues related to Voicestream GSM Service
alt.cellular.t-mobile25openDiscussion about T-Mobile and related topics
alt.cellular.verizon26openCellular phone and wireless web service provider.
alt.censorship23openDiscussion about restricting speech/press.
alt.centipede21openNo description.
alt.checkmate44151openNo description.
alt.chinese.text10openPostings in Chinese; Chinese language software.
alt.christian.religion4510openNo description.
alt.christnet32openGathering place for Christian ministers and users.
alt.christnet.bible44openBible discussion and research.
alt.christnet.calvinist9openDedicated to reformed theology and the Bible
alt.christnet.christianlife11941openHow to live what Christians believe.
alt.christnet.ethics12openEthics in the Chrisitian value system.
alt.christnet.evangelical31openSome aspect of evangelism.
alt.christnet.nudism15openStripping in the name of the Lord.
alt.christnet.philosophy2openPhilosophical implications of Christianity.
alt.christnet.prayer383openPrayer in the lives of Christians.
alt.christnet.second-coming.real-soon-now2openIt could happen.
alt.christnet.theology234openThe distinctives of God of Christian theology.
alt.circumcision86openExcuse me, you dropped something.
alt.cities.chicago7openNo description. description.
alt.clearing13openNo description.
alt.clearing.adore13openNo description.
alt.clearing.o55413openNo description.
alt.clearing.technology593openTraumatic Incident Reduction and Clearing.
alt.clueless3openI have no idea how to describe this group.
alt.coffee114openAnother group worshipping caffeine.
alt.collecting.8-track-tapes12openFans of the endless loop cartridge.
alt.collecting.autographs3openWOW! You got Pete Rose's? What about Kibo's?
alt.collecting.juke-boxes70openNo description. for conservative & libtertarian college students
alt.comedy.british88openDiscussion of British comedy in a variety of media.
alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre19openFiresign Theatre in all its flaming glory.
alt.comedy.standup94openDiscussion of stand-up comedy and comedians.
alt.comics.lnh62openInteractive net.madness in the superhero genre.
alt.comics.spider-man7openNo description.
alt.comp.anti-virus87openAnti-virus topics relating to computers.
alt.comp.blind-users6openComputer technology for the visually impaired.
alt.comp.freeware5091openFree software that was intended to be free.
alt.comp.google19openDiscussion about Google search, Gmail, services etc.
alt.comp.hardware234openNo description.
alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt5openDesigning devious devices in the den.
alt.comp.hardware.pc-homebuilt423openBuilding your PC from motherboards and cards.
alt.comp.hardware.stampanti13openNo description.
alt.comp.issues.privacy2openPrivacy discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.applescript8openDiscussion of AppleScript and Mac scripting in general
alt.comp.lang.borland-delphi50openUse comp.lang.pascal.delphi.misc instead.
alt.comp.lang.coldfusion2openDiscussion of the ColdFusion Markup
alt.comp.lang.java7openJava discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.learn.c-c++3openstudy group for beginners to learn c
alt.comp.lang.php3openDiscussion of PHP scripting shell programming discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.linux22openNo description. Office discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.networking.routers2openRouter discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.os.linux25openLinux about Microsoft Windows Version 10 8th installment of Microsoft Windows, the GUI OS from hell. Xp.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.asus2openASUS motherboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.gigabyte4openNo description.
alt.comp.periphs.videocards.ati2openNo description.
alt.comp.project-management4openNo description.
alt.comp.shareware6open"Try Before You Buy" software marketing.'s QuickBooks software. of Intuit's Quicken
alt.comp.test13openGeneral test group for alt.comp.* sub-hierarchy
alt.comp.virus52openAn unmoderated forum for discussing viruses.
alt.computer221openNo description. for computer consultants. description. description.
alt.consciousness3openUse sci.psychology.consciousness instead.
alt.consciousness.4th-way10openThe Fourth Way, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky.
alt.consciousness.mysticism73openThe quest for ultimate reality.
alt.conspiracy4452openBe paranoid -- they're out to get you.
alt.conspiracy.jfk5714openThe Kennedy assassination. description. Discounts and Bargains instead. description.
alt.countrystuff2openGroup discusses things to do with countrystuff
alt.cows.moo.moo.moo2openLike cows would cluck or something.
alt.crack.nl37openNo description.
alt.cracks29openNo description.
alt.cracks.nl3openTo get them lamers out of
alt.crime77openCrime in general, not just the crimes in alt.*.
alt.cuddle21openWhat cows do with their food; should be alt.cows.cuddle.
alt.cult-movies.alien5openThe Alien series of films.
alt.culture.african.american.history9openFor discussions of history, as
alt.culture.african.american.issues6openFor discussions of
alt.culture.alaska24openDiscussion of PSYLVIA and the SHIFT KEY in Alaska
alt.culture.chechnya10openChechens Culture, History, Politics etc. (Chechnya)
alt.culture.hawaii561openUa Mau Ke Ea O Ka 'Aina I Ka Pono.
alt.culture.indonesia8openUse soc.culture.indonesia instead.
alt.culture.kashmir45openKashmir region of south-central Asia.
alt.culture.kerala14openUse soc.culture.indian.kerala instead.
alt.culture.morocco76openA newsgroup for participants to share their
alt.culture.ny.upstate3openUse alt.culture.ny-upstate instead.
alt.culture.oregon9openDiscussion about the state of Oregon.
alt.culture.saudi69openThe life and times of the people of Saudi Arabia.
alt.culture.somalia2openUse soc.culture.somalia instead.
alt.culture.tamil3openUse soc.culture.tamil instead. least pick a _good_ decade to be stuck in the past. description.
alt.culture.wo9ld.culture2openDiscussion of the "wo9ld" problem.
alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater29openThe Clinton Whitewater Scandle.
alt.current-events.usa57openWhat's new in the United States.
alt.cyberpunk13openHigh-tech low-life.
alt.cypherpunks26openTechnological defenses for privacy
alt.dbs.directv57openAs requested in alt.config
alt.dbs.echostar10openNo description. allemand.
alt.dear.whitehouse210openWhen Hints from Heloise aren't enough. depressed is a fuck?
alt.desert-storm3openContinuing proof that alt groups never die. of graphics design.
alt.digitiser.snakes3openDigitiser's snake reveals, man; We cuss them bad
alt.disasters.aviation71openPlane Lands Safely at Airfield, Film at 11.
alt.discrimination15openQuotas, affirmative action, bigotry, persecution.
alt.disney2openUse rec.arts.disney.misc instead.
alt.divination3openDivination techniques (e.g., I Ching, Tarot, runes). description.
alt.dolfy.forever469openin navolging van de groep van dd
alt.dragons-inn34openBreathing fire tends to make one very thirsty.
alt.dreams350openWhat do they mean?
alt.dreams.castaneda1192openThe dreaming techniques of Carlos Castaneda.
alt.drug-crazed-slut.anonyme.laugh.laugh.laugh3openNo description.
alt.drugs13478openUse rec.drugs.misc instead.
alt.drugs.2cb9openFor the discussion of the research chemical 2C-B.
alt.drugs.abuse155openItems regarding abuse of psychotropic drugs
alt.drugs.acetyldihydrocodeine4openDiscussion of acetyldihydrocodeine.
alt.drugs.antibiotics26openDiscussion of antibiotics.
alt.drugs.benzodiazepines42openDiscussion of benzodiazepines.
alt.drugs.benzos13openDiscussion of benzodiazepines.
alt.drugs.buprenorphine8openDiscussion of buprenorphine.
alt.drugs.busts15openA newgroup for the discussion of
alt.drugs.caffeine224openAll about the world's most-used stimulant drug.
alt.drugs.cannabis.nl521openA group dedicated to the famous dutch
alt.drugs.chemistry1440openDiscussion of drug chemistry and synthesis.
alt.drugs.cocaine1345openA newsgroup for discussion of cocaine.
alt.drugs.codeine20openNo description.
alt.drugs.crack282openNo description.
alt.drugs.culture23openEntertainment while under the influence.
alt.drugs.dealers.playground.bert-hoff24openCliche, but true!
alt.drugs.diazepam34openDiscussion of diazepam (Valium)
alt.drugs.dmt99openNo description.
alt.drugs.dmx5openNo description.
alt.drugs.drug-testing51openurinalysis, hair testing, etc. for drug use.
alt.drugs.dxm24openWorld discussion of the drug DXM (dextromethorphan).
alt.drugs.ecstasy209openEcstasy, a/k/a MDMA, E, and XTC, used recreationally.
alt.drugs.ghb79opengamma-hydroxybutyrate use, recreational or therapeutic.
alt.drugs.hard16904openHeroin, cocaine, and friends.
alt.drugs.hard.grey59openThe distinguished Usenet regular on alt.drugs.hard.
alt.drugs.hard.harryworld6openA newsgroup for harry and company to
alt.drugs.hashish82openA newsgroup for discussion of hashish.
alt.drugs.heroin35openDiscussion of the drug heroin.
alt.drugs.ketamine3openA newsgroup for discussion of ketamine.
alt.drugs.lsd64openA newsgroup for discussion of LSD.
alt.drugs.meth11openA newsgroup for discussion of methamphetamine.
alt.drugs.morphine117openA newsgroup for discussion of morphine.
alt.drugs.mushrooms7openPsychoactive Mushrooms
alt.drugs.narcotics10openNo description.
alt.drugs.opium68openA newsgroup for discussion of opium.
alt.drugs.pcp7openA newsgroup for discussion of PCP.
alt.drugs.pot172openUse rec.drugs.cannabis instead.
alt.drugs.pot.cultivation.hydroponics45openNo description.
alt.drugs.pot.hydro21openA newsgroup for discussion of hydro marijuana.
alt.drugs.psychedelics349openUse rec.drugs.psychedelic instead.
alt.drugs.rfg8openNo description.
alt.drugs.salvia2openA newsgroup for discussion of salvia.
alt.drugs.uk65openNo description.
alt.drugs.usenet170openRepeatedly pushing the button for a fix.
alt.drugs.valium94openA newsgroup for discussion of valium.
alt.drugs.viagra10openA newsgroup for discussion of viagra.
alt.drugs.xanax124openDiscussion of Xanax
alt.drwho.creative8openWriting about long scarves and time machines.
alt.dss.hack46openDiscussing modifications of Digital Sattelite Systems
alt.e-smith.fr19openconfiguration utilisation de la distibution e-smith talk.environment instead. shit and die asshole
alt.education357openUse the groups instead. discuss everything about business education. from teachers who are far away. about studying.
alt.elvis.king9openFat and dead, too. Pretty useless king. Power/Home-Made Power for Off-Grid Living. ourselves without depleting everything. electrical engineering.
alt.english.usage664openNo description.
alt.environment.collapse6openNo description.
alt.esperanto.beginner4openNo description.
alt.esperanto.katolika23openNo description. basque.
alt.evolution52openvolution de la Galaxie... description. of the late German leader. fans of old AT&T logos. group for fans of Barry Manilow. of the original micro-softie. description. brother Douglas Adams never talks about. description. by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service. description. description. description. Notorious Courtney Love. description. man who fell to earth. obsession with Dean Stark. Man of Bronze. of radio host Imus. of "The Meaning of Liff", & other fine works. Pepper -- Love him or hate him. just love automobiles at Pennsic.'s drinking buddies. Eddie Izzard, etc. of Supermodels. music and antics of Elton John. instead. description. that a Sears poncho?, dates and discussions about The Fratelli Brothers of funny animals, ala Steve Gallacci's book. TV preacher and horsebreeder. Neddy, it's that dastardly Moriarty again. on George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" description. description. of SF author Robert Heinlein grok this group. Hofstadter and Godel, Escher, Bach., my dear Watson. Like he ever said that. of the abrasive radio & TV personality. description. contributor to alt.astrology and soc.culture.indian. his Majesty's Secret Service (& secret linen too). in 4 BC had no mass communication., take him home to the place where he belongs. description. the rest of him, ya gotta love the nose. are there so few hot, exhibitionist, S&M women? of Kathy-Jo Kramer. test. is The Forum ? description. of the top 10 reasons to get the alt groups. tits, eh... And how about that puppy? description. Moore movies and books. fan club for animator Mike Jittlov. Chomsky's writings and opinions.! Juice! Juice! fans of the s-f author Piers Anthony. and Piglet too. X-Wing pilot Red Six, Jek Porkins. of important Power Rangers facts. fans of Terry Pratchett, s-f humor writer. about pubic wigs & book signings. (Moderated) description. and all. of others for fun and profit.'s television programme. Moon animation, manga, and merchandise. hawkish elitist Sean Hannity Lucas's Star Wars. description. description. description. description. description. description. description. description. description. description. description. Men doomed to die. Irish rock band U2. group for fans of utb member Naughty Boy. FAQ will are what you eat. of the works of humour author P.G. Wodehouse. of the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs.
alt.fashion20openAll facets of the fasion industry discussed.
alt.fatty-fuckers3openA newsgroup devoted to lovers of the plump form
alt.feminism81openUse soc.feminism instead.
alt.fiction.original20openOriginal net.fiction by Original Authors
alt.fifty-plus.friends32openFor mature penpals and discussion
alt.fiftyplus200openGeneral topics of discussion by persons over 50.
alt.firefighters2openNo description.
alt.fishing3openUse instead. ads, jobs offered/wanted
alt.flame8openAlternative, literate, pithy, succinct screaming.
alt.flame.airlines2openProblems and complaints with the airlines.
alt.flame.cincinnati9openNo description.
alt.flame.niggers72openThe disgustng spectacle of racial hatred.
alt.flame.rspw607open- flames and other off-topic discussion related to
alt.flame.rush-limbaugh4openThe opposition's version of
alt.folklore.computers6364openStories & anecdotes about computers (some true!).
alt.folklore.urban70openUrban legends, ala Jan Harold Brunvand.
alt.food5openUse instead., grilling and related subjects. description. food restaurants. Sagan's favourite burger place. description. ancient art of preparing raw fish. about wine, for oeneophiles.
alt.forsale8openUse instead. et discussions sur le plonkage. description. description. description. description. description. description. dans la Galaxie. test.
alt.france860openDiscussion of the newsgroup alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk.
alt.fraud31openfraud and it's effect on society about free (open) news servers
alt.freemasonry80openSomeone will build my basement for free? Cool.
alt.freespeech15openNo description.
alt.fuck.niggers97openNo description. description.
alt.fucking.test13openFucking test your newsreader here, fuckhead.
alt.fucknozzles33openCujo DeSockpuppet is a fucknozzle The Sims, a create-your-own-reality game description. description. group to discuss dead pools and how to pick your's fantasy adventure role-playing computer game The Official Diablo 2 newsgroup really popular PC game. about the game of Draughts. post nuclear RPG Fallout about the M.A.M.E emulator description.'s game Myth: the Fallen Lords and the service description. Nights, the Bioware RPG description. the PBEM game VGA Planets version 4 about the Nintendo 64 second generation of Sony PlayStation craft of war: Orcs versus Humans.
alt.gathering.rainbow26openFor discussing the annual Rainbow Gathering.
alt.genealogy39openUse soc.genealogy.* instead. discussion of the problem of global warming
alt.god87openon God; and God's role in the world today.
alt.good.news6openA place for some news that's good news. of Google and how it makes the
alt.gossip.celeberties34openNo description.
alt.gossip.celebrities1108openNo description.
alt.gothic102openThe gothic movement: things mournful and dark.
alt.gothic.fashion14openDiscussion on pointy boots, hair dye, and makeup tips!
alt.gothic.suicide6openNo description.
alt.graffiti2openThe writing is on the wall.
alt.guitar340openYou axed for it, you got it.
alt.guitar.amps1108openDiscussion of guitar amplifiers.
alt.guitar.bass24openBass guitars.
alt.guitar.beginner2openNo description.
alt.guitar.effects6openNo description.
alt.guitar.tab80openDiscussions about guitar tablature music.
alt.guns77openUnmoderated Firearms
alt.hacker82openNo description.
alt.hackers.cough.cough.cough6openItalian cough cough.
alt.hackers.malicious31openThe really bad guys -- don't take candy from them.
alt.hackintosh6openClever programming on Apple's Macintosh.
alt.hackintosh.serials3openPosting serial numbers for Macintosh Software.
alt.happy.valley2424open- - this ain't a valley & we ain't happy:
alt.healing.reiki58openNo description.
alt.health242openUse* or* instead. old medicine from India. of all aspects of biofeedback therapy related to the disease diabetes description. description.
alt.hemp18openIt's about knot-tying with rope. Knot!
alt.hemp.politics15openPolitical issues surrounding marijuana.
alt.history.british5openA newsgroup for British History
alt.history.ocean-liners.titanic6openHistoric ocean liners: the Titantic.
alt.history.what-if5openWhat would the net have been like without this group?
alt.hobbies.serial-murder76openDark humour for friendly psychopaths
alt.hollywood34open- A forum for Hollywood residents to share their
alt.home.cleaning9openfor cleaning all sorts of household items
alt.home.lawn.garden30openNo description.
alt.home.repair24902openBob Vila would love this group.
alt.homeless.hetnet8openNo description.
alt.homosexual58openSame as
alt.homosexual.lesbian5openUse soc.women.lesbian-and-bi instead.
alt.horology20openA group for the science of clocks and watches.
alt.horror413openThe horror genre.
alt.horror.cthulhu15openCampus Crusade for Cthulhu, Ctulhu, Ctulu, and the rest.
alt.horror.werewolves10openThey were wolves, now they're something to be wary of.
alt.html103openUse comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html instead.
alt.humor23openNo description.
alt.humor.jewish9opendiscuss and exchange jewish humor
alt.humor.puns6799openNot here.
alt.hvac60openHeating, venting and air conditioning.
alt.hypertext4openDiscussion of hypertext -- uses, transport, etc.
alt.i-think.therefore.i-dont.listen-to.cnn181openwhat do i think
alt.icq3openunmoderated discussion about the icq chat client
alt.idiot.nazi10open.fuckstick.dvus Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service.
alt.idiots517openFor discussion of idiots and all things idiotic.
alt.illuminati82openSee alt.cabal. Fnord.
alt.impeach18openNo description.
alt.internet.commerce2openDoing business on the Internet. description.
alt.internet.wireless409openAccessing the internet via wireless devices.
alt.irc3openInternet Relay Chat material.
alt.irc.mirc5openHelp and info on the IRC client mIRC.
alt.irc.za9openNo description.
alt.irish5openNo description. italien.
alt.jobs2031openUse* instead. ( description. from where? Use* instead.
alt.journalism384openShop talk by journalists and journalism students.
alt.journalism.criticism61openI write, therefore I'm biased.
alt.journalism.newspapers74openWriting in the newspaper industry.
alt.jyotish3openNo description.
alt.kill.spammers2openNo description.
alt.killers.serial19openNo description.
alt.lang.asm25openAssembly languages of various flavors.
alt.language.artificial.lojban16openNo description.
alt.language.hindi11openNo description.
alt.language.latin374openNo description.
alt.language.urdu.poetry151openPoetry in the Indic Urdu language.
alt.languages.portuguese4openNo description.
alt.lasers7openAnything about laser technology. description. of police corruption and official of Police use of Lethal Force.
alt.legend.king-arthur30openLegends and history of Arthur, King of the Britons.
alt.lesbian.trainwreck2openNo pr0n in here. whingy alt group. description. consensual Master-slave relationships ads.
alt.linux.suse121openNo description.
alt.literature5openGeneral discussion of literary topics.
alt.local.village.idiot3openNo description.
alt.locksmithing41openYou locked your keys in *where*?
alt.louisiana35openDiscussion by and/or about its inhabitants
alt.machines.cnc22openDiscussing CNC Machine tools.
alt.madcrew152openMad Crew Discussion.
alt.magic3openFor discussion about stage magic.
alt.magic.secrets5openThe Butler did it, with mirrors, to Colonel Mustard.
alt.magick75openFor discussion about supernatural arts.
alt.magick.marketplace49openbuy, sell and trade magickal supplies and books
alt.magick.tantra37openDiscussing tantric yoga and other esoteric practices. description.
alt.marketplace.books16openBooks of all types, for sale or wanted.
alt.marketplace.collectables3openAll sorts of collectables for sale and wanted.
alt.marketplace.funky-stuff.forsale2openUse instead. description.
alt.math.recreational12openNo description.
alt.mcdonalds3openCan I get fries with that? people with allergies. Fatague Syndrome discussions. (Moderated) Fibrositis List. by and for people medicine and animal health. description. description.
alt.meditation18openGeneral discussion of meditation.
alt.meditation.transcendental5openContemplation of states beyond the teeth. newsgroup for men's politics.
alt.mens-rights41openWe hold these truths to be self-evident.
alt.menwhoswallow2openNo description.
alt.messianic1761openMessianic traditions.
alt.messianic.yeshua27openMessianic forum for believers in Yeshua
alt.mexico84openThe people of Central America's largest nation.
alt.military161openNo description.
alt.military.police31openDiscussions of military police matters
alt.military.retired347openDiscussion group for retired military personnel
alt.mindcontrol60openAre you sure those thoughts are really your own?
alt.misc2openUse misc.misc instead.
alt.missing-adults42openLocating missing adults. mongol.
alt.mobilehome5openAspects of living in mobile homes.
alt.morons3openFor discussion of morons and all things moronic.
alt.motorcycle.sportbike77openUse instead. and selling of motorcycles and their
alt.mountain-bike101openUse instead.
alt.movies25openNo description.
alt.movies.independent6openFilms put out by independent producers.
alt.movies.indian17openFilms from India and the Indian subcontinent.
alt.movies.indiana-jones2openDiscussions about the Indiana Jones trilogy
alt.movies.kubrick64openFor the discussion of Stanley Kubrick's movies.
alt.movies.monster6openGodzilla! The Wolfman! The Thing! Aiiieee!!
alt.msdos.batch16openMS-DOS batch files.
alt.msdos.batch.nt217openThe NT variant of MS-DOS batch files
alt.mud3openUse instead. Univ SeeMe desktop videoconference software.
alt.music12openNo description. on the 4AD music label. groups having 2 or less Platinum-selling albums. of the pop-rock group America. instead. Beatles, their music and more pirating music performances., Canada, eh? description. might think hymnals and chants, but you'd be wrong. of clarinets, players, and music. about Deep Purple and related artists. Electric Light Orchestra. related folk music. description. of "southern" gospel music. description. band Green Day. technique and technical discussion for fans of Heather Nova for musicians instead. about your crappy band's CD here, not a.m.indie about J.S. Bach (1685-1750). description. about Led Zeppelin and their music. of song lyrics. description. forum for working Solo Musicians description. instead. In Search of the Lost Chord. description. file sharing program WinMX. Inch Nails. X's Seattle leaders, leaderless. music of the alternative rock band Pearl Jam. out shows everywhere. Al or not, polka is popular some folks. homegrown rock n roll. my Prince came. Make him go away. Pink or Not to Pink. Touch of Solace in Ecstasy. the music and/or listening to it. of sweet soul music. description. on the bass! of Testament rider on the storm no more. Rundgren music fandom. of works of artist Tom Waits. group for the band U2. See also from the British Isles. discussion of topics related to Van Halen. megagroup. from around the world (no "pop" or "rock"). progressive band Yes. description. description.
alt.mythology15openZeus rules.
alt.native15openPeople indigenous to an area before modern colonisation.
alt.nature.mushrooms28openMushrooms (the fungi) and related activities.'t believe the hype. concerning Macedonia in the Balkan Region.
alt.niggers6openNo description. over dromen ftp file requests group. cafe / gay pub Dutch Radio-amateurs de oorzaak van frustratie en pijn. description. flamand., klagen, zaniken en gal spugen hier! norvgien.
alt.nocem.misc92openDiscussion about the NoCeM project.
alt.obituaries2252openNotices of dead folks. cable internet(HSI)/ISP users group. group relating to the ISP issues with Verizon DSL/FIOS Services. for lost WebTV people customers to compare
alt.os.assembly8openNo description.
alt.os.development350openNo description. description.
alt.os.linux2046openUse comp.os.linux.* instead.
alt.os.linux.caldera2openThe Caldera Network Desktop.
alt.os.linux.debian186openQuestions, answers and discussions for Debian Linux.
alt.os.linux.fedora18openFedora GNU/Linux Operating System
alt.os.linux.mageia1151openLinux Distribution which is a fork of Mandriva.
alt.os.linux.mandrake8openNo description.
alt.os.linux.mandriva14openDiscussions regarding Mandriva Linux distribution.
alt.os.linux.mint1007openMint Linux
alt.os.linux.pclinuxos46openFor the discussion of PcLinuxOs
alt.os.linux.slackware344openQuestions, answers & general talk of Slackware Linux.
alt.os.linux.suse183openFor all SuSE Linux users.
alt.os.linux.ubuntu1109openUbuntu Linux
alt.os.multics3open30 years old and going strong. Windows XP operating system.
alt.out-of-body2openOut of Body Experiences.
alt.ozdebate2openNo description.
alt.pagan14openDiscussions about paganism & religion.
alt.pagan.contacts37openPersonal & commercial contacts in the pagan community.
alt.paranet.metaphysics36openPhilosphical ontology, cosmology and cosmetology.
alt.paranet.ufo28open"Heck, I guess naming it ``UFO'' identifies it."
alt.paranormal18openA free forum for the discussion of all things relating
alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic44openAnd Rolaids.spells.relief.
alt.parenting.solutions4openUse* instead.
alt.parenting.twins-triplets504openThe issues of raising twins & other multiples.
alt.party4openParties, celebration and general debauchery. discussion for the mushroom enthusiast
alt.pave.the.earth4openDamn the environmentalists, full speed ahead!
alt.penpals.erotic76openNo description.
alt.penpals.forty-plus-yrs5openNo description. Content from Authorized Sources. Content from Authorized Sources. Content from Authorized Sources.
alt.periodismo25openNo description.
alt.personals.bi3openPersonals by or seeking bisexuals.
alt.personals.bondage6openAre you tied up this evening?
alt.personals.gay3opengays seeking other gays
alt.personals.misc29openDweeb seeks Geek. Object: low-level interfacing.
alt.personals.motss2openRomance for gay people.
alt.personals.poly41openHi there, do you multiprocess?
alt.personals.spanking2openOedipus gives this group a thumbs up.
alt.pets.cats5openNo description.
alt.pets.dogs.pitbull4openis a newsgroup for the discussion of pit bull
alt.pets.rabbits14openConeys abound. See also
alt.pets.rodents.rats4openEverything related to rats. Kingdom version of alt.2600.
alt.philosophy1522openNo description.
alt.philosophy.checkmate66openNo description.
alt.philosophy.debate32openBack to basics.
alt.philosophy.kant15openNo description.
alt.philosophy.objectivism2openA product of the Ayn Rand corporation.
alt.philosophy.taoism5938openAll aspects of Taoism.
alt.philosophy.zen981openMeditating on how the alt.* namespace works.
alt.phonelosers16openThe discussion of all things telephonic in nature.
alt.photography407openFor discussions of general photography issues.
alt.php2openDiscussion of php, server side scripting. description. description. description. description. description. description. description. kupna, sprzedazy i wymiany job offers for Poland Radia Maryja. video - czym i jak fanow tworczosci Sapkowskiego alternatywny test description. description.
alt.politics12017openNo description.
alt.politics.british1151openPolitics and a real Queen, too.
alt.politics.bush42openThe politics of shrubbery.
alt.politics.clinton323openPresident Bill Clinton.
alt.politics.correct15openA Neil Bush fan club.
alt.politics.corruption52openNo description.
alt.politics.democrat30openNo description.
alt.politics.democrats6655openNo description.
alt.politics.democrats.d183openU.S. Democratic party.
alt.politics.democrats.senate16openNo description.
alt.politics.economics5591openWar == Poverty, & other discussions.
alt.politics.elections333openAll about the process of electing leaders.
alt.politics.england.misc8openNo description.
alt.politics.equality3openAn oxymoron.
alt.politics.europe36openNo description.
alt.politics.europe.misc11openThe general political situation in Europe. description.
alt.politics.greens4openGreen party politics & activities worldwide.
alt.politics.guns23openNo description. next president of the United States of America
alt.politics.homosexuality2305openAs the name implies.
alt.politics.immigration145openAll issues related to immigration.
alt.politics.international5openDiplomacy, cooperation, conflict.
alt.politics.kerry21openJust in case that fucker John Kerry gets elected
alt.politics.liberalism7024openNo description.
alt.politics.libertarian81openThe libertarian ideology.
alt.politics.marijuana12openNo description.
alt.politics.media334openHow the mass media is involved in shaping politics.
alt.politics.micronations3openDiscussion of simulations of nations.
alt.politics.nationalism.white2openAbout White Supremacy.
alt.politics.obama1815openDiscussions about President Barack Obama of the U.S. firearms (etc.) regulation agency. United States Centrial Intelligence Agency. United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. organizations. ultrasecret security arm of the US government. description. at the "United" Nations.
alt.politics.radical-left38openWho remains after the radicals left?
alt.politics.religion21opengeneric discussion of religion in politics
alt.politics.republican2883openNo description.
alt.politics.republicans3791openNo description.
alt.politics.scorched-earth4537openNo description.
alt.politics.socialism438openNo description.
alt.politics.socialism.democratic21openDemocratic socialist talk and debate
alt.politics.socialism.trotsky915openTrotskyite socialism discussions.
alt.politics.socialist.nazi8openNazi interpretations of socialism, hail
alt.politics.terrorism8openDiscussion about terrorism as it relates to politics
alt.politics.trump9032openNo description.
alt.politics.uk2000openNo description.
alt.politics.usa1944openNo description.
alt.politics.usa.congress86openDiscussions relating to U.S. House and Senate.
alt.politics.usa.constitution868openU.S. Constitutional politics.
alt.politics.usa.constitution.gun-rights39openConstitutional ramifications of gun
alt.politics.usa.democrat26openUSA Democratic Political Discussion
alt.politics.usa.misc16openMiscellaneous USA politics.
alt.politics.usa.republican2070openDiscussions of the USA Republican Party.
alt.polyamory26openFor those with multiple loves.'s right! It doesn't!
alt.pouting.sandwich26openFunny what you can see in flopping balogna.
alt.prisons31openCan I get an alt.* feed in the slammer?
alt.privacy162openPrivacy issues in cyberspace.
alt.privacy.anon-server2096openIssues surrounding programs that aid anonymity.
alt.privacy.anon-server.stats1019openAnonymous remailer statistics
alt.privacy.spyware31opensoftware that monitors personal/internet use.
alt.private.investigator27openDigging up the dirt. description.
alt.projectmng4openManaging projects.
alt.prophecies.nostradamus2586openMystic verse.
alt.provider.earthlink26openNo description.
alt.psychology103openUse sci.psychology.misc instead.
alt.psychology.nlp2openNeuro-linguistic programming.
alt.psychology.personality18openPersonality taxonomy, such as Myers-Briggs.
alt.pulp5openPaperback fiction, newsprint production, orange juice.
alt.quotations588openQuotations, quips, .sig lines, witticisms, et al. description. description. radio signals. discussion of international radio issues programming by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. the gear, here comes the magic station-wagons. talk and call-in shows. Laura Schlessinger's radio show. in the United Kingdom.
alt.rap13openUse instead.
alt.rave5openTechno-culture: music, dancing, drugs, dancing, etc.
alt.rec.guns13openNo description.
alt.rec.hiking7openNo description.
alt.recovery.aa7433openRecovery and Alcoholics Anonymous.
alt.recovery.addiction.alcoholism35openNo description.
alt.recovery.catholicism60openGetting over a Roman Catholic upbringing.
alt.recovery.from-12-steps2openNo description.
alt.religion.angels30openBelief in angels.
alt.religion.apologetics18opengeneral apologetic discussions
alt.religion.apparitions25openMary and Jesus appearing all over the earth.
alt.religion.buddhism.nichiren3972openNichiren believers unite.
alt.religion.buddhism.tibetan4openThe teachings of Buddha as studied in Tibet.
alt.religion.christian1123openUnmoderated forum for discussing Christianity.
alt.religion.christian-teen9openNo description.
alt.religion.christian.adventist33openNo description.
alt.religion.christian.amish6openA place for Amish folks to shoot the shit
alt.religion.christian.baptist275openBaptist churches.
alt.religion.christian.biblestudy315openNo description.
alt.religion.christian.campus-crusade8openNo description.
alt.religion.christian.catholic58openNo description.
alt.religion.christian.charismatic14openNo description.
alt.religion.christian.east-orthodox630openEastern orthodox churches.
alt.religion.christian.episcopal145openEpiscopal churches.
alt.religion.christian.last-days101openIn anticipation of Christ's 2nd coming.
alt.religion.christian.lutheran4openLutheran churches.
alt.religion.christian.pentecostal237openPentecostal churches.
alt.religion.christian.presbyterian3openPresbyterian churches.
alt.religion.christian.roman-catholic15289openRoman Catholic Church.
alt.religion.christianity60openNo description.
alt.religion.clergy169openMinisters, priests, rabbis... from all religions.
alt.religion.druid12openDruids and their ideas, practices, and beliefs.
alt.religion.eckankar428openEckankar, the religion of the Light and Sound of God.
alt.religion.end-times.prophecies14openNo description.
alt.religion.goddess7openPerspectives on goddess worship & women's spirituality.
alt.religion.hindu164openNews, information and discussion of Hindu subjects.
alt.religion.islam171openUnmoderated group like soc.religion.islam.
alt.religion.islam.shia6openNo description.
alt.religion.jehovahs-witn69openNo description.
alt.religion.kibology690openHe's Fred, Jim.
alt.religion.mormon444openMormon religion.
alt.religion.pastafarianism4openChurch of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
alt.religion.rabbet120openThe Rabbet sect.
alt.religion.roman-catholic143openNo description.
alt.religion.sabbath-keeper6openNo description.
alt.religion.satanism11openDiscussion of Satanism
alt.religion.scientology539openL. Ron Hubbard's Church of Scientology.
alt.religion.scientology.xenu17openThe Galactic Overlord of Scientology (OT III).
alt.religion.shamanism17openUse soc.religion.shamanism instead.
alt.religion.spiritism.spiritualism.moderated5openNo description.
alt.religion.thelastchurch3openNo description.
alt.religion.unification58openDiscussion of Unificationism.
alt.religion.vaisnava922openDiscussion of the Vaisnava spiritual tradition.
alt.religion.w-w-church-god61openNo description.
alt.religion.wicca9openNo description.
alt.revenge5openTwo wrongs trying to make a right.
alt.revisionism381open"It CAN'T be that way 'cause here's the FACTS".
alt.rock-n-roll.acdc14openDirty deeds done dirt cheap.
alt.rock-n-roll.aerosmith2openLead singer looks like an ugly lady.
alt.rock-n-roll.classic6openClassic rock, both the music and its marketing.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.death6open"Death metal" and newgroup overkill.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.oldschool2openNo description.
alt.rock-n-roll.stones8openGathering plenty of moss by now.
alt.romance71openDiscussion about the romantic side of love.
alt.romance.checkmate31openNo description.
alt.running.out.of.newsgroup.names410openNo description.
alt.rush-limbaugh75openFans of the conservative activist radio announcer.
alt.russian.z19655openRussians abroad talk
alt.rv2openRotten varmints or recreational vehicles, you decide.
alt.rv.pop-up-trailers5openDevoted to discussing the hobby of pop-up camping.
alt.sadistic37openNo description.
alt.sailing8openNo description.
alt.satanism638openNot such a bad dude once you get to know him.
alt.satellite.gps7openNo description.
alt.satellite.gps.garmin121openDiscussion of Garmin's range of GPS receivers
alt.sci324openNo description.
alt.sci.physics.acoustics3openThe soundness of the science of sound. theories you won't find in journals.
alt.sci.sociology22openPeople are really interesting when you watch them.
alt.sci.time-travel4openTheory of time travel.
alt.scooter18openMotor scooters, like Vespas, Lambrettas, etc.
alt.scottish.clans8openDiscussions about Scottish Clans.
alt.sculpture2openNo description.
alt.security29openSecurity issues on computer systems. of Home/Business/Vehicle security alarms., intelligence, and tradecraft. Pretty Good Privacy package. -- the bomb, the bullet, and the blade.
alt.seduction.fast4openThe story of television.
alt.sewing90openA group that is not as it seams.
alt.sewing.mach-embroider3opendiscussion for home users of embroidery machines
alt.sex30openPostings of a prurient nature. acts involving the anus. business of sex. about female dominant relationships.'re dry and secure all day, too. them. Now. excited by excrement. those with a fetish about sports clothes. don't mean hottub polo., food, mud and other messy fetishes. the issues of intra-family sexual relations. description. of magazines with sticky pages. one's SO is oneself. people as stimulus. involving sound. Void where prohibited by law. on the line. from adult pay-per-call companies all phone fans. of copyright violations. Sex: Strategically Placed Holes. oldest profession. about and their related sites. description. Snuff Film urban legend grows weirder. for beginners. those who need it *NOW*. those who talk about needing it *NOW*. stories w/sexual content. (Moderated) Swingers only. of phone sex services. offering adult pay-per-call lot of lurkers in this group. for erotica, either literary or in the flesh. description.
alt.shadow.rules2openGroup for discussions everything and anything to do with Shadow.
alt.shit9openNo description.
alt.showbiz.gossip21openA misguided attempt to centralise gossip.
alt.sixtyplus639openGeneral topics of discussion by persons over sixty.
alt.skate-board5openDiscussion of all apsects of skate-boarding.
alt.skate.figure1557openUse instead.
alt.slack12968openPosting relating to the Church of the Subgenius.
alt.slack.goathead1481openNo description.
alt.smokers.cigars43openFrom stogies to cubans.
alt.smokers.pipes584openBriars, meerschaums, and calabashes.
alt.soc.indonesia.mature14openAdult forum amongst Indonesian people
alt.soc.reformation52openAll topic concerning to history of reformation and its follows for our life today. description.
alt.society.conservatism750openSocial, cultural, and political conservatism.
alt.society.labor-unions165openTheory and practise of labor unions.
alt.society.liberalism6766openLiberal political research, news and debate.
alt.society.mental-health10openKeeping your marbles in the modern world.
alt.sockpuppeteer2openDiscussion of cowardly holey trolls voltage from the sun's energy. of practical solar thermal energy use.
alt.sources7openAlternative source code, unmoderated. Caveat Emptor.
alt.spalax20openNo description.
alt.spam331openWhat is that stuff that doth jiggle in the breeze?
alt.spirituality.radical-faerie20openNo description. to build that perfect body . is a group where people can talk about description. for the roses: breeding, betting on & racing horses. description. instead. Red Sox major league baseball. Cubs major league baseball. York Mets baseball talk. Phillies baseball talk. Francisco Giants baseball talk. about Washington DC pro baseball Celtics NBA basketball. State Warriors NBA basketball. Angeles Lakers NBA basketball talk. Heat NBA basketball talk. Raptors NBA talk. Dame sports. description. Bills NFL football talk. Cowboys NFL football talk. City Chiefs NFL football talk. Dolphins NFL football talk. England Patriots NFL football talk. York Giants NFL football talk. Raiders. Eagles NFL football talk. Diego Chargers NFL football talk. Seahawks NFL football talk. Francisco 49ers NFL football talk. Redskins NFL football talk.
alt.sports.gymnastics6openGymnastic competitions. Canadiens NHL hockey talk. Jersey Devils NHL hockey talk. York Rangers NHL hockey talk. Jose Sharks NHL hockey talk. Maple Leafs NHL hockey talk. Canucks NHL hockey talk. description. of the soccer team
alt.startrek.creative8openStories and parodies related to Star Trek.
alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated3moderatederotic fan fiction & discussion (Moderated)
alt.startrek.the-next-gen2openNo description.
alt.stories.erotic4openUse rec.arts.erotica instead.
alt.stupidity160openDiscussion about stupid newsgroups.
alt.sufi2openAwakening to marriage of the sacred to everyday life.
alt.suicide13openNo description.
alt.suicide.holiday13openTalk of why suicides increase at holidays.
alt.suicide.methods3722openDiscussusions about how to do yourself in. for people who have panic attacks. with labored breathing. Deficit Disorder. and discussion about the Autism spectrum. aid for people with cancer. men with prostate cancer. for families involved with CPS. by choice support group. group for those with chronic pain. for sufferers of ulcerative colitis. and mood disorders. asd members to flame each other. serious depression problems. of anti-depressants. for dealing with diabetes and related topics for diabetics within the UK. enlightenment through weight loss. description. persons with dissociative disorders. of marital breakups. from religious cult experiences. ppl go here for and by people with glaucoma. of migraine and headache ailments. group for hearing impaired. on medications, remedies, and treatments. Dysfunction Discussion Area genitals cope. people deal with kidney problems.'s not easy being green. test. with multiple sclerosis. individuals with prostatitis. support for schizophrenics. people commiserate., er, , well, maybe I will post, after all. of the sinuses. and other common skin afflictions. the skin-disease psoriasis. all types of sleep disorders. and information on sex reassignment over the nicotine addiction. with thyroid gland problems. with ringing ears and other head noises. for folks with Tourette's Syndrome.
alt.surfing6openRiding the ocean waves.
alt.survival7468openNo description.
alt.sys.pc-clone.dell30openDell computer systems.
alt.sys.pdp1053openThe trusty old PDP 10.
alt.sys.pdp1194openThe trusty old PDP 11.
alt.sys.pdp8131openThe trusty old PDP 8.
alt.sysadmin.recovery2moderatedGetting over the trauma of system administration. (Moderated) description. description. of royalty and nobility. talk about the weather.
alt.tarot5openYour destiny is in the cards.
alt.tasteless22openTruly disgusting.
alt.tasteless.jokes314openSometimes insulting rather than disgusting or humorous. description.
alt.test8795openFor testing news software, servers, etc.
alt.test.a4openNo description.
alt.test.clienttest4openTest Description
alt.test.d7openDiscussion about posts in alt.test.
alt.test.group10openNo description.
alt.test.only3openStop interrupting testing with discussion.
alt.test.pl13openNo description.
alt.test.test29openThink, people! How many test groups do we really need?
alt.test.test.jojo23openNo description.
alt.test.test.test13openNo description.
alt.test.two2openThis is getting ridiculous.
alt.test.yeah3openNo description.
alt.testing.testing165openRadio check.
alt.testing.testing.testing4openWhat color is the wind?
alt.thebird.copwatch5openCopWatch collects reports of police/related
alt.thinkquest140openThinkQuest online scholarship competition team's forum.
alt.thought.southern4openNo description.
alt.tits8openNo description. description.
alt.torture17openRemarkably insightful group name. Joe! The G.I.Joe/Action Force action figures. robots to vehicles and back again.
alt.traditional.witchcraft5openDiscussion of non-Pagan/Wicca based WitchCraft. application of technology within training
alt.transgendered23openBoys will be girls, and vice-versa.
alt.troll40openThe gentle art of trolling, on Usenet and beyond.
alt.trucks.chevy6openNo description.
alt.trucks.ford11openpurpose to discuss ford trucks
alt.true-crime537openCriminal acts around the world.
alt.tv36openNo description. description. about the television show American Idol from Buffy the Vampire slayer description. description. public service Web-to-News GateWay: GruppenSchnitzer. the Vampire Slayer description. California Highway Patron dramatized in CHiPs. them on the boob tube and off the net. the fans that refuse to die. description. on television series emergency of the television show E.R. discussion of the TV show Family Guy description. of Food Network shows and personalities. Grammer as Frasier. look at these wonderful prizes. on down! description. on the children's television show Gerbert's serio-comic mother/daughter-relationship drama. on ABC centered around surgical interns. was only one, then a bad sequel, now a tv show. minutes to sell you a vacuum hair cutting system."Kung-fu" and "Kung-fu, The Legend Continues". Law & Order television programme. regarding the TV Show called Lost Selleck stars as a hunky private investigator. like a good comedy about war and dying. want my MTV. fans of the NAVY NCIS televsion show on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). television debate show The O'Reilly of the tv show, politically incorrect of reality shows. all her glory. by the Bell, a sitcom for teens. (Second City TV) & alumni discussions. propaganda-puppet Sean Hannity of Fox News Channel funny guy. day.'t have a cow, man! Night Live, older but not better. description. description. Space 9. original Star Trek series. Star Trek universe show: Voyager. description. description. by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service. legal drama from David E. Kelley of the TV show The Shield description. about the popular (and unusual) TV show. description. coverup conspiracies. writings for the The X-Files.
alt.ufo.reports36openUse alt.paranet.ufo instead. description.
alt.usage.english27290openEnglish grammar, word usages, and related topics.
alt.usage.german31openQuestions and answers about the German language.
alt.usenet.kooks82826openHome of Peter J Ross & Sean Monaghan
alt.usenet.kooks.gregory-hall7openA froup for Gregory, the award winning kook
alt.usenet.legends3openDiscussion forum relating to the legends of the Internet
alt.usenet.legends.lester-mosley2openlester the usenet legend
alt.usenet.offline-reader2openGetting your fix offline.
alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent537openForte, Inc.'s Agent offline readers.
alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent.modified32openNo description.
alt.usenet.offline-reader.xananews14openNo description.
alt.vacation.las-vegas12openEverything you always wanted to know about Vegas.
alt.vampyres6openDiscussion of vampires and related writings, films, etc. aspects of digital TV including HDTV of Digital Video Disk hardware and software. and Creating DVDs. description. description. players and selections available for them. and support for the ReplayTV of legally copied videos.
alt.videos.bootlegs6openIllegally made tapes of commercial events.
alt.vietnam.veterans7openNo description. on visas pertaining to US. and discussion on marriage-based US visas
alt.walmart4openDiscussion of experiences at WalMart
alt.wankers.malicious2openHacker wannabes of alt.hackers.malicious
alt.war170openNot just collateral damage.
alt.war.civil.usa6openDiscussion of the U.S. Civil War (1861-1865).
alt.war.nuclear13openweapons of mass-destruction (NBC)
alt.war.vietnam10068openDiscussion of all aspects of the Vietnam War. future large wars. ww2 1939-1945.
alt.wedding2openUse instead.
alt.wholesale2openNobody else pays retail, why should you? description.
alt.windows7.general4062openNo description.
alt.witchcraft16openNo description.
alt.writing3openNo description.
alt.www.hotjava119openDiscussions of Sun Microsystems's Java language.
alt.www.webmaster7openNo description.
alt.yakanoh4openFor Yakanoh's personal use.
alt.yoga17openAll forms and aspects of yoga.
alt.zen132openIt is.
alt.zines5openNo description.
alt.zzz.cypher245openBecause at the end of Usenet Rob Cypher exists.
at.freizeit.motorrad8openRund ums Motorrad in Oesterreich.
at.gesellschaft.humor8openSachen zum Lachen.
at.gesellschaft.politik4657openDiskussionen ueber oesterreichische Politik.
at.gesellschaft.recht817openRechtsfragen und Justiz in Oesterreich.
at.linux18openEntwicklung und Nutzung von Linux.
at.sonstiges7openSonstige oesterreichrelevante Themen.
at.telekomm.sonstiges5openTelekommunikation in Oesterreich.
at.test61openZum Testen von Einstellungen und Newsanbindung.
at.usenet.gruppen7openMitbestimmung ueber Newsgroups der at-Hierarchie.
at.usenet.sonstiges3openSonstige Themen zum at-Usenet.
at.verkehr.bahn38openBahnen in Oesterreich.
atl.general45openItems of general interest in Atlanta, GA.
atl.jobs8openJobs in Atlanta, GA.
atl.resumes6openResumes in Atlanta, GA. advertisements. for sale (no commercial ads)., wanted and available. resumes. of big-screen cinema in the home.
aus.aviation254openPlanes, gliders, flying, etc.
aus.aviation.airspace3openAirspace Design and Management in Australia.
aus.books3openAustralian discussion of books.
aus.cars11612openPetrol heads.
aus.comms27openDiscussion about communications in general.
aus.comms.mobile3openMobile communications in Australia.
aus.comms.videocon5openVideoconferencing - compressed video.
aus.computers1296openMisc computer types. about the IBM pc & clones.
aus.computers.linux2openThe Linux operating system.
aus.dvd10openDigital Versatile Disk in Australia.
aus.electronics502openElectronics hobbyists and engineers.
aus.family5openAustralian Family Discussion
aus.flame4openAbusive noise, posted by morons.
aus.gardens2openGardens and gardening in Australia.
aus.general69openGeneral information, announcements, etc.
aus.hi-fi6openHi-Fi Issues.
aus.history3openAustralian history and world history from an Australian perspective
aus.invest12openInvestment and other financial matters.
aus.jokes3openJokes, humour, and boring trivia.
aus.legal3385openLegal issues. moderated Australian and New Zealand legal group. (Moderated)
aus.mathematics2openMathematics teaching and research. quality of journalism and media in Australia.
aus.motorcycles110openDiscussion of motorcycles and motorcycling.
aus.music8openMusic and related issues.
aus.photo16openPhotography, video, etc.
aus.politics10986openPolitics, debates, rational(?) arguments.
aus.politics.guns671openGun control in Australia Radio. broadcast radio.
aus.rail51openRailways and trains, both actual and model.
aus.religion9openDiscussions of, or related to, religions.
aus.religion.christian586openChristianity and issues relevant to Christianity
aus.religion.islam104openDiscussion of Islam and relevant issues
aus.religion.judaism212openDiscussion of matters pertinent to Australian Jewry.
aus.science7openDiscussion of science in Australia Rules football. of Australian cricket. of golf as it relates to Australia sports. League football.
aus.students2openGoing to school in Australia., The Universe, And Everything.
aus.test6openFor test messages.
aus.tv738openTelevision. Television in Australia discussion of pay television within Australia.
austin.general13openItems of general interest in Austin, TX.
austin.jobs2openJobs available, wanted, and discussion in Austin, TX.
av.general9openItems of general interest in the Antelope Valley.
av.news5openUSENET in the Antelope Valley.
av.user9openUsers in the Antelope Valley.
az.general15openItems of general interest in Arizona.
az.politics279openDiscussion of Arizona politics.
ba.announce17moderatedAnnouncements of general interest to all readers. (Moderated)
ba.broadcast296openBay Area TV/Radio issues.
ba.broadcast.moderated69moderatedBay Area TV/Radio issues. (Moderated)
ba.food226openBay Area restaurants and eating places.
ba.internet54openDiscussions about Bay Area Internet connectivity. involving contract employment with agencies. Postings in the Bay Area.
ba.motorcycles70openBay area motorcycle issues.
ba.motss2openNewsgroup for Bay Area motss'ers.
ba.politics28openPolitical topics of interest to Bay Area readers.
ba.singles18openLocal newsgroup for single people.
ba.test9openTests of 'ba' distribution (Some sites autorespond).
ba.weather8594openNational Weather Service updates.
balt.general12openGeneral discussions in the Baltimore area.
bc.general39openItems of general interest in British Columbia.
bc.politics42openPolitics in British Columbia.
be.absurd74openjust abusrd
be.burgerrechten16openDiscussions about "Burgerrechten"
be.comp.hardware36openDiscussion about computer hardware and nifty toys
be.comp.os.linux3openEverything about Linux in Belgium
be.comp.os.windows8openAlles over het Windows Operating-System
be.comp.programming3openTips & Tricks about writing software
be.finance4openDiscussions about finance in Belgium, present and future
be.politics2004openBelgian politics.
be.radio260openAbout radio in Belgium
be.rec.motorcycles25openAbout motorbiking and motorcycling
be.test22openfor all your be.* test postings (no binaries!)
be.tv2openAbout Television programmes in Belgium.
bionet.announce4moderatedAnnouncements of widespread interest to biologists. (Moderated)
bionet.biology.computational25moderatedComputer and mathematical applications. (Moderated)
bionet.biology.vectors6moderatedResearch & control of arthropods which transmit disease. (Moderated)
bionet.drosophila18moderatedResearch into the biology of fruit flies. (Moderated)
bionet.ecology.physiology4moderatedResearch and education in physiological ecology (Moderated)
bionet.general3openGeneral BIOSCI discussion.
bionet.genome.arabidopsis47moderatedInformation about the Arabidopsis project (Moderated) openings in the biological sciences. (Moderated) for employment in the biological sciences.
bionet.maize2moderatedResearch on maize (Moderated) applications to biological databases. (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.evolution3moderatedDiscussions about research in molecular evolution (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.genbank5moderatedInfo about the GenBank Nucleic acid database. (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts15openRequests for information and lab reagents.
bionet.molec-model2openPhysical and chemical aspects of molecular modelling.
bionet.neuroscience6openResearch issues in the neurosciences.
bionet.organisms.zebrafish9moderatedResearch on Zebrafish (Daniorerio) (Moderated)
bionet.plants18openResearch into plant biology.
bit.listserv.christia5openPractical Christian Life
bit.listserv.down-syn2openDowns Syndrome Discussion Group Mainframe Discussion List
bit.listserv.ispf-l2openISPF Discussion Group
bit.listserv.openbsd-pf8openDiscussion of OpenBSD Packet Filter.
bit.listserv.skeptic11moderatedDiscussion of Extraordinary Things (Moderated)
bit.listserv.slovak-l4openSlovak Discussion List
bit.listserv.tsorexx263openREXX for TSO List
bit.listserv.umich.cssa5openDiscussion of CSSA and related items.
bit.listserv.vse-l438openIBM VSE/ESA Discussion List
biz.test15openBiz newsgroup test messages.
bln.kultur3openKultur / Veranstaltungen.
bln.markt5openVerkaufsangebote und -gesuche in Berlin und Umgebung.
bln.verkehr5openVerkehrswesen in Berlin und im Umland.
bne.general4openGeneral discussion, announcements etc.
brasil.geral4openUnmoderated general discussion group.
brasil.noticias17openbrasil noticias
brasil.teste17openTest group for the brasil hierarchy.
braunschweig.kaufrausch39openSuche und Biete in Braunschweig und Umgebung
byu.news20openUSENET at Brigham Young University.
ca.driving46openCalifornia freeways and backroads.
ca.environment5openEnvironmental concerns in California.
ca.general4openOf general interest to readers in Calfornia only.
ca.news8openUSENET status and usage in California.
ca.politics203openPolitical topics of interest to California readers only.
ca.water8openInfo on California water & Internet issues.
cakewalk.audio1055openNo description.
calgary.general7openFor general discussion among Calgarians
cam.misc1372openCambridge, UK, misc -- spin off others as need is shown.
cam.transport733openAll forms of transport (especially bikes :-) in Cambridge, UK
can.canet.stats7openUSENET statistics from major CA*Net NNTP sites.
can.consumers206openConsumer interests, product reviews etc. in Canada.
can.general78openItems of general interest to Canadians.
can.internet.highspeed10openConsumer highspeed Internet access in Canada.
can.jobs12openJobs in Canada.
can.legal47openCanadian law and legal matters.
can.motss11openGay/lesbian/bi issues in Canada.
can.politics11200openCanadian politics. about Canadian gun owners, non-owners, and laws.
can.taxes19openDiscussion of how to pay or not pay taxes in Canada.
cbd.procurements2openNo description.
cc.general4openNo description.
ch.admin2openAdministration of the ch.* hierarchy a job
ch.soc.law38openDiscussion on law in Switzerland
ch.soc.politics1731openPolitics, especially swiss politics
ch.talk26openDiscussions in general.
ch.test14openA place for test postings
chi.eats47openGroup for discussion of Chicagoland restaurants.
chi.forsale6openChicago area forsale notices.
chi.general136openGeneral discussions, Chicago area, not forsale/wanted.
chi.politics18openPolitical issues at all levels in and around Chicago
chi.weather251openChicago area weather.
chile.comp.internet16openDiscusion general sobre Internet en Chile.
chile.comp.pc33openDiscusion, preguntas y respuestas acerca de PC compatibles.
chile.mercado.electricos4openCompraventa de artefactos electricos.
chile.mercado.misc3openCompraventa miscelanea.
chile.mercado.vehiculos27openCompraventa de vehiculos.
chile.rec.cocina17openRecetas, trucos y triquin~uelas de la cocina.
chile.rec.radio2openDiscusion sobre la radio en Chile.
chile.rec.tv2openDiscusion sobre television.
chile.soc.consumidor140openInformacion/discusion sobre productos y servicios.
chile.soc.politica3openDe la politica chilena y sus participantes.
chile.soc.salud7openConsultas, anuncios y temas de salud. talks in Chinese.
chinese.test4openTesting in the chinese.* hierarchy.
christnet.christianlife50openApplied Christianity
christnet.theology21openChristian Theology΢Windowsϵͳ
co.general9openColorado general discussions
co.jobs2openColorado jobs and employment
co.politics13openColorado state-wide politics
co.test2openco.* hierarchy test group about artificial life. set theory, aka fuzzy logic. algorithms in computing. language processing by computers. aspects of neural networks. aspects of Artificial Intelligence.
comp.arch1647openComputer architecture.
comp.arch.embedded960openEmbedded computer systems topics.
comp.arch.fpga478openField Programmable Gate Array based computing systems.
comp.arch.storage2openStorage system issues, both hardware and software. Microsoft Windows archives.
comp.cad.cadence14openUsers of Cadence Design Systems products.
comp.cad.solidworks5openSolidWorks newsgroup.
comp.compilers64moderatedCompiler construction, theory, etc. (Moderated)
comp.compilers.lcc3openThe lcc C Compiler and related topics.
comp.compression78openData compression algorithms and theory.
comp.databases2openDatabase and data management issues and theory.
comp.databases.filemaker106openTechnical discussions about FileMaker. resolution with DB2 database products.
comp.databases.informix14openInformix database management software discussions.
comp.databases.ingres64openIssues relating to INGRES products. Windows' relational database system, Access.'s SQL Server and related products.
comp.databases.mysql137openMySQL RDBMS technical discussions.
comp.databases.olap2openAnalytical Processing, Multidimensional DBMS, EIS, DSS. related topics. database administration/server topics. software tools/applications.
comp.databases.postgresql54openPGSQL Relational Database Management System.
comp.databases.theory6openDiscussing advances in database technology.
comp.databases.xbase.fox21openFox Software's xBase system and compatibles.
comp.dcom.sdh-sonet3openDiscuss the SDH and SONET technology.
comp.dcom.sys.cisco13openInfo on Cisco routers and bridges.
comp.dcom.telecom176moderatedTelecommunications digest. (Moderated)
comp.dcom.telecom.tech2openDiscussion of technical aspects of telephony.
comp.dcom.videoconf2openVideo conference technology and applications.
comp.dcom.voice-over-ip2openVoice Over IP technology.
comp.dsp461openDigital Signal Processing using computers.
comp.editors25openTopics related to computerized text editing.
comp.edu3openComputer science education.
comp.emacs34openEMACS editors of different flavors.
comp.emulators.apple2170openEmulators of Apple // systems.
comp.emulators.cbm4openEmulators of C-64, C-128, PET, and VIC-20 systems.
comp.emulators.misc5openEmulators of miscellaneous computer systems.
comp.fonts31openTypefonts -- design, conversion, use, etc. used in producing computer graphics. GNU Image Manipulation Program. gnuplot interactive function plotter. graphics miscellany.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.admin5openLotus Notes system administration.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.apps3openApplication software for Lotus Notes.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.misc4openLotus Notes related discussions.
comp.home.automation19openHome automation devices, setup, sources, etc.
comp.infosystems.gis16openAll aspects of Geographic Information Systems.
comp.infosystems.gopher4openDiscussion of the Gopher information service.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html69openWriting HTML for the Web.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.misc2openMiscellaneous Web authoring issues.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets97openLayout/presentation on the WWW.
comp.infosystems.www.misc8openMiscellaneous World Wide Web discussion. servers for MS Windows and NT.
comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix5openWeb servers for UNIX platforms., Gmail, Groups, Maps, Picasa, etc.
comp.lang.ada1041openDiscussion about Ada*.
comp.lang.apl43openDiscussion about APL.
comp.lang.asm.x86482moderatedBulletin Board and Q&A for x86 assembly language topics. (Moderated)
comp.lang.awk434openThe AWK programming language.
comp.lang.basic.visual.misc24openVisual Basic in general.
comp.lang.c8191openDiscussion about C.
comp.lang.c++2295openThe object-oriented C++ language.
comp.lang.clarion39openTechnical discussion of Clarion programming.
comp.lang.clipper65openClipper and Visual Objects programming languages.
comp.lang.clipper.visual-objects495openCA-Visual Objects developer system.
comp.lang.cobol168openThe COBOL language and software.
comp.lang.forth6114openDiscussion about Forth.
comp.lang.fortran1978openDiscussion about FORTRAN.
comp.lang.functional10openDiscussion about functional languages.
comp.lang.idl-pvwave395openIDL and PV-Wave language discussions. software components (JavaBeans). toolkits and windowing: AWT, IFC etc. problems, catch-all first aid. in the Java language., browsers, compilers, other tools.
comp.lang.javascript801openNetscape Communications Corp.'s JavaScript language.
comp.lang.lisp962openDiscussion about LISP.
comp.lang.misc391openDifferent computer languages not specifically listed.
comp.lang.modula211openDiscussion about Modula-2.
comp.lang.mumps126openThe M (MUMPS) language & technology, in general.
comp.lang.oberon13openThe Oberon language and system.
comp.lang.pascal.borland5openBorland's Pascal.
comp.lang.pascal.misc38openPascal in general and ungrouped Pascals.
comp.lang.perl.misc445openThe Perl language in general.
comp.lang.perl.modules5openUse and development of Perl modules.
comp.lang.php204openPHP, server side scripting.
comp.lang.pl158openPL/I language discussions.
comp.lang.postscript137openThe PostScript Page Description Language.
comp.lang.prolog314openDiscussion about PROLOG.
comp.lang.python5041openThe Python computer language.
comp.lang.python.announce146moderatedAnnouncements about the Python language. (Moderated)
comp.lang.rexx33openThe REXX command language.
comp.lang.ruby20openThe Ruby dynamic OO programming language.
comp.lang.scheme156openThe Scheme Programming language.
comp.lang.smalltalk16openDiscussion about Smalltalk 80.
comp.lang.smalltalk.dolphin14openThe Dolphin variant of the Smalltalk language.
comp.lang.tcl918openThe Tcl programming language and related tools.
comp.lang.verilog29openDiscussing Verilog and PLI.
comp.lang.vhdl34openVHSIC Hardware Description Language, IEEE 1076/87.
comp.lang.vrml4openVirtual Reality Modeling Language discussion.
comp.lang.xharbour383openxHarbour programming, Clipper, and xBase.
comp.mail.elm7openDiscussion and fixes for the ELM mail system.
comp.mail.eudora.mac14openEudora email software for Macintosh. email software for MS Windows.
comp.mail.mutt17openThe Mutt E-Mail Client. of Pegasus Mail for Windows.
comp.mail.pine63openThe PINE mail user agent.
comp.mail.sendmail65openConfiguring and using the BSD sendmail agent.
comp.mail.uucp3openMail in the uucp network environment.
comp.misc869openGeneral topics about computers not covered elsewhere. Android devices / OS. tablet PC running iPhone OS. as components in MIDI music systems.
comp.newprod7moderatedAnnouncements of new products of interest. (Moderated)
comp.object3openObject-oriented programming and languages. for user group meetings and events.
comp.os.cpm157openDiscussion about the CP/M operating system.
comp.os.linux.advocacy22072openBenefits of Linux compared to other operating systems.
comp.os.linux.development.system6openLinux kernels, device drivers, modules.
comp.os.linux.embedded3openLinux operating system on embedded hardware.
comp.os.linux.hardware3openHardware compatibility with the Linux operating system.
comp.os.linux.misc1231openLinux-specific topics not covered by other groups.
comp.os.linux.networking81openNetworking and communications under Linux.
comp.os.linux.setup89openLinux installation and system administration.
comp.os.linux.x2openLinux X Window System servers, clients, libs and fonts.
comp.os.minix17openDiscussion of Tanenbaum's MINIX system.
comp.os.misc3openGeneral OS-oriented discussion not carried elsewhere. discussions about Windows issues. and other networks. and TCP/IP networking. Windows programming interfaces.
comp.os.msdos.4dos11openThe 4DOS command processor for MS-DOS.
comp.os.msdos.djgpp112openDOS GNU C/C++ applications and programming environment.
comp.os.msdos.misc39openMiscellaneous topics about MS-DOS machines.
comp.os.msdos.programmer98openProgramming MS-DOS machines.
comp.os.os2.advocacy5openSupporting and flaming OS/2.
comp.os.os2.announce40moderatedNotable news and announcements related to OS/2. (Moderated)
comp.os.os2.apps63openDiscussions of applications under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.ecomstation8openSerenity Systems operating system eComStation.
comp.os.os2.misc19openMiscellaneous topics about the OS/2 system.
comp.os.os2.programmer.misc12openProgramming OS/2 machines.
comp.os.os92openMicroware's OS-9 real-time operating system.
comp.os.qnx7openUsing and developing under the QNX operating system.
comp.os.vms2920openDEC's VAX* line of computers & VMS.
comp.os.vxworks20openThe VxWorks real-time operating system.
comp.periphs.printers112openInformation on printers.
comp.programming357openProgramming issues that transcend languages and OSs.
comp.programming.threads137openAll issues about multithreaded programming.
comp.protocols.dicom158openDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine.
comp.protocols.dns.bind441moderatedBerkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND). (Moderated)
comp.protocols.kerberos117openThe Kerberos authentication server.
comp.protocols.tcp-ip22openTCP and IP network protocols.
comp.protocols.tcp-ip.ibmpc11openTCP/IP for IBM(-like) personal computers.
comp.protocols.time.ntp644openThe network time protocol.
comp.publish.prepress3openElectronic prepress.
comp.realtime5openIssues related to real-time computing.
comp.risks16moderatedRisks to the public from computers & users. (Moderated)
comp.robotics.misc3openAll aspects of robots and their applications. pertaining to network firewall security. issues of computers and networks. and its implications. signing, encryption and decryption using PGP. secure remote login and tunneling tools.
comp.simulation2moderatedSimulation methods, problems, uses. (Moderated)
comp.soft-sys.ace17openACE programming, porting, and systems.
comp.soft-sys.math.maple4openMaple computer mathematics discussion group.
comp.soft-sys.math.scilab1830openScientific software package Scilab.
comp.soft-sys.matlab2844openThe MathWorks calculation and visualization package.
comp.soft-sys.octave2openGNU Octave, language for numerical computations.
comp.soft-sys.sas2237openThe SAS statistics package.
comp.soft-sys.stat.spss162openThe statistical program package SPSS. Engineering and related topics. aspects of testing computer systems. 2000 compliance: projects and issues.
comp.std.c158openDiscussion about C language standards.
comp.sw.components2openSoftware components and related technology.
comp.sys.3b12openDiscussion and support of AT&T 7300/3B1/UnixPC.
comp.sys.acorn.announce48moderatedAnnouncements for Acorn and ARM users. (Moderated)
comp.sys.acorn.apps353openAcorn software applications.
comp.sys.acorn.hardware43openAcorn hardware.
comp.sys.acorn.misc140openAcorn computing in general.
comp.sys.acorn.networking149openNetworking of Acorn computers.
comp.sys.acorn.programmer213openProgramming of Acorn computers.
comp.sys.amiga.marketplace11openWhere to find it, prices, etc.
comp.sys.amiga.misc19openDiscussions not falling in another Amiga group.
comp.sys.amstrad.8bit7openAmstrad CPC/PcW/GX4000 software/hardware.
comp.sys.apple21899openDiscussion about Apple II micros.
comp.sys.apple2.marketplace28openBuying, selling and trading Apple II equipment.
comp.sys.apple2.programmer341openProgramming on the Apple II.
comp.sys.atari.8bit30openDiscussion about 8 bit Atari micros.
comp.sys.atari.st39openDiscussion about 16 bit Atari micros.
comp.sys.cbm184openDiscussion about Commodore micros.
comp.sys.dec8openDiscussions about DEC computer systems.
comp.sys.hp.hardware2openDiscussion of Hewlett Packard system hardware.
comp.sys.hp.hpux4openIssues pertaining to HP-UX & 9000 series computers.
comp.sys.hp.mpe4openIssues pertaining to MPE & 3000 series computers.
comp.sys.hp4873openHewlett-Packard's HP48 and HP28 calculators. AS/400 miscellaneous topics. games on PCs. (non-rpg) games on PCs. games on the PC. games on PCs. based on historical conflicts., cache, memory chips, etc. drives & other PC storage devices. hardware, any vendor.
comp.sys.intel8openDiscussions about Intel systems and parts.
comp.sys.laptops13openLaptop (portable) computers.
comp.sys.m68093openDiscussion about 6809's.
comp.sys.m68k4openDiscussion about 68k's.
comp.sys.mac.advocacy1595openThe Macintosh computer family compared to others.
comp.sys.mac.apps1075openDiscussions of Macintosh applications.
comp.sys.mac.comm15openDiscussion of Macintosh communications.
comp.sys.mac.hardware.misc3openGeneral Mac hardware topics not already covered.
comp.sys.mac.hardware.storage49openAll forms of Mac storage hardware and media.
comp.sys.mac.misc50openGeneral discussions about the Apple Macintosh.
comp.sys.mac.printing5openAll about printing hardware and software on the Mac.
comp.sys.mac.system5793openDiscussions of Macintosh system software.
comp.sys.mac.vintage17openUnsupported Macintosh hardware and software.
comp.sys.oric3openOric computers (Oric1, Atmos, Telestrat, et cetera).
comp.sys.palmtops.pilot2openThe Pilot handheld computer.
comp.sys.raspberry-pi1185openRaspberry Pi computers & related hardware and software.
comp.sys.sinclair81openSinclair computers, eg. the ZX81, Spectrum and QL.
comp.sys.sun.announce3moderatedSun announcements and Sunergy mailings. (Moderated)
comp.sys.sun.hardware8openSun Microsystems hardware.
comp.sys.tandem219openTandem computers and related environments.
comp.sys.tandy12openDiscussion about Tandy computers: new & old.
comp.sys.ti2openDiscussion about Texas Instruments.
comp.sys.unisys49openSperry, Burroughs, Convergent and Unisys* systems.
comp.terminals44openAll sorts of terminals.
comp.text.pdf18openAdobe Acrobat and Portable Document Format technology.
comp.text.sgml18openISO 8879 SGML, structured documents, markup languages.
comp.text.tex729openDiscussion about the TeX and LaTeX systems & macros.
comp.theory201openTheoretical Computer Science.
comp.theory.cell-automata3openDiscussion of all aspects of cellular automata.
comp.unix.admin7openAdministering a Unix-based system.
comp.unix.aix9openIBM's version of UNIX.
comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.announce7moderatedAnnouncements pertaining to FreeBSD. (Moderated)
comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc140openFreeBSD operating system.
comp.unix.bsd.misc7openBSD operating systems.
comp.unix.bsd.netbsd.misc6openNetBSD operating system.
comp.unix.bsd.openbsd.announce17moderatedOpenBSD announcements. (Moderated)
comp.unix.bsd.openbsd.misc6openThe OpenBSD operating system.
comp.unix.programmer439openQ&A for people programming under Unix.
comp.unix.shell580openUsing and programming the Unix shell.
comp.unix.solaris201openDiscussions about the Solaris operating system. issues about windowing systems. about the X Window System. K Desktop Environment.
control17closedPseudo-group where news system directives are filed.
control.cancel38185closedPseudo-group where news system directives are filed.
control.checkgroups95closedPseudo-group where news system directives are filed.
control.newgroup34closedPseudo-group where news system directives are filed.
cz.comp.cstex3openSkupina pro ceske a slovenske uzivatele TeXu
cz.comp.lang.python42openKonference o programovacim jazyku Python
dc.general13openItems of general interest to the Washington, DC area.
dc.jobs137openJob offerings and jobs wanted around Washington, DC.
dc.music3openMusic-related issued in the DC area.
dc.politics62openDiscussion group for D.C. area local politics.
dc.romance2openRomance for couples and singles in the USA's capital area.
de.admin.infos94moderatedInfotexte zum Netz. (Moderated)
de.admin.lists3moderatedFuer Statistiken. (Moderated), CFVs, Zwischen- und Endergebnisse. (Moderated) ueber (neue) Newsgruppen. Themen rund um NetNews.
de.alt.admin6openNeue de.alt-Newsgroups und deren Verbreitung.
de.alt.anime7openJapanische Zeichentrickfilme.
de.alt.arnooo170openEigenwilliges Verhalten.
de.alt.astrologie17openSterndeuter und Horoskope.
de.alt.comm.android663openGoogles Betriebssystem, Apps und passende Geraete.
de.alt.comm.iphone+ipad+co101openApples mobile Geraete und ihre Software. Standardsoftware SAP R/3.
de.alt.dateien.misc116openNicht-Text-Dateien ohne eigene Gruppe.
de.alt.dummschwatz58openFuer die duemmsten und inhaltsleersten Postings. und Discountkultur. Aufzucht, Pflege und Knuddeln. virtuelle Motorradfahrervereinigung RRR.
de.alt.folklore.computer989openAnekdoten ueber Computer und ihre Benutzer.
de.alt.folklore.ddr1073openNiemand hat die Absicht, eine Newsgroup zu errichten!
de.alt.folklore.usenet3openAlte Kabalen & neue Anekdoten. Spiel der Koenige.
de.alt.gruppenkasper416openEndlosdiskussionen, Haarspaltereien etc.
de.alt.hoerfunk6openHoerfunk: Radio, Programme, Sendungen etc.
de.alt.naturheilkunde22openDiskussion naturheilkundlicher Therapien.
de.alt.netdigest119moderatedAktueller und klassischer Humor aus allen Netzen und IRC. (Moderated)
de.alt.rec.digitalfotografie529openDigitalkameras und Zubehoer.
de.alt.soc.lesbischwul26openSchwule, Bisexuelle, Lesben und ihr Leben.
de.alt.soc.verschwoerung50openMitlesen verboten! reibe ich mich mit Genuss.
de.alt.technik.gps16openNavigation - Trabanten zeigen uns den Weg.
de.alt.technik.misc13openWie funktioniert denn das?
de.alt.technik.waffen32openFunktionsweise, Herstellung, (Nicht-)Anwendung.
de.alt.test75openTests im de.alt-Teilnetz. Achtung Reflektoren!
de.alt.ufo34openUnidentifizierte fliegende Objekte und ihre Freunde.
de.answers138moderatedFundgruppe fuer regelmaessige deutschspr. USENET-Artikel. (Moderated)
de.comm.abuse9openMissbraeuchliche Nutzung von Fax, Telefon, SMS etc.
de.comm.chatsystems8openChat-Systeme, IRC: Technik, Benutzung und Suchtbekaempfung.
de.comm.funk.amateur36openTechnik und Betriebstechnik des Amateurfunks.
de.comm.funk.vereine18openFunkvereine und ihre Aktivitaeten.
de.comm.geraete.mobil.misc108openSonstige mobile Endgeraete und Zubehoer.
de.comm.geraete.mobil.nokia5openBesonderheiten der Nokia-Geraete.
de.comm.infosystems.www.authoring.misc83openWebseiten, (X)HTML, CSS und mehr.
de.comm.internet.infrastruktur14openRouter, Topologie und Administrativa.
de.comm.internet.misc24openSonstige Themen zum Internet ausser Infosystems.
de.comm.internet.telefonie169openVoice over IP (VoIP).
de.comm.provider.mail41openZugangsunabhaengige E-Mail-Dienste.
de.comm.provider.metronet13openDas ist metronet, das geht hier net.
de.comm.provider.misc35openProvider und Online-Dienste ohne eigene Gruppe.
de.comm.provider.status41open"Das Internet ist kaputt!" "Bei mir tut's aber!".
de.comm.provider.t-online131openOnline-Dienst T-Online.
de.comm.provider.usenet61openZugangsunabhaengige News-Dienste. und Mails mit 40tude Dialog. WWW nach Microsoft-Art. und Pointpaket CrossPoint fuer MS-DOS. und Mail mit Forte (Free) Agent. News- und Mailclient im Emacs. und Hilfsprogramme. und -zustellung. mit der Netscape-Gecko-Engine. und News auf Basis von Mozilla. Mozilla/Netscape-Themen., ungetestete Versionen. und Hilfsprogramme., Installation, Administration. und -Administration.
de.comm.technik.dsl125openNetzwerkverbindung und -zugang per DSL.
de.comm.technik.isdn11openISDN-Grundlagen (NT, Verkabelung, Protokoll).
de.comm.technik.mobil17openTechnik der Mobilkommunikations-Netze.
de.comp.audio30openVerarbeitung von Audiodaten am Computer.
de.comp.datenbanken.misc4openDatenbanken aller Art. Software MS Access.
de.comp.datenbanken.mysql24openRelationale Datenbanken mit MySQL.
de.comp.editoren34openText- und Hexeditoren.
de.comp.hardware.cpu+mainboard.amd15openAMD-CPUs und passende Mainboards.
de.comp.hardware.cpu+mainboard.intel30openIntel-CPUs und passende Mainboards.
de.comp.hardware.cpu+mainboard.misc11openProzessoren und Mainboards.
de.comp.hardware.drucker65openDrucker und Plotter.
de.comp.hardware.graphik24openGrafikkarten und Co.
de.comp.hardware.laufwerke.misc4openSonstige Laufwerke.
de.comp.hardware.misc596openSonstige Computer-Hardware.
de.comp.hardware.monitore28openComputer-Displays aller Art.
de.comp.hardware.netzwerke.misc68openVerkabeln, Vernetzen, Verschalten.
de.comp.hardware.netzwerke.wireless111openWLAN, Bluetooth und Funknetze.
de.comp.lang.assembler5openProgrammierung in Assembler.
de.comp.lang.c72openDie Programmiersprache C (ISO, ANSI, K&R).
de.comp.lang.delphi.misc86openDelphi, Lazarus und Derivate.
de.comp.lang.forth8openForth, Anwendungen in Forth, Forth-Hardware.
de.comp.lang.iso-c++18moderatedISO-konformes C++. (Moderated)
de.comp.lang.java14openDie Programmiersprache Java.
de.comp.lang.javascript39openProgrammiersprache JavaScript.
de.comp.lang.misc14openAlle Programmiersprachen ohne eigene Gruppe.
de.comp.lang.perl13openPerl (von Larry Wall).
de.comp.lang.php80openFragen zu Anwendung und Programmierung von PHP.
de.comp.lang.python142openProgrammieren mit Python.
de.comp.lang.vbclassic110openVisualBasic bis Version 6. allgemein. der Zelle zur Tabelle. - das Office im Griff. Wort wird Text. und StarOffice. und Formeln. -> Programme. Betriebssysteme der MS-Windows-Familie. -> Netzwerkumgebung. unter MS-Windows.
de.comp.os.msdos2openMS-DOS und kompatible Betriebssysteme.
de.comp.os.os237openDie Betriebssysteme OS/2 und eComStation.
de.comp.os.unix.apps.gnome8openDas GNU Network Object Model Environment.
de.comp.os.unix.apps.kde230openDas K Desktop Environment.
de.comp.os.unix.apps.misc106openDie Anwendungen von Unix.
de.comp.os.unix.bsd66openGottes eigenes Betriebssystem.
de.comp.os.unix.linux.hardware232openHardwarefragen zu Linux.
de.comp.os.unix.linux.misc2066openAlles, was sich nicht anders einordnen laesst.
de.comp.os.unix.misc12openUnix-Systeme ohne eigene Gruppe.
de.comp.os.unix.networking.misc313openRund um Netzwerke und Kommunikation.
de.comp.os.unix.networking.samba5openUnix tanzt Samba - mit Windows & Co.
de.comp.os.unix.programming6openProgrammierung unter Unix.
de.comp.os.unix.shell113openShell, Skripte und Tools.
de.comp.os.unix.x11104openAlles zum X Window System unter Unix. trotz Netz. und Datensicherheit., Wuermer, Trojanische Pferde usw., insbesondere auf Computern. ohne eigene Gruppe.
de.comp.sys.amiga12openAllgemeine Themen des Rechners Amiga.
de.comp.sys.atari8openAtaris, kompatible Systeme und Emulatoren.
de.comp.sys.mac.internet32openDer Mac und das Internet.
de.comp.sys.mac.lokale-netze3openMacs im (lokalen) Netzwerk.
de.comp.sys.mac.misc1056openDiskussion zum Mac.
de.comp.sys.mac.programmieren5openProgrammieren am und fuer den Mac.
de.comp.sys.mac.soc2openUsertreffen, Erfahrungsberichte, Szene-Tratsch.
de.comp.sys.misc2openAndere Systeme.
de.comp.sys.notebooks191openComputer fuer moderne Nomaden.
de.comp.text.pdf8openMehr als Acrobat.
de.comp.text.tex177openTeX, LaTeX & Co.: Fragen und Antworten, Diskussion und Codeschnipsel. und Video am Computer.
de.comp.virtualisierung38openVMware, XEN, Virtuozzo, Bochs und anderes.
de.etc.bahn.announce16openTermine, Software, Web-Seiten.
de.etc.bahn.bahnpolitik27openBahnen zwischen Politik und Wirtschaft.
de.etc.bahn.eisenbahntechnik445openFahrzeug-, Infrastruktur- und Bautechnik.
de.etc.bahn.historisch21openBahnen aus alten Zeiten.
de.etc.bahn.misc1883openBahnthemen ohne Spezialgruppe.
de.etc.bahn.stadtverkehr169openStrassenbahn, U-Bahn, S-Bahn.
de.etc.bahn.tarif+service1140openPreise und Dienste.
de.etc.fahrzeug.auto3433openTechnik, Fahren, Geschichte und Zukunft.
de.etc.finanz.banken+broker206openDie mit dem grossen Geld spielen.
de.etc.finanz.boerse278openGeschehen an Wertpapierboersen.
de.etc.finanz.misc262openInfos zu & Diskussion ueber Geld & Anlagen.
de.etc.handel.auktionshaeuser254openDrei, zwei, eins - meins?
de.etc.haushalt1258openHaushaltsfuehrung, -tips und -geraete.
de.etc.notfallrettung23openAlles ueber mediz. und techn. Rettung, Brand- & Katastrophenschutz.
de.etc.post195openBriefe, Paeckchen, Pakete.
de.etc.schreiben.lyrik10openSelbstgeschriebene Lyrik und Kritiken.
de.etc.sprache.deutsch7140openDie deutsche Sprache: Fragen, Antworten und Diskussionen.
de.etc.sprache.klassisch11openLatein, Griechisch und Hebraeisch.
de.etc.sprache.misc100openDas Sammelbecken fuer andere Sprachen.
de.markt.comp.hardware.misc3openAngebote/Gesuche fuer EDV-Hardware allgemein.
de.newusers.infos201moderatedInfos und periodische Postings fuer neue User. (Moderated)
de.newusers.questions48moderatedHilfe zum Usenet. (Moderated) Computer Club: Kreativer Umgang mit Technik. der weltweite Verein fuer Spass mit der Intelligenz. Organisationen ohne eigene Gruppe.
de.rec.alpinismus6openAlpinismus in allen seinen Erscheinungsformen.
de.rec.buecher42openRund ums Buch.
de.rec.denksport56openDenksport aller Art.
de.rec.fahrrad5511openAlles rund um's Fahrrad. ab! Nicht nur im Kino.
de.rec.fotografie6706openFotografie, EBV und verwandte Themen.
de.rec.garten2090openGartenbau und Zimmerpflanzen.
de.rec.geocaching2openSachensuchen mit Satellitenunterstuetzung.
de.rec.heimwerken3267openDoityourself, Tips, Heimwerken.
de.rec.hoerspiel180openHoerspiele im Radio und auf Tontraegern.
de.rec.luftfahrt826openUeber den Wolken.
de.rec.mampf1875openAlles, was mit Essen und Trinken etc. zu tun hat.
de.rec.modelle.bahn26openAlles ueber Modellbahnen.
de.rec.modelle.misc134openBau von und Spiel mit Modellen.
de.rec.motorrad676openAlles rund ums Motorrad.
de.rec.motorroller28openAlles rund um Motorroller.
de.rec.musik.klassik60openWerke, Komponisten, Darbietende.
de.rec.musik.machen18openMusizieren und Musikinstrumente.
de.rec.musik.misc4openMusikbezogene Themen.
de.rec.musik.recherche52openTitel, Texte, Noten: Suche, Identifikation und Analyse.
de.rec.musik.rock+pop30openRockmusik, Popmusik, Rhythm and Blues.
de.rec.outdoors3openAbseits der Zivilisation - naturnahe Freizeitbeschaeftigungen. Camping. Reisethemen.
de.rec.sf.babylon5.misc15openDie SF-Fernsehserie "Babylon 5".
de.rec.sf.misc118openSonstiges im Bereich Speculative Fiction (Phantastik).
de.rec.sf.perry-rhodan15openPerry Rhodan, die groesste Weltraumserie.
de.rec.sf.startrek48openDer Weltraum - unendliche Weiten.
de.rec.spiele.misc16openSonstige Spiele aller Art. Ball ist rund., Laufen, Rennen, Gehen und mehr. Formel1-Rennsportserie. und alles, was dazugehoert.
de.rec.tiere.hunde19openRund um den Hund.
de.rec.tiere.katzen148openAlles, was mit Katzen zu tun hat.
de.rec.tiere.misc12openAlles rund um Tiere allgemein. glotz TV. folgt. und Technik fuer Fernsehen und Video.
de.sci.architektur22openArchitektur, Bauwesen und Staedtebau.
de.sci.astronomie315openAstronomie als Wissenschaft.
de.sci.biologie1265openBiologie als Wissenschaft.
de.sci.chemie188openChemie als Wissenschaft.
de.sci.electronics5755openElektronik in Theorie und Praxis.
de.sci.genealogie9openFamilienforschung und verwandte Themen.
de.sci.geo2openGeowissenschaften (inkl. Geographie).
de.sci.informatik.ki222openKuenstliche Intelligenz.
de.sci.informatik.misc16openWissenschaftliche Themen rund um Informatik., VDE-Normung und elektrische Sicherheit.
de.sci.mathematik1217openReine und angewandte Mathematik.
de.sci.medizin.misc70openRund um die Medizin.
de.sci.medizin.psychiatrie351openPsychiatrische Themen im Trialog.
de.sci.philosophie2321openPhilosophie als Wissenschaft.
de.sci.raumfahrt15openMissionen, Technik, Forschung.
de.sci.theologie2825openReligionswissenschaften und Theologie.
de.soc.arbeit5openNews und Diskussionen zum Thema Arbeit.
de.soc.arbeitslos567openArbeits- oder Erwerbslosigkeit.
de.soc.drogen44openRauschmittel, Nutzen und Gefahren.
de.soc.gleichberechtigung233openMaenner und Frauen, ihre Rechte und Pflichten.
de.soc.handicap3openAlles zum Thema Behinderung.
de.soc.kontakte.freizuegig427openPrivate freizuegige Kontaktanzeigen.
de.soc.kontakte.misc4963openSonstige private Kontaktanzeigen.
de.soc.medien.rundfunkfinanzierung9openSchon GEZahlt?
de.soc.menschenrechte8openAktuelle Situation, Aufrufe, Aktionen und Meinungen.
de.soc.politik.misc26061openSonstige politische Diskussionen.
de.soc.politik.texte27openPolitische Texte und Dokumente.
de.soc.recht.arbeit+soziales188openArbeitsrecht und soziale Sicherung.
de.soc.recht.datennetze126openJuristische Aspekte der Datenkommunikation.
de.soc.recht.familie+erben18openEhe-, Partnerschafts-, Familien- und Erbrecht.
de.soc.recht.marken+urheber60openMarken-, Patent- und Urheberrecht.
de.soc.recht.misc4510openDiskussion um Rechtsfragen.
de.soc.recht.steuern+buchfuehrung144openSteuerrecht und Rechnungslegung.
de.soc.recht.strafrecht165openKeine Strafe ohne Gesetz.
de.soc.recht.strassenverkehr500openStaendige Vorsicht und Ruecksichtnahme.
de.soc.recht.wohnen227openJuristisches zu Miete und Wohneigentum.
de.soc.senioren579openAltenarbeit, -hilfe, -forschung, -politik.
de.soc.subkultur.bdsm78openSadomasochisten - Szene & Rituale.
de.soc.subkultur.misc4openSonstige Subkulturen.
de.soc.umwelt8580openInfos zu und sachliche Diskussion ueber Umweltfragen.
de.soc.usenet153openDas Miteinander im Usenet.
de.soc.verkehr1569openAutos sowie umweltfreundlichere Verkehrsmittel.
de.soc.weltanschauung.christentum4322openFragen zum Christentum allgemein.
de.soc.weltanschauung.islam274openIslam als Religion und Kultur.
de.soc.weltanschauung.misc813openAlles was nicht in den anderen d.s.w-Gruppen passt.
de.soc.wirtschaft244openWirtschaft allgemein.
de.soc.zensur120openZensur. Liebhaber des Unsinnigen, Hintergruendigen, Bizarren. etc. ueber Witze. Geschlechtlichkeit. (Liebes-)Beziehungen. man zur Zeit spricht.
de.test6405openTests. Vorsicht Reflektoren! for the Turnpike software.
demon.local3openLocal chatter about any subject.
demon.service214openComplaints, praise, etc. at the level of service. PC (DOS, Win & OS/2) discussions.
dfw.forsale370openItems for sale in Dallas/Fort Worth.
dfw.games24openGames and Gaming Discussion in Dallas/Fort Worth.
dfw.general8openGeneral discussion that does not fit elsewhere in the dfw.* hierarchy.
dfw.personals32openPersonals ads in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
dfw.politics5openPolitical discussion in and about the Dallas/Ft Worth region.
dfw.test7openTesting in Dallas/Fort Worth.
dictator.africa12openAutocracy, tyranny, bad governance in Africa
dictator.america144openAutocracy, tyranny, bad governance in America
dictator.announce8openAnnouncements for the dictator.* hierarchy
dictator.asia16openAutocracy, tyranny, bad governance in Asia
dictator.europe7openAutocracy, tyranny, bad governance in Europe
dictator.general10openThe art of autocracy, tyranny, and dictatorship
dictator.mideast9openAutocracy, tyranny, bad governance in MiddleEast
dk.admin7openDiskussion om danske nyhedsgrupper
dk.admin.netikette4openDebat om netikette paa dk-grupperne.
dk.bolig14openAlle boligrelaterede emner
dk.edb.andre-emner3openAlle edb relaterede emner uden anden gruppe
dk.edb.database22openDatabaser i almindelighed.
dk.edb.hardware14openErfaringsudveksling omkring hardware
dk.edb.internet3openBlandet internet-stof for brugere af mail og newsklienter.
dk.edb.internet.webdesign3openProblemer med og fremstilling af websider.
dk.edb.internet.webdesign.html119openHTML-koder - grundlaget for produktion af hjemmesider.
dk.edb.internet.webdesign.serverside4openServerside webudvikling - herunder CGI, SSI, PHP, m.m.
dk.edb.internet.webdesign.serverside.php11openProduktion af websider ved brug af php
dk.edb.mac341openForum for danske brugere af MacOS kompatible computere
dk.edb.netvaerk30openLAN/MAN/WAN, topologier, protokoller, hard- og software Office i almindelighed
dk.edb.regneark15openRegneark i almindelighed. Windows.
dk.edb.videoredigering6openFor alle med interesse for redigering af film og video
dk.erhverv2openErhvervsrelateret stof for forskellige erhvervsgrupper.
dk.forbruger107openDiskussion og information for forbrugere
dk.fritid.bil44openLoest og fast vedroerende biler.
dk.fritid.dyr2openOplevelser med - og pleje af - dyr.
dk.fritid.dyr.kat6openErfaringer, gode raad og historier om katte.
dk.fritid.foto24openEmner omkring fotografering.
dk.fritid.foto.billedsnak11openEmner om det fotografiske billede
dk.fritid.hus-og-have38openOm hus, lejlighed og have
dk.fritid.motorcykel4openmotorcykelrelaterede emner
dk.helbred38openDebat om sundhed og helbred.
dk.kultur.film3openOm film, TV-serier og beslaegtede emner
dk.kultur.litteratur3openForum for laesere af skoenlitteratur.
dk.kultur.mad+drikke50openAlt vedroerende mad og drikke
dk.kultur.musik5openFor musikere og musikelskere
dk.kultur.musik.klassisk14openKlassisk musik, musikhistorie, nyheder om koncerter og
dk.kultur.sprog1583openDansk og fremmede maal, sprogproblemer og sprogpolitik
dk.livssyn209openDiskussion af alle typer livssyn
dk.livssyn.kristendom1537openForum for kristendom og kristendomsrelaterede emner
dk.marked.privat.edb2openPrivat handel med edb-udstyr & software.
dk.marked.privat.edb.mac2openPrivat handel med software og udstyr til Mac computere
dk.medier.tv9openTV relaterede emner i relation til mediet.
dk.penge.investering29openGruppen har til sigte at fungere som et ikke kommercielt alternativ til.
dk.politik7681openDebat om politik generelt
dk.snak.mudderkastning10openTil skaenderier, flamewars og personlige diskussioner.
dk.snak.vittigheder8openForum for udveksling af vittigheder. og emner relateret til cykling.
dk.teknik.bil25openTeknisk snak om biler
dk.teknik.el25openPraktiske og teorietiske emner inden for el-omraadet.
dk.teknik.elektronik23openElektronik-relaterede emner.
dk.teknik.lyd4openTeknik bag (god) lydgengivelse.
dk.teknik.telefoni.mobil11openMobiltelefoni af alle slags. bag tv og video.
dk.test56openTil test af news postings
dk.videnskab217openDiskussion af videnskabelig forskning og viden
dk.videnskab.historie23openHistorie debat.
dk.videnskab.historie.genealogi5openEmner af interesse for slaegtsforskere
dk.videnskab.jura204openJuridiske emner.
dk.videnskab.psykologi6openErfaringsudveksling og diskussion om psykologi
edm.forsale5openLocal items forsale/wanted in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
edm.general4004openItems of general interest in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. news statistics in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
england.genealogy.misc14openGenealogy discussion concerning England. of trades union organizations.
england.religion.christian142openDiscussion of the Christian faith.
england.religion.islam37openDiscussion of the Islamic faith.
england.religion.misc150openDiscussion about faith and religion in general. Rugby Union.
es.charla.actualidad136openTemas de actualidad.
es.charla.enfermedad.cancer4openCharla e informacion sobre la enfermedad de cancer.
es.charla.gastronomia4openDiscusiones sobre temas gastronomicos.
es.charla.moteros47openCharla de aficionados a las motos en general.
es.charla.motor1595openTemas relacionados con el mundo del motor.
es.charla.politica.misc1977openDebates sobre politica. Temas polticos varios.
es.charla.religion758opencharla sobre religion, que no chachara sobre religiones.
es.ciencia.electronica8openDiscusiones sobre electronica y robotica.
es.ciencia.marketing2openDudas y consultas sobre casos de marketing.
es.ciencia.matematicas525openDiscusion sobre problemas y temas matematicos.
es.ciencia.medicina.misc2openDiscusion sobre temas de interes medico.
es.ciencia.misc5openDebates sobre ciencia.
es.ciencia.quimicas5openSolo sobre C.C. Quimicas.
es.comp.cracks4openDiscusiones sobre cracks.
es.comp.hackers4openDiscusion sobre hacking, cracking y phreaking.
es.comp.hardware.misc18openDiscusion sobre hardware informatico.
es.comp.os.linux.instalacion4openInstalacion y administracion de sistemas linux.
es.comp.programas2openSolicitar programas.
es.comp.sistemas.consolas.psx5openSobre videoconsolas Sony PlayStation.
es.humanidades.arte6openTemas de discusion sobre arte.
es.humanidades.derecho9openDebates sobre asuntos juridicos.
es.humanidades.gramatica11openForo para debatir cuestiones gramaticales.
es.humanidades.literatura844openLiteratura, en castellano.
es.rec.bricolaje81openTodo sobre las reparaciones caseras.
es.rec.deportes.aventura2openDeportes de montan~a y aventura.
es.rec.deportes.futbol3openGrupo para la discusion de temas futbolisticos.
es.rec.fotografia6openGrupo dedicado al mundo de la fotografia. sobre distintos juegos de estrategia para ordenador.
es.rec.musica.blues3openDiscusiones y articulos sobre musica Blues. varios sobre radio. la series de television o teleseries.
eternal-september.config8openEternal-September hierarchy administration.
eternal-september.newusers21openNew to e-s.
eternal-september.support1816opene-s user support.
eternal-september.talk30openSmalltalk and miscellaneous discussions.
eternal-september.test168openTest messages ßäöüÄÖÜ.
europa.ecologia12openEnvironment/Umwelt/Miljoe/Okruzhaiushchaia sreda/Ymparisto.
europa.general5openInteresse general/Allgemeines/Obshchee/Yleista.
europa.novas8openActualitates/Current events/Tagesthemen/Novosti/Ajankohtaista.
europa.union63openEuropean Union/UE/EU/Evropeiskii Soiuz/Euroopan Unioni.
fa.linux.kernel5closedNo description.
fido.belg.trains47openFidonet: RAIL.B conference.
fido.ger.linux9openDas Betriebssystem Linux.
fido7.adinf.support2moderatedFidonet ADINF.SUPPORT - ADINF virus detector (Moderated)
fido7.cb.radio37moderatedFidonet CB.RADIO (Moderated)
fido7.f400.link129moderatedFidonet 400.LINK (Moderated)
fido7.fidonet.history51moderatedFidonet FIDONET.HISTORY - History of FidoNet in Russia (Moderated)
fido7.german.rus10moderatedFidonet GERMAN.RUS (Moderated)
fido7.guitar.songs19moderatedFidonet GUITAR.SONGS [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.koenig.sysop19moderatedFidonet KOENIG.SYSOP - (Moderated) MO.BIKE (Moderated) MO.ECHO - general talks (Moscow) (Moderated) MO.GOLYANOVO (Moderated) MO.JOB.HALTURA (Moderated) MO.JOB.SERVICE (Moderated) MO.MEPHI (Moderated) MO.MIEM.TALK (Moderated) MO.RESTAURANT (Moderated) MO.SAILS (Moderated) MO.TALK - general talks (Moscow) (Moderated) MO.TUSHINO (Moderated) N5020.NEW.NODES (Moderated)
fido7.n5020.point24moderatedFidonet N5020.POINT (Moderated)
fido7.obec.f3boh3moderatedFidonet OBEC.3BOH (Moderated)
fido7.obec.pactet18moderatedFidonet OBEC.PACTET (Moderated) PVT.DEV.UNIQUE (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.girls39moderatedFidonet PVT.GIRLS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.law10moderatedFidonet PVT.LAW - Law (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.virii2moderatedFidonet PVT.VIRII (Moderated)
fido7.r46.talks36moderatedFidonet R46.TALKS - Region 46 (Ukraine and Moldova) free talks. (Moderated)
fido7.r50.crisis41moderatedFidonet R50.CRISIS - c pc r50 (Moderated)
fido7.real.siberian.valenok2moderatedFidonet REAL.SIBERIAN.VALENOK - H cpc (Moderated) RU.ADSL (Moderated) RU.AMIGA (Moderated) RU.ANARCHY (Moderated) RU.ANIME (Moderated) RU.ANOMALIA (Moderated) RU.ANTI-MENT (Moderated) RU.ANTI.ARMY (Moderated) RU.ANTIMODERATOR [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.ATHEISM (Moderated) RU.AVIATION - aviation (Moderated) RU.BBSNEWS - BBS news (Moderated) RU.BEE.MUSIC (Moderated) RU.BEER - beer drinkers (Moderated) RU.BIOLOGY (Moderated) RU.BOOKS.COMPUTING - books on computing (Moderated) RU.CARS (Moderated) RU.CATS (Moderated) RU.CINICK (Moderated) RU.CISCO (Moderated) RU.C-- (Moderated) RU.COFFEE.CLUB - Culture and general talks (Moderated) RU.COMPUTER.HUMOR (Moderated) RU.COMPUTERRA (Moderated) RU.DOS (Moderated) RU.DTP - desktop publishing (Moderated) RU.EMBEDDED (Moderated) RU.FIDO&FSB (Moderated) RU.FIDO.INTERNET (Moderated) RU.FIDO.WWW (Moderated) RU.FIDONET.DIGEST (Moderated) RU.FIDONET.TODAY (Moderated) RU.FIDONET.YO (Moderated) RU.FILM (Moderated) RU.FIPS (Moderated) RU.FTN.DEVELOP (Moderated) RU.FTN.WINSOFT (Moderated) RU.FTRACK (Moderated) RU.GAME (Moderated) RU.GAME.MMORPG (Moderated) RU.GOLDED - GoldEd program (Moderated) RU.GOLOVOLOMKA (Moderated) RU.HARRY.POTTER (Moderated) RU.HISTORY (Moderated) RU.HOKKU (Moderated) RU.HOME (Moderated) RU.HOME.LAN (Moderated) RU.HTML.CHAINIK (Moderated) RU.HUSKY (Moderated) RU.INTERNET - Internet (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.CHAINIK (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.ICQ (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.P2P (Moderated) RU.INVALIFE (Moderated) RU.LHP (Moderated) RU.LINUX - Linux OS (Moderated) RU.LINUX.CHAINIK (Moderated) RU.LINUX.REDHAT (Moderated) RU.MAC - Apple Macintosh users talks (Moderated) RU.MICROCHIP - - Microchip Technology (Moderated) RU.MILITARISM (Moderated) RU.MILITARY (Moderated) RU.MILITARY.NAVY (Moderated) RU.MODERATOR - Moderators talks (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.DDT (Moderated) RU.NETWORKS - WANs (NO Netware!) (Moderated) RU.OCR (Moderated) RU.OS.CMP - OS comparison (Moderated) RU.PHOTO - phote (Moderated) RU.PODMOSKOVIE.TALKS (Moderated) RU.POL.OPPOSITION (Moderated) RU.PRAVOSLAVIE.TALK (Moderated) RU.PRIKOL (Moderated) RU.QICO (Moderated) RU.RADIO.SAMOPAY (Moderated) RU.RAILWAYS (Moderated) RU.ROCKWELL (Moderated) RU.RUSSIAN.1916 - i ͣ i (Moderated) RU.RUSSOPHOBIA (Moderated) RU.SAMODELKA (Moderated) RU.SAT.NEWS (Moderated) RU.SCIENCE (Moderated) RU.SECURITY - computer security (Moderated) RU.SEX - Sex (Moderated) RU.SEX.ADV.TALK (Moderated) RU.SF.NEWS (Moderated) RU.SPACE - Cosmic space (Moderated) RU.SPACE.NEWS [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.SPELLING (Moderated) RU.SPORT.FOOTBALL.NEWS (Moderated) RU.SPORT.OTHER - sport (Moderated) RU.SUBWAY (Moderated) RU.SUICIDE - Suicide (Moderated) RU.SUICIDE.POETRY (Moderated) RU.TALK.ENGLISH (Moderated) RU.TRAMWAY (Moderated) RU.TV.PROGRAM.ANNOUNCE (Moderated) RU.UNIX - UNIX (Moderated) RU.UNIX.BSD (Moderated) RU.UNIX.FTN (Moderated) RU.UNIX.PROG (Moderated) RU.UPGRADE (Moderated) RU.VIRUS (Moderated) RU.WARDRIVE (Moderated) RU.WEAPON - Weapons (Moderated) RU.WINDOWS.XP (Moderated) RU.WORLD.WAR.II (Moderated)
fido7.spb.anime17moderatedFidonet SPB.ANIME [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.spb.cars48moderatedFidonet SPB.CARS [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.spb.job.offer3moderatedFidonet SPB.JOB.OFFER [Read Only] (Moderated) SU.ASTRONOMY (Moderated) SU.BOOKS - books (Moderated) SU.C_CPP - C and C++ languages (Moderated) SU.CARS - cars (Moderated) SU.CBCS - BBS software (Moderated) SU.CHAINIK - new fidonetters Q&A (Moderated) SU.CHAINIK.GENERAL (Moderated) SU.CHESS (Moderated) SU.COMP.OLD (Moderated) SU.FORMULA1 (Moderated) SU.FORMULA1.INFO [Read Only] (Moderated) SU.GAME - video-game talks (Moderated) SU.GENERAL - general talks (Moderated) SU.HAMRADIO - HAM radio fans talks (Moderated) SU.HARDW - computer hardware talks (Moderated) SU.HARDW.CHAINIK - computer hardware talks (Moderated) SU.HARDW.OTHER - computer hardware talks (Moderated) SU.HARDW.PC.MEDIA - computer hardware talks (Moderated) SU.HARDW.PC.MOTHERBOARD - computer hardware talks (Moderated) SU.HARDW.PC.VIDEO - computer hardware talks (Moderated) SU.HARDW.SCHEMES - computer hardware talks (Moderated) SU.HARDW.TECHNOLOGY (Moderated) SU.HUMOR - humor (Moderated) SU.IP.POINT (Moderated) SU.KASCHENKO.LOCAL (Moderated) SU.KITCHEN - cooking talks (Moderated) SU.MEDIC - medicine (Moderated) SU.MUSIC - music (Moderated) SU.MUSIC.METAL - music (Moderated) SU.OS2 - OS/2 (Moderated) SU.OS2.APPS (Moderated) SU.OS2.FAQ [Read Only] (Moderated) SU.PHILOSOPHY (Moderated) SU.PILOT (Moderated) SU.POL - politics (Moderated) SU.POL.HISTORY (Moderated) SU.POL.NEWS (Moderated) SU.POL.THEORY (Moderated) SU.RENDER (Moderated) SU.SF&F.FANDOM - Science fiction (Moderated) SU.TOLKIEN - J.R.R.Tolkien fans talks (Moderated) SU.TORMOZ - Slow-thinking people (Moderated) SU.VIRUS - software viruses (Moderated)
fido7.survival.guide61moderatedFidonet SURVIVAL.GUIDE - Survival guide (Moderated)
fido7.xsu.cellular.phones8moderatedFidonet XSU.CELLULAR.PHONES (Moderated)
fido7.xsu.useless.faq1226moderatedFidonet XSU.USELESS.FAQ (Moderated)
fj.1st-readme8moderatedGuides of fj. No discussion. (Moderated)
fj.announce3moderatedAnnouncements to entire fj. (Moderated)
fj.archives.documents23openRepository for documents.
fj.comp.security3openDiscussions about computer security.
fj.education4openAbout education in general.
fj.jokes19openJoke and humor.
fj.kanji59openDiscussion about Kanji. phenomena on the net. WWW browsing softwares. directed to news administrators. about fj Netnews. (Moderated) and lists of newsgroups. statistics and lists. of fj newsgroup hierarchy itself.
fj.personal-ads.penpals2openRequests for penpals.
fj.rec.animation11openDiscussion about animated movies.
fj.rec.comics9openThe funnies, old and new.
fj.rec.idol3openGeneral topics about idol.
fj.rec.poems10openTopics about poems.
fj.rec.rail9openDiscussion about railway & railroad.
fj.rec.sports.baseball103openDiscussion about baseball.
fj.rec.sports.sumo12openDiscussion on sumo.
fj.rec.tokusatsu9openTopics of visual works with Special Effects.
fj.sci.astro2openDiscussion about stars, planets and comets.
fj.soc.economy2openTopics about economy and economic policies.
fj.soc.law9openTopics on Law and right.
fj.soc.nuclear3openDiscussion about social aspects of nuclear energy.
fj.sys.mac.os-x2openOn Mac OS X.
fj.unix3openUNIX neophytes group.
fl.forsale5openItems for sale in Florida.
fl.general22openGeneral topics in Florida.
fl.politics19openPolitics in Florida.
flora.mai-not9openMultilateral Agreement on Investment: Discuss/oppose.
fr.bienvenue13openAider les nouveaux venus dans leurs premiers pas sur Usenet. sur la médecine. sur la médecine vétérinaire.
fr.comp.applications.editeurs-de-texte21openLes éditeurs de texte.
fr.comp.applications.emacs24openÉditeur de textes Emacs et ses extensions.
fr.comp.applications.genealogie4openTout sur les logiciels de généalogie.
fr.comp.applications.libres28openLes solutions libres en informatique.
fr.comp.applications.x115openSystème de multifenêtrage X11.
fr.comp.developpement7openMéthodologies, méthodes et outils.
fr.comp.developpement.agl.windev104openL'AGL (Atelier de Génie Logiciel) WinDev.
fr.comp.divers11openDiscussions diverses sur l'informatique.
fr.comp.emulateurs29openDiscussions sur les émulateurs.
fr.comp.graphisme.pao5openTechniques de publication assistée par ordinateur.
fr.comp.infosystemes.www.auteurs109openDTD HTML, scripts CGI et API WWW.
fr.comp.infosystemes.www.navigateurs114openLogiciels de navigation sur le WWW.
fr.comp.infosystemes.www.serveurs20openAdministration de serveurs WWW.
fr.comp.internet.medias-sociaux13openLe web participatif et les médias sociaux.
fr.comp.lang.ada32openLangage de programmation Ada.
fr.comp.lang.c17openLangages de programmation C et assimilés.
fr.comp.lang.c++22openLangage de programmation C++.
fr.comp.lang.javascript6openECMAScript et dérivés (JScript, ActionScript, etc.).
fr.comp.lang.lisp19openLangages de programmation LISP.
fr.comp.lang.perl5openLangage de programmation Perl.
fr.comp.lang.php27openLangage de programmation PHP Hypertext Preprocessor.
fr.comp.lang.python16openLangage de programmation Python.
fr.comp.lang.regexp12openLes expressions rationnelles et leur utilisation.
fr.comp.mail86openLogiciels de messagerie électronique.
fr.comp.materiel.optimisation7openTechniques d'optimisation et d'overclocking.
fr.comp.musique18openLe traitement informatique de la musique.
fr.comp.ordinosaures112openOrdinateurs et consoles de jeux anciens.
fr.comp.os.android213openDiscussions à propos d'Android, le système pour terminaux mobiles.
fr.comp.os.bsd7openSystèmes BSD et dérivés (NetBSD, FreeBSD...).
fr.comp.os.linux.configuration548openPrise en main d'un système Linux.
fr.comp.os.linux.debats523openPromouvoir, critiquer et troller sur Linux.
fr.comp.os.mac-os.x2143openMac OS X, Darwin et leurs évolutions. Systèmes d'Exploitation (SE) MS-Windows. sous MS-Windows.
fr.comp.os.unix463openSystème Unix.
fr.comp.reseaux.ethernet7openLes réseaux Ethernet et matériels associés.
fr.comp.reseaux.ip73openIP : discussions techniques, protocoles connexes.
fr.comp.reseaux.irc3openGroupe de discussion sur Internet Relay Chat.
fr.comp.reseaux.jntp17openProtocole, applications et maillage jntp.
fr.comp.securite103openLa sécurité informatique.
fr.comp.securite.virus42openLes virus informatiques.
fr.comp.stockage53openLes matériels et logiciels de stockage de données.
fr.comp.sys.atari456openMachines de la gamme Atari.
fr.comp.sys.iphone2openiPhone, le système, ses applications et déclinaisons.
fr.comp.sys.mac128openApple Macintosh.
fr.comp.sys.mac.communication59openRéseaux et communications sous Mac OS.
fr.comp.sys.mac.materiel120openDiscussions sur le matériel Macintosh.
fr.comp.sys.mac.programmation10openProgrammation sur Mac OS.
fr.comp.sys.pc112openMicro-ordinateurs PC et compatibles.
fr.comp.text.tex284openDiscussions concernant TeX et LaTeX.
fr.comp.usenet.lecteurs-de-news48openLogiciels de lecture des forums Usenet.
fr.comp.usenet.serveurs171openDiscussions sur les serveurs de news Usenet.
fr.comp.virtualisation2openDiscussions à propos des techniques de systèmes virtuels. qui concerne l'éducation. pour les devoirs de maths. aux devoirs de physique-chimie. sur l'enseignement supérieur.
fr.lettres.ecriture13openTous les aspects liés à l'écriture.
fr.lettres.langue.allemande10openDiscussions sur la langue allemande.
fr.lettres.langue.anglaise1551openDiscussions sur la langue anglaise.
fr.lettres.langue.chinoise6openDiscussions sur la langue chinoise.
fr.lettres.langue.francaise2838openDiscussions sur la langue française.
fr.lettres.langues-anciennes.grec15openCulture et langue grecques.
fr.lettres.langues-anciennes.latin31openCulture et langue latines.
fr.misc.automoto.mecanique289openPratique de la mécanique automobile et moto.
fr.misc.bavardages.dinosaures11moderatedBistro des anciens du Réseau. (Moderated)
fr.misc.bavardages.linux52openBavardages, discussions non techniques sur Linux.
fr.misc.cryptologie6openDiscussions sur le chiffrement ; histoire, usages, techniques et réglementations.
fr.misc.depannage10openDépannage électronique, audio-vidéo, électro-ménager.
fr.misc.divers19openCe qui n'a de place nulle part ailleurs dans fr.
fr.misc.droit858openDiscussions juridiques.
fr.misc.droit.famille6openLe droit de la famille.
fr.misc.droit.immobilier69openLe droit immobilier : achat, vente, location...
fr.misc.droit.internet43openProblèmes juridiques en rapport avec Internet.
fr.misc.droit.travail14openLe droit du travail.
fr.misc.engueulades904openEngueulades hors-charte sur les forums initiaux.
fr.misc.finance752openGroupe de discussion dédié à la finance. banques et les services bancaires.Économie des biens immobiliers.
fr.misc.handicap20moderatedHandicaps et handicapés. (Moderated)
fr.misc.medias.presse-ecrite2openDiscussions sur la presse écrite.
fr.misc.militaire63openLa chose militaire : techniques, matériel...
fr.misc.securite.routiere849openDiscussions sur la sécurité routière.
fr.misc.transport.rail15openInformations sur les transports ferroviaires.
fr.misc.transport.urbain12openInformations en français sur les transports urbains.
fr.petites-annonces.divers121openAnnonces diverses et variées entre particuliers.
fr.petites-annonces.immobilier31openAnnonces immobilières entre particuliers.
fr.petites-annonces.informatique.logiciel2openAnnonces de vente/achat de logiciel informatique.
fr.petites-annonces.informatique.materiel6openAnnonces de vente/achat de matériel informatique.
fr.rec.animaux176openDiscussions sur les animaux classiques ou exotiques...
fr.rec.anime4openDiscussions sur les DA/BD japonais.
fr.rec.apiculture3openForum sur l'apiculture.
fr.rec.aquariophilie2openGroupe de discussion relatif à l'aquariophilie.
fr.rec.arts.litterature312openDiscussions sur la littérature.
fr.rec.arts.musique.classique119openTout sur la musique classique.
fr.rec.arts.musique.jazz2openTout sur le jazz.
fr.rec.arts.musique.pratique11openLa pratique instrumentale et vocale.
fr.rec.arts.musique.rock11openTout sur le rock.
fr.rec.arts.musique.variete5openLa musique de variété.
fr.rec.arts.sf44openDiscussions sur les œuvres de science-fiction.
fr.rec.arts.theatre2openTout sur le théâtre.
fr.rec.audio2openTechniques de sonorisation et d'enregistrement.
fr.rec.automobile.ancienne9openLes véhicules anciens.
fr.rec.aviation533openDiscussions sur l'aviation, le pilotage.
fr.rec.bateaux83openForum sur tous les bateaux.
fr.rec.beaute-mode4openÉchanges et débats sur la mode et la beauté physique.
fr.rec.boissons.vins47openCommentaires et discussions sur le vin.
fr.rec.bricolage7316openConseils et savoir-faire concernant le bricolage.
fr.rec.cinema.discussion26openDiscussions concernant le cinéma.
fr.rec.cuisine369openTous les plaisirs du palais.
fr.rec.genealogie106openInformations se rapportant à la généalogie.
fr.rec.humour2358openL'humour en soi.
fr.rec.jardinage633openGroupe de discussion sur le jardinage.
fr.rec.jeux.enigmes577openÉnigmes en tous genres (charades, devinettes, etc.).
fr.rec.jeux.jdr19openJeux de rôles.
fr.rec.loisirs-creatifs1471openScrapbooking, pochoirs, origami, broderie, tricot...
fr.rec.modelisme6openTout ce qui concerne le modélisme.
fr.rec.moto1560openPour les amateurs de moto.
fr.rec.philatelie96openDiscussions sur les timbres et l'histoire postale.
fr.rec.photo2442openDiscussions sur la photographie. matériel photo. de la photographie.
fr.rec.plongee9openPlongée sous-marine.
fr.rec.radio227openDiscussions sur la radio (tous domaines confondus).
fr.rec.son-image.hifi110openTout sur la Hi-Fi.ériel : prise de vue et montage vidéo. de réalisation vidéo. ce qui touche aux arbalètes, aux arcs. consacrées au basket. en français sur le cyclisme. ce qui tourne autour de l'équitation. ce qui a rapport avec le football. sports de neige et de glace. du rugby à 15, 13, 10 et à 7. ce qui touche au tennis. sur la planche à voile.élos tout terrain. relatives aux programmes télévisuels.éception satellite de chaînes de télévision.élévision terrestre.
fr.rec.voyages46openDiscussions sur les voyages, le tourisme.
fr.reseaux.internet.hebergement3openDiscussions sur l'hébergement sur Internet.
fr.reseaux.telecoms.adsl5openADSL (Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line).
fr.reseaux.telecoms.fibre-optique3openDiscussions à propos de la technologie « fibre optique ».
fr.reseaux.telecoms.techniques119openTechniques de télécommunications.
fr.sci.astronautique29openActivité spatiale humaine.
fr.sci.astronomie65openDiscussions sur l'astronomie.
fr.sci.astronomie.amateur6openTout sur la pratique de l'astronomie amateur.
fr.sci.astrophysique77openDiscussions, débats autour de l'astrophysique.
fr.sci.biologie128openÉtude scientifique du vivant.
fr.sci.biologie.botanique10openLes plantes : études, classification...
fr.sci.chimie20openLa chimie.
fr.sci.divers6openDiscussions diverses ou générales en sciences.
fr.sci.electronique504openConception, réalisation ou réparation de circuits.
fr.sci.electrotechnique33openDisciplines relatives à l'électrotechnique.
fr.sci.geosciences36openDiscussions relatives aux sciences de la Terre.
fr.sci.jargon6openÉquivalents français de termes techniques étrangers.
fr.sci.maths766openDiscussions sur les mathématiques.
fr.sci.philo920openGroupe de philosophie.
fr.sci.physique894openLes sciences physiques.
fr.sci.psychanalyse159openDiscussions sur la psychanalyse.
fr.sci.psychologie372openÉtude du psychisme humain.
fr.sci.sociologie202openScience des faits sociaux étudiés dans leur ensemble.
fr.sci.techniques.geolocalisation.gps2openPositionnement et navigation GPS.
fr.sci.zetetique776openAnalyse critique de l'extraordinaire.
fr.soc.complots922openLes conspirations fourbes contre le public.
fr.soc.economie4522openActualité économique et économie politique.
fr.soc.environnement3454openDiscussions sur l'environnement.
fr.soc.feminisme799openLe féminisme.
fr.soc.histoire187openDiscussions sur l'histoire.
fr.soc.histoire.antique12openDiscussions sur l'Antiquité.
fr.soc.histoire.medievale6openDiscussions sur le Moyen-Âge.
fr.soc.politique63877openPolitique et matières connexes.
fr.soc.religion1880openReligion et spiritualité.
fr.soc.sectes214openDiscussions et informations sur les sectes et leurs pratiques.
fr.soc.travail114openAspects sociaux du monde du travail.
fr.test609openTestez la diffusion de vos articles dans fr.
fr.usenet.abus.d1766openDiscussion des mesures contre les abus du réseau.
fr.usenet.abus.nocem8977moderatedAnnonces techniques pour des robots. (Moderated)
fr.usenet.abus.rapports1174moderatedRapports réguliers sur les actions anti-abus. (Moderated)
fr.usenet.distribution28openDistribution des news fr.
fr.usenet.divers173openCe qui ne va pas ailleurs dans fr.usenet.
fr.usenet.documents18openDocuments publiés sur Usenet-fr.
fr.usenet.forums.annonces2moderatedAnnonces de nouveaux forums et de discussions. (Moderated)
fr.usenet.forums.evolution140openDiscussions sur la création de nouveaux forums fr.
fr.usenet.usages21openDiscussions sur les bons usages sur Usenet-fr.
france.admin.accueil7openLes documents de bienvenue.
france.aquitaine.bordeaux2openBordeaux et ses environs.
france.corse17openLa rgion Corse.
francom.esoterisme5562openConference esoterique.
free.at38699openFree Austrian Newsgroups for
free.beer15openFree beer will be served tomorrow to the eternal search for refreshment
free.bharat218openJai's very own free.* newsgroup, by request
free.biz5openBase group of the free.* business hierarchy
free.c2openNo description.
free.christians150openDiscussions relate to God, Bible and Christians zum Aendern geographie dans le fondement des choses description. description. di... il mio ng su free description. description. description. di tutto quello che interessa il sito ma gruppo si propone di riunire tutti i fan italiani della pornostar description. dei problemi di sesso problema pensionistico description. description. description. description. description. description. di ogni tipo description.
free.nudist10openfor all you online nudist activitys Dlaczego? Jak? description.
free.pt40041openBase da hierarquia (discussao administrativa).
free.spam213openDestined to have the best collection of Mass-Postings anywhere on the 'Net.
free.subculture.bondage-bdsm2openB&D & D&S & SM
free.test8openTest messages.
free.test.prova.prova.prova7openEFFETTUATE QUI TUTTI I VOSTRI TESTS
free.ucp1734openDiscussion of UCP, technical, clubs, sales. description. aviation related topics. in touch after moving on. repairs and improvements. music of the band "Steps". from the ntl blueyonder merger to virginmedia matters relevant to Sheffield
free.usenet194147openThe 'net will run red with Cabal blood...
free.virginmedia.discussion.general2726openGeneral discussion
free.virginmedia.test39openVM Test Postings
free.willey4455openis a free discussion place for discussion of all things Willey. za now free za now
ga.general7openItems of general interest in Georgia.
ga.motss2openLesbian, gay and bisexual issues in Georgia.
gay-net.general2openAllgemeine Themen * general topics Guide Weltweit * world wide gay guide
gay-net.kontakte4openKontakte, kein Followup auf Gesuche, nutze eMail * contacts, use email to reply.
geometry.college2moderatedGeometry at the College Level. (Moderated)
geometry.research4moderatedGeometry Research. (Moderated)
ger.ct16896openGerNet: Das allgemeine c't-Echo (CT.GER)
git.test6openNo description.
gnu.emacs.gnews6openNews reading under GNU Emacs using Weemba's Gnews.
gnu.emacs.gnus4openNews reading under GNU Emacs using GNUS (in English).
gnu.emacs.help79openUser queries and answers.
gnu.emacs.sources22openONLY (please!) C and Lisp source code for GNU Emacs.
gnu.gcc.help11openGNU C Compiler (gcc) user queries and answers.
grisbi.bugsreports9openBugs reports from the Grisbi's bugtracker.
grisbi.devel14openDiscussions about development.
grisbi.test127openFor testing your newsreader.
grisbi.user.french27openDiscussions entre utilisateurs de Grisbi. sonst nirgendwo hinpasst. mit und ohne Hamster.
han.comp.lang.c3openDiscussions of C Language.
han.rec.sports.football3openDiscussions on football.
han.sci.physics2openPhysical laws, properties, etc.
hannover.allgemeines9openAllgemeines und Sonstiges
hannover.fundgrube14openAngebote und Gesuche
hannover.uni.videoconf2openDiskussion und Kommunikation ueber Videoconferencing
hawaii.military55openTalk about the military's role in Hawai'i.
hawaii.misc3openGeneral talk about Hawai'i
hawaii.politics576openTalk about Hawai'i politics.
hawaii.test42openTesting ground for the hawaii hierarchy.
hfx.general513openNo description.
hk.rec.books5openDiscussion about readings in Hong Kong
hk.rec.travel9openDiscussion of travelling
hk.soc.religion.christianity149openDiscussion about Christianity in Hong Kong
houston.forsale3openItems for sale in Houston, Texas.
houston.general10openItems of general interest in Houston, Texas.
houston.personals2openHow to meet someone in Houston, Texas.
houston.politics2openPolitics in Houston, Texas.
hr.alt.cellular.gsm172openGSM mobiteli
hr.alt.cellular.gsm.android52openAndroid platforma, mobiteli, itd.
hr.alt.cinizam2openCinizam skepsa sarkazam za razocarane
hr.alt.klima-uredjaji9openRasprave o klima uredjajima
hr.alt.magija3openRasprave o magiji
hr.alt.seks6openTsja... Samo ime kaze...
hr.alt.zavjere12openTeorije zavjere
hr.comp3openOpca kompjuterska tematika
hr.comp.adsl74openADSL tehnologija i pristupna oprema
hr.comp.emuliranje5openSve o emuliranju raznih OSa na raznim racunalima
hr.comp.hardver520openTvrdi dijelovi vaseg kompjutera
hr.comp.igre24openIgre, igrice...
hr.comp.igre.fps14openPucacine iz prvog lica
hr.comp.mreze29openKompjuterske mreze u Hrvatskoj...
hr.comp.mreze.p2p.pozivnice3openSlanje pozivnica s p2p
hr.comp.os.linux91openGNU/Linux - distribucije, programi,...
hr.comp.os.winnt23openWindows NT (2000, XP, 2003...)
hr.comp.programiranje44openProgramiranje i oko njega...
hr.comp.programiranje.clarion51openProgramski jezik Clarion
hr.comp.programiranje.dotnet3openProgramiranje na/pomocu .NET frameworka
hr.comp.programiranje.java21openProgramski jezik Java
hr.comp.programiranje.oracle4openOracle SQL, PL/SQL, Developer Suite ...
hr.comp.programiranje.www45openProgramiranje za World Wide Web
hr.comp.retro12open8 bitna i 16 bitna racunala
hr.comp.softver248openRasprave o raznim programima
hr.comp.www27openHrvatska grupa za diskusije o World Wide Webu - grafika - Pravo
hr.misc.financije21openPitanja novcanog poslovanja
hr.misc.poduzetnistvo9openPoduzetnici i oni koji se tako osjecaju o administraciji USENETa u Hr. o news grupama u Hr. za nove korisnike - Hrvatska akademska i istrazivacka mreza
hr.ponuda.automobili6openPonuda automobila i dijelova
hr.ponuda.automobili.dijelovi2openPonuda auto dijelova
hr.ponuda.gsm2openPonuda GSM aparata i pratece opreme
hr.ponuda.hardver.komponente73openhardver koji se ugradjuje u racunalo
hr.ponuda.hardver.konfiguracije8opengotove konfiguracije i kucista
hr.ponuda.hardver.prijenosnici21openPonuda opreme za prijenosna racunala
hr.ponuda.nekretnine3openPonuda nekretnina
hr.ponuda.ostalo54openPonuda ostalog
hr.ponuda.posao23openPonuda posla
hr.ponuda.poslovna50openPoslovni kontakti
hr.potraznja.gsm5openPotraznja mobitela i pratece opreme
hr.potraznja.hardver7openPotraznja hardvera
hr.potraznja.hardver.prijenosnici3openPotraznja opreme za prijenosna racunala
hr.rec.automobili472openAutici, promet, ceste...
hr.rec.bicikli14openDiskusije o biciklima i biciklistima...
hr.rec.film266openDiskusije o filmovima, kinima i sl.
hr.rec.glazba.snimanje3openRasprave o snimanju glazbe
hr.rec.humor40openDuhovitosti iz Hrvatske...
hr.rec.ljubimci2openKucni ljubimci
hr.rec.motocikli13openMiris benzina na dva kotaca
hr.rec.radio4openRadio u Hrvatskoj...
hr.rec.samogradnja727openUradi sam, maketarstvo...
hr.rec.sf.startrek14openTo Boldly Go, ishrana, treninzi formule 1 sporedna stvar na svijetu
hr.rec.turizam2openTurizam u Hrvatskoj...
hr.rec.tv6openTelevizija, program... zemaljski programi, prijemnici televizija uredjaji i oprema
hr.rec.uzgoj-biljaka6openZanimljivosti i tehnike uzgoja biljaka
hr.sci.elektronika344openElektronika, elektrotehnika...
hr.sci.jezik7openHrvatski jezik
hr.sci.med6openMedicina za svakoga
hr.sci.speleologija4openO pecinama
hr.soc.grad.cakovec19openLokalne teme Cakovca i okolice
hr.soc.grad.karlovac7openLokalne teme i dogadjanja u Karlovcu
hr.soc.grad.koprivnica6openRasprave vezane uz Koprivnicu i okolicu
hr.soc.grad.pula24openRasprave vezane uz Grad Pulu
hr.soc.grad.rijeka10openLokalne teme i dogadjanja u Rijeci
hr.soc.grad.slavonski-brod2openNovo okupljaliste Brodjana
hr.soc.grad.split4openLokalne teme i dogadjanja u Splitu
hr.soc.grad.varazdin73openVarazdin - najave, lokalne teme
hr.soc.grad.vinkovci3openGrupa o gradu na Bosutu
hr.soc.politika9641openDiskusije o politickim temama u Hrvatskoj
hr.soc.povijest3openSvekolika svjetska i hrvatska povijest
hr.soc.religija.sotonizam3openSotonizam i kritika ostalih religija
hr.soc.zastita-kupaca54openZastita kupaca i korisnika
hr.test67openOpca Hrvatska test grupa
humanities.classics547openDiscussion of ancient Greece and Rome.
humanities.language.sanskrit4openThe Sanskrit language and related topics.
humanities.lit.authors.shakespeare1173openPoetry, plays, history of Shakespeare. life and works of Richard Wagner.
humanityquest.freedom7openDiscuss the theme of freedom
hun.lists.elektro5043moderatedElektronika levelezesi lista. (Moderated)
hun.lists.mlf.linux32moderatedLinux levelezesi lista. (Moderated)
hun.lists.mlf.linux-flame239moderatedLinux vitalista. (Moderated)
hun.lists.mlf.linux-kezdo8moderatedLinux kezdoknek. (Moderated)
hun.politika12648openPolitikai temaju vitak es beszelgetesek.
hun.test2openA news rendszer tesztelesere szolgalo csoport.
iijnet.music5openTopics and discussions about music.
in.general24openGeneral talk in Indiana. description. description. description.
it-alt.cultura.lingua.furlan3openNo description.
it-alt.discussioni.ebay35openNo description.
it-alt.discussioni.italianiallestero36openNo description.
it-alt.politica.lega-nord3openNo description.
it-alt.salute.tumori14openNo description. description. description.
it-alt.test3openNo description.
it.aiuto66openRichieste generiche di aiuto
it.annunci.commerciali2324openNo description.
it.annunci.immobiliari2278openNo description.
it.annunci.usato.informatico9openMateriale informatico di seconda mano
it.annunci.usato.informatico.nord4openCompravendita usato inform. nord Italia
it.annunci.varie2293openNo description.
it.arti.architettura21openL'architettura e balli latino-americani
it.arti.cartoni5openCartoni animati in Italia
it.arti.cinema1783openIl cinema in Italia
it.arti.fotografia97openLa fotografia
it.arti.fotografia.digitale2652openLa fotografia digitale
it.arti.fotografia.segnalazioni12openSegnalazioni delle proprie opere
it.arti.fumetti13openPer appassionati di fumetti
it.arti.musica3openMusica leggera, pop, rock...
it.arti.musica.classica636openMusica classica e lirica
it.arti.musica.jazz2openMusica jazz
it.arti.musica.rock2openIl calderone rock e le sue evoluzioni
it.arti.musica.strumenti2openTutti (o quasi) gli strumenti musicali
it.arti.musica.strumenti.basso2openLa chiave di basso
it.arti.musica.strumenti.chitarra363openLa chitarra
it.arti.musica.strumenti.tastiere7openSintetizzatori e tastiere elettroniche
it.arti.musica.strumenti.voce3openLo strumento voce a tutto tondo
it.arti.poesia17openPer gli amanti della poesia
it.arti.scrivere92openScritti inediti e consigli per gli autori
it.arti.teatro4openPer chi il teatro lo vede e per chi il teatro lo fa
it.arti.trash11842openIl movimento artistico trash
it.comp.aiuto573openDiscussioni su problemi informatici
it.comp.appl.access1232openIl DBMS Microsoft Access
it.comp.as400527openIBM AS/400
it.comp.console37502openSistemi console per videogiochi
it.comp.console.playstation4openPer gli appassionati della Sony Playstation
it.comp.giochi5openUsare il computer per giocare
it.comp.giochi.action11264openVideogiochi di azione
it.comp.giochi.annunci5openContatti per il multiplayer e il cerco-offro
it.comp.giochi.avventure.grafiche12openSoluzioni, aiuto e commenti
it.comp.giochi.avventure.testuali34openInteractive Fiction
it.comp.giochi.rpg2openVideogiochi di ruolo e avventura
it.comp.grafica5openProblemi sulla grafica
it.comp.grafica.photoshop2openAdobe Photoshop
it.comp.hardware2743openTecnica e discussioni sull'hardware dei calcolatori
it.comp.hardware.cpu71openInformazioni e notizie sui processori per calcolatori
it.comp.hardware.motherboard5openLe schede madri
it.comp.hardware.storage86openDispositivi per la memorizzazione digitale
it.comp.java207openIl linguaggio Java di Sun
it.comp.lang.c256openIl linguaggio di programmazione C
it.comp.lang.c++19openIl linguaggio C++
it.comp.lang.delphi209openIl linguaggio Delphi di Borland
it.comp.lang.javascript32openIl linguaggio JavaScript
it.comp.lang.perl3openProgrammare in Perl
it.comp.lang.visual-basic120openIl linguaggio Visual Basic di Microsoft
it.comp.lang.vo-clipper42openVisual Object e Clipper
it.comp.macintosh1108openDedicato agli utenti della Mela
it.comp.musica4openPer tutti coloro che fanno musica col computer
it.comp.os.amiga99openI sistemi Amiga
it.comp.os.dibattiti7openDibattiti sui vari Sistemi Operativi
it.comp.os.dos8openSistemi operativi MS-DOS/Windows 3.XX
it.comp.os.linux.annunci5moderatedAnnunci riguardanti Linux in Italia (Moderated)
it.comp.os.linux.debian207openDebian GNU/Linux e i suoi derivati
it.comp.os.linux.development49openProgrammazione in ambiente Linux
it.comp.os.linux.iniziare734openConfigurare sistemi Linux
it.comp.os.linux.software10openApplicazioni per Linux
it.comp.os.linux.sys278openIl sistema operativo Linux
it.comp.os.linux.ubuntu42openUbuntu Linux e i suoi derivati Windows Vista sistema operativo Windows 9x Windows 10 Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows XP
it.comp.reti.ip-admin11openAmministrazione di reti IP
it.comp.reti.locali778openReti locali
it.comp.reti.wireless98openLAN senza fili: applicazioni, limiti, legislazione
it.comp.retrocomputing522openMacchine che hanno fatto la storia informatica
it.comp.sicurezza.crittografia8openCrittografia/analisi: teoria e applicazioni
it.comp.sicurezza.pgp3openIl programma di crittografia a chiave pubblica PGP
it.comp.sicurezza.varie89openLa computer security
it.comp.sicurezza.virus270openVirus e antivirus
it.comp.sicurezza.windows12openSicurezza informatica in ambiente Windows per frequentare il WWW (Moderated) per la progettazione assistita da computer per computer e console in Italia software libero e le sue prospettive di sviluppo per leggere le e-mail (Moderated) per leggere le news programmi e le reti peer to peer TeX in italiano
it.comp.virtualizzazione7openSistemi di virtualizzazione
it.comp.www.html49moderatedLinguaggi e tecnologie del web (Moderated)
it.comp.www.php136openIl linguaggio di programmazione PHP
it.cultura5openCultura e culture italiane
it.cultura.antagonista6openCultura antagonista in Italia
it.cultura.ateismo55openDedicato a chi non ci crede
it.cultura.cattolica32moderatedTradizioni, esperienze, dottrina cattolica (Moderated)
it.cultura.cybersocieta14openComunit virtuali nel Cyberspazio
it.cultura.cybersocieta.lamer15openinserisci qui il titolo del gruppo
it.cultura.filosofia4653openLa filosofia e le sue questioni
it.cultura.filosofia.moderato467moderatedIl piacere della filosofia (Moderated)
it.cultura.letteratura.italiana10openLetteratura italiana
it.cultura.libri21openRecensioni di libri da parte dei lettori
it.cultura.linguistica86openLingue e dialetti del mondo
it.cultura.linguistica.inglese193openStudio e approfondimento della lingua inglese
it.cultura.linguistica.italiano3055openUsare correttamente la lingua italiana
it.cultura.militare89openCultura e attualit militare nel mondo contemporaneo
it.cultura.newage2openLe culture della Nuova Era
it.cultura.orientale6openLe culture dei paesi orientali
it.cultura.religioni92openReligioni e religiosit
it.cultura.religioni.buddhismo14openIl buddhismo
it.cultura.religioni.cristiani14moderatedRipartire da Cristo (Moderated)
it.cultura.single74openCome vivere da singoli in Italia
it.cultura.storia410openLa storia, da antica a contemporanea
it.cultura.storia.militare224moderatedLa storia militare dall'antichit ad oggi (Moderated)
it.diritto967openLe questioni del diritto in Italia
it.diritto.assicurazioni95openDiscussioni giuridiche sulle assicurazioni
it.diritto.condominio291openI problemi del condominio
it.diritto.internet108openProblemi giuridici nel cyberspazio
it.discussioni.agricoltura53openScienza e tecnologia nell'agricoltura
it.discussioni.animali3openGli Animali
it.discussioni.animali.cani13openComportamento, addestramento e salute dei cani
it.discussioni.animali.gatti35openIl newsgroup degli amici dei felini
it.discussioni.auto12731openGli italiani e le automobili i clienti Ford (Moderated) (Moderated)
it.discussioni.commercialisti5207openOrdine dei Dottori Commercialisti
it.discussioni.consumatori.tutela4945openLa tutela del consumatore
it.discussioni.energia87openEnergia e dintorni
it.discussioni.energie-alternative398openSfruttamento delle energie alternative
it.discussioni.folli6openSfoghiamo la nostra follia
it.discussioni.geometri1648openLa professione del geometra
it.discussioni.giustizia73openDibattiti sull'amministrazione della giustizia
it.discussioni.ingegneria23openIngegneria in Italia
it.discussioni.ingegneria.civile28openIngegneria civile in Italia
it.discussioni.leggende.metropolitane52openLeggende metropolitane
it.discussioni.litigi9openSfoghiamo i nostri nervi
it.discussioni.misteri3229openAvvenimenti, creature ed oggetti misteriosi
it.discussioni.motori72openAspetti tecnici e tecnologici dei veicoli
it.discussioni.psicologia52moderatedMente e comportamento (Moderated)
it.discussioni.ristoranti4openEsperienze, men, prezzi e descrizioni
it.discussioni.sentimenti16moderatedAmore, amicizia & co. (Moderated)
it.discussioni.sogni19openMisteriose creazioni della mente
it.discussioni.varie7openDiscussioni libere
it.economia720openLe discipline economiche
it.economia.banche197moderatedLe banche ed i loro servizi (Moderated)
it.economia.borsa219openL'andamento della borsa di Milano
it.economia.carte-di-credito4openLe carte di credito
it.economia.fisco214openTematiche di natura fiscale
it.economia.investire30openInvesti il tuo denaro! dito medio proteso da Internet al resto dell'Italia nome del grande Marco d'Itri film Matrix De Andr Battisti: emozioni, pensieri e parole mito Pink Floyd: musica, testi, luci e sogni Rhapsody Trek, la saga continua... fan group degli utenti televisivi
it.hobby.armi33openLe armi
it.hobby.cicloturismo11openPer gli amanti della bicicletta
it.hobby.creativi4openDal ricamo alle vetrate Tiffany
it.hobby.cucina3039openArte di mangiar bene e convivio telematico di cibonomia
it.hobby.elettronica3536openPassione per l'elettronica
it.hobby.elettronica.digitale108openCi che ruota intorno al micro
it.hobby.elettronica.riparazioni372openRiparare apparecchiature elettroniche
it.hobby.enigmi127openEnigmistica e quesiti vari
it.hobby.fai-da-te18838openFar da s col legno ed altri materiali
it.hobby.giardinaggio375openImpara a curare il tuo giardino
it.hobby.giochi.gdr.dnd7openDungeons & Dragons - fantasia in gioco
it.hobby.hi-fi430openLa musica ad alta fedelt
it.hobby.home-cinema22openHome entertainment audio e video
it.hobby.lotto27openIl gioco del lotto
it.hobby.motociclismo446openChiacchiere intorno alla moto
it.hobby.motociclismo.scooter18openChiacchiere intorno allo scooter
it.hobby.nautica17openPorto chiacchiera - la banchina virtuale
it.hobby.pescare4openPer gli appassionati di pesca CB in Italia
it.hobby.radioamatori154openPer radioamatori e SWL
it.hobby.radioamatori.moderato15moderatedVita e tecnica radioamatoriali (Moderated)
it.hobby.radioascolto34openIl radioascolto in Italia
it.hobby.satellite-tv16openLa TV via satellite
it.hobby.satellite-tv.digitale50openLa TV via satellite digitale
it.hobby.scacchi199openIl gioco degli scacchi
it.hobby.scuba12openAppassionati di subacquea
it.hobby.totoscommesse413openScommesse sportive finalmente in Italia
it.hobby.umorismo248openUmorismo e comicit
it.hobby.viaggi1693openAppassionati di viaggio in Italia e non solo
it.hobby.vino27openVino, produttori appassionati esperti
it.istruzione.scuola459openIl sistema scolastico in Italia
it.istruzione.universita11openGli Atenei Italiani
it.lavoro.consulenti28openConsulenza del lavoro e gestione risorse umane
it.lavoro.informatica3485openLavorare nell'informatica
it.lavoro.mlm4openMultiLevel e Network Marketing
it.lavoro.professioni.webmaster96openCreazione e mantenimento di siti web televisione italiana televisione digitale terrestre produzione di video e insulti al GCN tecnica del servizio news dei newsgroup abusi della rete, incluso lo spamming
it.politica37865openLa politica italiana
it.politica.cattolici3moderatedI cattolici e la politica (Moderated)
it.politica.internazionale7041openLa politica internazionale
it.politica.m5s5moderatedIl MoVimento 5 stelle (Moderated)
it.politica.pds3openLa politica del Partito Democratico della Sinistra
it.politica.polo9openLa politica del Polo per le libert
it.salute1793openConsigli e supporto sui temi della salute
it.salute.aids4openL'immunodeficienza acquisita
it.salute.alimentazione51openAlimentazione e suoi aspetti medico-dietetici
it.scienza.ambiente11openI problemi della tutela ambientale
it.scienza.astronomia188moderatedDiscussioni astronomiche (Moderated)
it.scienza.astronomia.amatoriale6openAstronomia amatoriale
it.scienza.astronomia.seti4openSearch for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
it.scienza.chimica409openLa chimica
it.scienza.fisica304moderatedLe leggi della natura (Moderated)
it.scienza.matematica1621openLa regina delle scienze
it.scienza.medicina182moderatedMedicina e salute (Moderated)
it.scienza.medicina.tumori3moderatedDiscussioni e aggiornamenti sul cancro (Moderated)
it.sesso.discussioni4openDiscussioni intorno all'argomento sesso
it.sesso.racconti5moderatedRacconti erotici in italiano (Moderated)
it.sociale.handicap8openDisabilit e handicap: notizie e opinioni
it.sociale.primosoccorso3openIl primo soccorso sanitario
it.sociale.scout6openLo scoutismo in Italia sport americani arti marziali in Italia'atletica leggera vista dagli appassionati pallacanestro in Italia calcio in Italia covo dei viola Grifoni in Rete'Internazionale Football Club Juventus F.C. (Moderated) alla nostra bandiera Napoli veri tifosi giallorossi tifosi del Toro ciclismo in rete Formula 1 gli amanti della montagna mondiale di motociclismo nuoto in Italia fisica come sport primario gli appassionati di tennis
it.test12700openProve di posting
it.test.moderato14moderatedProve di posting e robomoderazione (Moderated)
it.tlc.cellulari53openTelefonia mobile GSM
it.tlc.cellulari.android2931openI dispositivi mobili basati su Android
it.tlc.cellulari.iphone17openI dispositivi mobili Apple
it.tlc.gestori.fastweb56openInternet e Telefonia su fibra ottica e DSL
it.tlc.gestori.infostrada9openLa nuova compagnia telefonica degli italiani
it.tlc.gestori.telecom17openTelecom Italia
it.tlc.gestori.tim43openTIM e la sua rete cellulare
it.tlc.gestori.tre23openIl gestore telefonia mobile Tre (H3G)
it.tlc.gestori.vodafone27openOmnitel Vodafone e la sua rete cellulare
it.tlc.gestori.wind190openWind, telefonia mobile e fissa
it.tlc.provider.disservizi4openValgono qualcosa i nostri provider?
it.tlc.telefonia15openLe tecnologie telefoniche
it.tlc.telefonia.adsl354openADSL e xDSL
it.tlc.telefonia.voip95openIl trasporto della voce su reti IP
italia.firenze.discussioni125openTutto cio' che riguarda Firenze.
italia.genova.discussioni213openTutto cio' che riguarda Genova.
italia.napoli.discussioni31openTutto cio' che riguarda Napoli.
italia.test2openProve di posting.
italia.torino.discussioni4openDiscussioni sulla gerarchia italia.torino.
italia.trieste.discussioni2openTutto cio' che riguarda Trieste.
japan.anime22openTalking about animations.
japan.anime.evangelion3openTalking about Evangelion.
japan.anime.gundam2openTopics on famous japanese robot animation GUNDAM.
japan.anime.pretty18openAbout pretty animation. on China.
japan.chacha-jokes19openJokes or interrupt posted articles on japan.* by ones.
japan.chat19openMiscellaneous discussions or talking.
japan.guchi9openGrumbling or complains.
japan.poem9openEnjoy Poem.
japan.radio2openTalking about radio.
japan.robamimi20openTopics not permitted to talk but wanted to talk to someone.
japan.test5openTesting all over japan. Very boring. of Netnews Vote Systems. place for Netnews Vote Systems.
japan.yoso10openFor thread, there is no newsgroup fit in.
kc.general2openGeneral information about Kansas City.
kiel.allgemein5openAllgemeine Diskussion.
kiel.biete8openAngebote, Grossraum Kiel.
kiel.test55openZum Testen.
la.general25openItems of general interest in Los Angeles, CA.
la.jobs3openEmployment in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County.
la.media11openMedia (print & electronic) in Los Angeles, CA
la.news5openUSENET in Los Angeles, CA.
la.personals30openMeeting people in Los Angeles, CA.
lada.auto5548openNo description.
lada.commerce1209openNo description.
lada.movies264openNo description.
lada.photo1233openNo description.
lada.talk16034openNo description.
li.politics10openNo description. (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated)
local.test17openNo description.
lou.general3openItems of general interest in Louisiana.
luebeck.talk2openLuebscher Kloenschnak.
maus.info4moderatedInformationen ueber das MausNet. (Moderated)
maus.markt.biete16openNichkommerzielle Angebote von A-Z.
maus.markt.biete.diskussion16openDiskussionsgruppe zu maus.biete.
maus.technik.elektronik9openDie Gruppe fuer die Loetkolben-Akrobaten.
md.general2openMaryland in general.
md.jobs5openMaryland jobs offered/jobs wanted.
md.politics5openAnnapolis' Care & Feeding of Baltimore City.
me.politics2openDiscussion of Maine politics.
melb.general28openGeneral discussion, announcements etc.
mex.general5openMessages of a general nature.
mi.jobs11openJobs offered and sought in Michigan.
mi.misc9openCatchall for Michigan.
miami.general10openNo description.
microsoft.public.access33openMicrosoft Office Access newsgroup.
microsoft.public.access.devtoolkits3openMicrosoft Office Access newsgroup.
microsoft.public.arabic.access2openArabic Microsoft Office Access newsgroup.
microsoft.public.arabic.excel73openArabic Microsoft Office Excel newsgroup.
microsoft.public.arabic.word12openArabic Microsoft Office Word newsgroup.
microsoft.public.biztalk.general3openMicrosoft BizTalk Server newsgroup.
microsoft.public.biztalk.server3openMicrosoft BizTalk Server newsgroup.
microsoft.public.cert.developer.mcpd3openMicrosoft certifications newsgroup.
microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcsa2openMicrosoft certifications newsgroup. Microsoft Office Access newsgroup. Microsoft Office Excel newsgroup. Microsoft Money newsgroup. Microsoft Office Word newsgroup.
microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.aspnet.buildingcontrols6openMicrosoft .NET technology newsgroup.
microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.aspnet.caching42openMicrosoft .NET technology newsgroup.
microsoft.public.dotnet.languages.csharp91openMicrosoft .NET technology newsgroup.
microsoft.public.dotnet.scripting167openMicrosoft .NET technology newsgroup.
microsoft.public.dotnet.xml3openMicrosoft .NET technology newsgroup. Microsoft Office Access newsgroup. Microsoft .NET technology newsgroup. Microsoft Office Excel newsgroup. Microsoft Office Project newsgroup. Microsoft SQL Server newsgroup. Microsoft Visual FoxPro newsgroup. Microsoft Windows newsgroup. Microsoft Office Word newsgroup.
microsoft.public.excel124openMicrosoft Office Excel newsgroup.
microsoft.public.excel.charting5openMicrosoft Office Excel newsgroup.
microsoft.public.excel.misc488openMicrosoft Office Excel newsgroup.
microsoft.public.excel.newusers4openMicrosoft Office Excel newsgroup.
microsoft.public.excel.programming201openMicrosoft Office Excel newsgroup.
microsoft.public.excel.worksheet.functions74openMicrosoft Office Excel newsgroup. Exchange Server newsgroup. Exchange Server newsgroup.
microsoft.public.expression.webdesigner3openMicrosoft Expression newsgroup. Visual FoxPro newsgroup. Microsoft Office Access newsgroup. Microsoft .NET technology newsgroup. Microsoft Office Excel newsgroup. Microsoft Exchange Server newsgroup. Microsoft Exchange Server newsgroup. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 newsgroup. Microsoft Money newsgroup. Microsoft Network newsgroup. Microsoft Office products newsgroup. Microsoft Office Outlook newsgroup. Microsoft Outlook Express 6 newsgroup. Microsoft Office PowerPoint newsgroup. Microsoft Office SharePoint newsgroup. Microsoft Visual Basic newsgroup. Microsoft Windows newsgroup. Microsoft Windows newsgroup. Microsoft Windows XP newsgroup. Microsoft Windows XP newsgroup. Microsoft Windows XP newsgroup. Microsoft Office Word newsgroup.
microsoft.public.frontpage.client8openMicrosoft Office FrontPage newsgroup.
microsoft.public.greatplains25openMicrosoft Great Plains newsgroup. Microsoft Office products newsgroup. Microsoft Windows newsgroup.
microsoft.public.internetexplorer.general479openMicrosoft Internet Explorer newsgroup. Microsoft Office products newsgroup. Microsoft Office products newsgroup. Microsoft Office products newsgroup. Microsoft SQL Server newsgroup.
microsoft.public.mac.office9openMicrosoft products for Macintosh newsgroup. products for Macintosh newsgroup. products for Macintosh newsgroup. products for Macintosh newsgroup. Microsoft Office products newsgroup. Microsoft Office products newsgroup. Microsoft Office products newsgroup.
microsoft.public.nntp.test12openMicrosoft test newsgroup. Office products newsgroup. Office products newsgroup.
microsoft.public.onenote4openMicrosoft Office One Note newsgroup.
microsoft.public.outlook64openMicrosoft Office Outlook newsgroup.
microsoft.public.outlook.calendaring39openMicrosoft Office Outlook newsgroup.
microsoft.public.outlook.general80openMicrosoft Office Outlook newsgroup.
microsoft.public.outlook.program_vba3openMicrosoft Office Outlook newsgroup.
microsoft.public.pictureit2openMicrosoft Picture It! newsgroup.
microsoft.public.pos4openMicrosoft Point of Sale newsgroup.
microsoft.public.powerpoint32openMicrosoft Office PowerPoint newsgroup.
microsoft.public.project10openMicrosoft Office Project newsgroup.
microsoft.public.publisher5openMicrosoft Office Publisher newsgroup. Microsoft Office products newsgroup.
microsoft.public.scripting.vbscript127openMicrosoft scripting newsgroup. security newsgroup.
microsoft.public.smartphone6openMicrosoft Smartphone newsgroup.
microsoft.public.sqlserver.dts3openMicrosoft SQL Server newsgroup.
microsoft.public.sqlserver.programming8openMicrosoft SQL Server newsgroup.
microsoft.public.sqlserver.server30openMicrosoft SQL Server newsgroup.
microsoft.public.test11openMicrosoft test newsgroup.
microsoft.public.vb.general.discussion548openMicrosoft Visual Basic newsgroup. Visual C newsgroup. Visual C newsgroup.
microsoft.public.vsnet.debugging299openMicrosoft Visual Studio .NET newsgroup.
microsoft.public.win32.programmer.tapi6openMicrosoft 32-bit development newsgroup.
microsoft.public.win32.programmer.ui2openMicrosoft 32-bit development newsgroup.
microsoft.public.win98.gen_discussion58openMicrosoft Windows 98 newsgroup.
microsoft.public.win98.internet.outlookexpress2openMicrosoft Windows 98 newsgroup. Windows newsgroup. Windows newsgroup. Windows newsgroup. Windows newsgroup. Windows newsgroup.
microsoft.public.windowsmedia.sdk2openMicrosoft Windows Media newsgroup.
microsoft.public.windowsupdate5openMicrosoft Windows Update newsgroup.
microsoft.public.windowsxp.general1682openMicrosoft Windows XP newsgroup.
microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support12openMicrosoft Windows XP newsgroup.
microsoft.public.winhttp2openMicrosoft Windows HTTP Services newsgroup.
microsoft.public.word.application.errors6openMicrosoft Office Word newsgroup.
microsoft.public.word.docmanagement68openMicrosoft Office Word newsgroup.
microsoft.public.word.drawing.graphics3openMicrosoft Office Word newsgroup.
microsoft.public.word.formatting.longdocs2openMicrosoft Office Word newsgroup.
microsoft.public.word.mailmerge.fields4openMicrosoft Office Word newsgroup.
microsoft.public.word.newusers7openMicrosoft Office Word newsgroup.
microsoft.public.word.pagelayout12openMicrosoft Office Word newsgroup.
microsoft.public.word.tables5openMicrosoft Office Word newsgroup.
microsoft.public.word.vba.general5openMicrosoft Office Word newsgroup.
microsoft.public.xml.msxml-webrelease85openMicrosoft eXtensible Markup Language newsgroup.
milw.general2openTopics specific to the Milwaukee Metro Area.
misc.consumers88openConsumer interests, product reviews, etc.
misc.consumers.frugal-living145openPracticing a frugal lifestyle.
misc.consumers.house19openDiscussion about owning and maintaining a house.
misc.education15openDiscussion of the educational system. home-schooling.
misc.emerg-services6openForum for paramedics & other first responders.
misc.entrepreneurs6openDiscussion on operating a business. forms of aerobic activity. other general fitness topics., weightlifting, resistance. issues and support., complementary and holistic health care. of diabetes management in day to day life.
misc.immigration.canada24openCanada immigration issues.
misc.immigration.misc5openMiscellaneous countries immigration issues.
misc.immigration.usa330openUSA immigration issues.
misc.industry.quality2openQuality standards and other issues.
misc.invest.canada4openInvesting in Canadian financial markets.
misc.invest.futures29openPhysical commodity and financial futures markets.
misc.invest.misc44openInvestments not in other misc.invest.* groups.
misc.invest.real-estate11openProperty investments.
misc.invest.stocks531openForum for sharing info about stocks and options. about contract labor. about employment, workplaces, careers. of resumes and "situation wanted" articles.
misc.kids5openChildren, their behavior and activities.'s health. planning, pregnancy, childbirth.
misc.legal348openLegalities and the ethics of law. aspects of law. (Moderated)
misc.misc23openVarious discussions not fitting in any other group. of news bulletins from the Net.'s iPhone.
misc.rural33openDevoted to issues concerning rural living.
misc.survivalism8142openDisaster and long-term survival techniques and theory.
misc.taxes20openTax laws and advice.
misc.taxes.moderated299moderatedTax professionals meeting place and answers to queries. (Moderated)
misc.test2814openFor testing of network software. Very boring.
misc.transport.misc3openGeneral transportation issues.
misc.transport.rail.americas94openRailroads & railways in North & South America.
misc.transport.rail.europe43openRailroads & railways in all of Europe.
misc.transport.road225openRoad and highway transportation.
misc.transport.trucking18openCommercial trucking related issues.
misc.transport.urban-transit115openMetropolitan public transportation systems.
misc.writing26openDiscussion of writing in all of its forms.
misc.writing.screenplays2openAspects of writing and selling screenplays.
mn.general23openItems of general interest to Minnesota.
mn.politics4openNo description.
monterey.general6openGeneral discussions in Monterey, CA.
mtl.general6openGeneral stuff in Montreal, Canada.
mtl.vendre-forsale2openPetites annonces a Montreal.
muc.buergernetz6openBuergernetze in und um Muenchen.
muc.lists.freebsd.atm5moderatedATM for FreeBSD!. (Moderated)
muc.lists.freebsd.bugs355moderatedBug reports. (Moderated)
muc.lists.freebsd.chat5moderatedNon technical items related to the community. (Moderated)
muc.lists.freebsd.current356moderatedDiscussions about the use of FreeBSD-current. (Moderated)
muc.lists.freebsd.doc510moderatedDocumentation project. (Moderated)
muc.lists.freebsd.emulation469moderatedUsing FreeBSD to Emulate other Systems. (Moderated)
muc.lists.freebsd.fs375moderatedFilesystems. (Moderated)
muc.lists.freebsd.hardware15moderatedGeneral discussion of FreeBSD hardware. (Moderated)
muc.lists.freebsd.hubs3moderatedFreeBSD Distributions Hubs: mail sup ftp. (Moderated)
muc.lists.freebsd.isp2moderatedInternet Services Providers. (Moderated)
muc.lists.freebsd.mobile20moderatedMobile computing with FreeBSD. (Moderated)
muc.lists.freebsd.multimedia66moderatedMultimedia discussions. (Moderated)
muc.lists.freebsd.ports1665moderatedPorting software to FreeBSD. (Moderated)
muc.lists.freebsd.scsi114moderatedSCSI subsystem. (Moderated)
muc.lists.netbsd.announce3moderatedModerated list for announcements only. (Moderated)
muc.lists.netbsd.bugs1733moderatedBug reports. (Moderated)
muc.lists.netbsd.current-users692moderatedGeneral discussion regarding NetBSD-current. (Moderated)
muc.lists.netbsd.port.alpha4moderatedTechnical discussion regarding NetBSD/alpha. (Moderated)
muc.lists.netbsd.port.hp3002moderatedTechnical discussion regarding NetBSD/hp300. (Moderated)
muc.lists.netbsd.port.i3864moderatedTechnical discussion regarding NetBSD/i386. (Moderated)
muc.lists.netbsd.port.mips6moderatedTechnical discussion regarding MIPS-based NetBSD ports. (Moderated)
muc.lists.netbsd.port.pmax2moderatedTechnical discussion regarding NetBSD/pmax. (Moderated)
muc.lists.netbsd.port.powerpc7moderatedTechnical discussion regarding NetBSD/powerpc. (Moderated)
muc.lists.netbsd.port.sparc2moderatedTechnical discussion regarding NetBSD/sparc. (Moderated)
muc.lists.netbsd.port.vax39moderatedTechnical discussion regarding NetBSD/vax. (Moderated)
muc.lists.netbsd.source-changes3796moderatedSource tree changes. (Moderated) discussion regarding all aspects of the kernel. (Moderated) discussion not appropriate for the other tech- lists. (Moderated) discussion regarding networking software. (Moderated) discussion regarding security issues. (Moderated) discussion of toolchaining issues. (Moderated) Discussion regarding User-level programs. (Moderated)
muc.lists.netbsd.users456moderatedGeneral Discussin about NetBSD. (Moderated)
muc.lists.netbsd.www-changes250moderatedNetBSD WWW document changes. (Moderated)
muc.lists.qmail91moderateddiscussion about the QMAIL MTA package. (Moderated)
muc.markt.misc8openDas sonstige Markttreiben in und um Muenchen.
muc.misc40openSonstiges mit Bezug zu Muenchen und Umgebung.
muc.verkehr26openVerkehr in der Region Muenchen.
nc.general8openItems of general interest in North Carolina.
ncsc.general7openNC Supercomputing general topics. Dept of Applied Chemistry
nctu.talk6openFree Talks for NCTUers
ne.forsale8openShort postings on items for sale in New England.
ne.general10openGeneral interest discussions pertinent to New England.
ne.motss2openIssues pertaining to homosexuality in New England.
ne.politics23openDiscussio of NE political issues.
ne.transportation2openTransportation in New England (driving, MBTA, etc.)
ne.weather33openNo description.
nersc.dce.pilot2openDistributed computing issues at NERSC.
netscape.public.mozilla.calendar2openCalendar functions in Mozilla.
netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey12openSeamonkey (Browser v5.0) project.
netscape.public.mozilla.webtools7openWeb tools used with Mozilla.
neworleans.general29openNo description.
news.admin.hierarchies9openNetwork news hierarchies. of abuse of email systems. facility abuse, including spamming. of abuse of the Usenet system.
news.admin.peering59openArticle flow, server peering requests, & offers.
news.admin.technical7moderatedTechnical aspects of maintaining network news. (Moderated)
news.answers272moderatedRepository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
news.groups24openDiscussions and lists of newsgroups.
news.groups.proposals19moderatedDevelopment of Big 8 proposals. (Moderated)
news.groups.questions521openWhere can I find talk about topic X?
news.lists.filters39742openNotices for automated news filtering systems.
news.lists.misc12moderatedNews-related statistics and lists. (Moderated)
news.newusers.questions6moderatedQ & A for new users of Usenet. (Moderated) Network News Transfer Protocol. software for reading network news (Usenet).
newsguy.general717moderatedNewsguy News Service discussion. (Moderated)
nf.birds1246openBird lovers in Newfoundland & Labrador
nf.general38openGeneral discussion for people in Newfoundland & Labrador
nf.wanted3openWanted and for-sale ads for Newfoundland & Labrador
nf.women7openNewfoundland and Labrador Womens' Issues.
nihon.talk3openLet's freetalk.
nj.general29openGeneral discussion in and about New Jersey.
nj.jobs3openEmployment available in New Jersey ONLY.
nj.politics12openDiscussion of politics in New Jersey.
nl.actueel10openDiscussies over nieuws met grote maatschappelijke impact.
nl.announce3moderatedAankondigingen conferenties, cursussen, enz. (Moderated)
nl.auto293openAankondigingen, modellen, techniek, tips en discussie.
nl.burgerrechten4openInformatiemaatschappij en burgerbelangen.
nl.comp.3d-printen4openNo description.
nl.comp.dvd-branden3openOver het maken en branden van dvd's.
nl.comp.games3openDiscussies en aankondigingen over computerspellen.
nl.comp.grafisch3openOver grafisch ontwerp en bewerking.
nl.comp.handheld3openOver handheld-computers.
nl.comp.hardware120openOver hardware in de meest algemene zin.
nl.comp.isdn3openVragen en antwoorden over ISDN.
nl.comp.netwerken3openOver computernetwerken.
nl.comp.netwerken.draadloos3openDraadloze netwerken en draadloos netwerken.
nl.comp.os.linux.discussie8openAlle niet-technische zaken rond Linux.
nl.comp.os.linux.techniek207openVoor technische Linuxonderwerpen. wat betrekking heeft op Microsoft Windows.
nl.comp.os.unix3openDiverse vragen en antwoorden over Unix.
nl.comp.overig10openDiscussies over computers etc.
nl.comp.programmeren6openDiscussies en vragen over programmeren. en discussie over mailclients. en discussies over newsreaders. vragen, antwoorden, oplossingen.
nl.comp.sys.android339openAlles over Android.
nl.comp.sys.mac32openApple Macintosh-hardware en -software.
nl.comp.virus4openOver computervirussen en de bestrijding ervan.
nl.culinair70openVoor lekkerbekken en smulpapen!
nl.defensie.marine3openOfficieuze marinecontact- en -nieuwsgroep.
nl.doe-het-zelf233openOver het zelf klussen, repareren & knutselen.
nl.dranken.bier3openHet brouwen, proeven en drinken van bier.
nl.dranken.whisky3openAlles over whisky en whiskey.
nl.dranken.wijn3openOver alle aangename aspecten van wijn.
nl.eeuwig.emma+viola3openOver levensgenieters en vrijdenkenden.
nl.eeuwig.september166openBaken in een woelige zee van postings.
nl.eeuwig.zonde3openOorspronkelijke postings voor een kritisch publiek.
nl.fiets63openAlles wat met de fiets en het fietsen te maken heeft.
nl.fiets.ligfiets3openAlles wat met ligfietsen te maken heeft.
nl.filosofie3openDiscussies, vragen, informatie en aankondigingen.
nl.financieel.bankieren22openVoor al uw bankzaken.
nl.financieel.belastingen3openOver belastingen, nut, problemen, bezwaren, enz.
nl.financieel.beurs3openOver beurszaken in het algemeen.
nl.financieel.verzekeringen3openOver alle aspecten verbonden aan verzekeringen.
nl.folklore11openVan volksoverlevering tot streekgebruiken.
nl.foto32openKennis, discussie en markt over fotografie.
nl.geschiedenis25openAlles over alle geschiedenis.
nl.gezondheid.alternatief-genezen3openOver alternatieve geneeswijzen.
nl.gezondheid.medisch48openOver gezondheid, ziekte en behandeling.
nl.gezondheid.psychiatrie6openVoor lotgenotencontact, nieuws en discussie.
nl.gezondheid.voeding16openAlle gezondheidsaspecten van voeding.
nl.handicap4openBespreken van alle aspecten verbonden aan een handicap.
nl.hobby.elektronica34openDe elektronica als hobby.
nl.hobby.geocaching8openOver de buitenactiviteit geocaching.
nl.hobby.puzzels3openTandenknarsers en hersenkrakers.
nl.hobby.spoorwegen3openOver (museum)spoorwegen voor hobbyisten en liefhebbers.
nl.hobby.video3openOver het opnemen, weergeven en bewerken van video.
nl.hobby.vliegers3openAlles over vliegers en vliegeren.
nl.huisdier.algemeen7openPraat- en discussiegroep voor baasjes en vrouwtjes.
nl.huisdier.kat5openVoor liefhebbers en eigenaren van katten.
nl.huishouden26openTips en trucs en noviteiten.
nl.huishouden.budget3openCreatief huishouden met een beperkt budget.
nl.hulpdiensten.ambulance3openAlles over ambulancehulpverlening.
nl.hulpdiensten.brandweer3openOver alles wat met de brandweer te maken heeft.
nl.hulpdiensten.politie17openDe politie algemeen.
nl.humor20openPodium voor alles wat humoristisch is.
nl.internet.algemeen24openDiscussie over internet in Nederland.
nl.internet.kabel3openOver internetten via de kabel.
nl.internet.misbruik6openOver misbruik van het internet.
nl.internet.misbruik.rapport204moderatedRapporten over misbruik van het internet. (Moderated)
nl.internet.providers3openOver de toegang tot internet.
nl.internet.usenet7openNieuwsgroep over heden, verleden en toekomst van usenet.
nl.internet.welkom19moderatedStartpunt voor beginners op internet. (Moderated)
nl.internet.www.ontwerp3openOver het ontwerpen van www-pagina's.
nl.internet.www.server-side3openOver de serverkant van het WWW.
nl.juridisch9openDiscussiegroep voor leken en deskundigen.
nl.kunst.cabaret3openDoor de eeuwen heen met een lach en een traan.
nl.kunst.film9openFilmrecensies, aankondigingen, scenario's en discussie.
nl.kunst.literatuur3openMet en over literatuur.
nl.kunst.literatuur.podium4openPodium voor zelfgeschreven werk.
nl.kunst.sf+fantasy806openScience Fiction, Fantasy en Horror.
nl.kunst.strips3openAlles wat op strips en cartoons betrekking heeft.
nl.kunst.theater3openAlles over theater.
nl.markt.banen6openVraag en aanbod van banen.
nl.markt.elektronica3openElektronicagerelateerde aan-/verkoop, huur, enz.
nl.markt.freelance3openVraag en aanbod van freelance-opdrachten.
nl.markt.muziek4openMuziekgerelateerde aan-/verkoop, huur, ruil en handel.
nl.markt.overig3openOverige aan-/verkoop, huur, ruil en handel.
nl.markt.wonen3openAan wonen gerelateerde aan-/verkoop/huur/ruil/handel. dvd-titels/apparatuur en ruil, (ver)koop en huur. over kranten en hun inhoud. over radio in Nederland. van de zeezenders voor onze kusten. over satellietontvangst. over tv in Nederland.
nl.misc3openAlgemene discussies.
nl.motorfiets13openDiscussies over motorfietsen en motorrijden.
nl.muziek63openDiscussies over muziek.
nl.muziek.instrument.gitaar5openOver gitaren en aanverwante snaarinstrumenten.
nl.muziek.instrument.toetsen3openOrgels, piano's, (digitale) keyboards, enz.
nl.muziek.jazz3openOver alle vormen van jazz, vroeger en nu.
nl.muziek.klassiek14openOver klassieke muziek.
nl.muziek.techniek10openMuziektechniek, -notatie en -technologie.
nl.naturisme3openAlles betreffende het naturisme.
nl.natuur14openAlles over de natuur.
nl.newsgroups140openRFD's en CFV's over nieuwsgroepen in nl.*.
nl.newsgroups.announce24moderatedAankondigingen over (bestaande en nieuwe) nieuwsgroepen. (Moderated)
nl.newsgroups.help4openVragen en antwoorden over nieuwsgroepen en usenet.
nl.ondernemen3openOver ondernemen en het ondernemerschap.
nl.onderwijs.algemeen3openAlgemene zaken binnen het onderwijs. werken met open source in het onderwijs.
nl.ouders3openForum waarin ouders over hun kinderen discussieren.
nl.paranormaal8openOver het paranormale en het occulte.
nl.politiek14611openDiscussies over de Nederlandse politiek. alles (en nog wat) over het radioamateurisme. scannerluisteraars in het Nederlandse taalgebied.
nl.regio.groningen12openGroningen, Stad en Ommeland.
nl.regio.limburg3openOver een staatsgrenzenoverschrijdende euregio Limburg.
nl.regio.wadden3openLeven op en rond het wad, van Marsdiep tot Graadyb.
nl.reizen12openAlles over reizen en wat daarmee samenhangt.
nl.reizen.camper3openAlles over campers.
nl.reizen.caravan9openNieuwsgroep voor toercaravan- en vouwwagenliefhebbers.
nl.reizen.openbaar-vervoer8openOver reizen met het openbaar vervoer.
nl.reizen.satellietnavigatie4openOver praktisch gebruik van satellietnavigatie.
nl.reizen.tent3openHet reizen en recreeren met de tent.
nl.religie1035openOver religie en geloof.
nl.religie.boeddhisme3openDiscussies vanuit en over boeddhisme.
nl.roze5openDiscussies over zaken betreffende homoseksualiteit.
nl.scientology8openNieuws en discussies over Scientology.
nl.scouting11openVan alles (en nog wat) over scouting.
nl.spiritueel3openOver spiritualiteit. over sport in het algemeen. over alle vormen van autosport. over Nederlandse bridge-zaken., discussie en markt m.b.t. sportduiken. over sporten (nog) zonder eigen nieuwsgroep. de schaatssport. schaaksport en de schaakwereld. op boten en andere vaartuigen. over de vissport. over voetbal. over wielersport. als wintersport omschreven ijs- en sneeuwsporten.
nl.stad.amsterdam8openOver de stad Amsterdam en zijn inwoners.
nl.stad.den-haag3openOver de stad Den Haag, de regio en de inwoners.
nl.stad.rotterdam3openOver Rotterdam en zijn inwoners.
nl.stad.utrecht3openOver de stad Utrecht en haar inwoners. mensen met ADHD of ADD en direct betrokkenen. leven met een stoornis in het autistisch spectrum. mensen met borderline en direct betrokkenen. voor chronisch zieken. ME/CVS/CFS-patienten. hulp bij suikerziekte. en praktische hulp bij echtscheiding. hulp bij de ziekte kanker. hulp voor mantelzorgers. hulp bij burnout en overspannenheid. voor allen die (willen) stoppen met roken. systeembeheerders hun hart luchten. (Moderated) transseksualiteit en geslachtsaanpassing. steun bij werkloosheid. een zelfgekozen dood.
nl.taal3364openDiscussies over de Nederlandse taal.
nl.taal.citaten3openCitaten, hun herkomsten en interpretaties.
nl.taal.engels3openDe Engelse taal voor Nederlandstaligen.
nl.taal.klassiek7openOver Latijn, Grieks en andere klassieke talen.
nl.telecom384openNederlands forum over telecommunicatie.
nl.test1159openVoor testdoeleinden.
nl.tuinen27openOver planten, tuinen en tuinieren.
nl.tuinen.vijver7openBespreken van alle aspecten van vijvers.
nl.uitkeringen4openVraagbaak over de sociale zekerheid.
nl.verkeer3openVoor alle verkeersdeelnemers.
nl.vogels5openAlles over vogels.
nl.vogels.vogelaar142openVoor de vogelskijkende mens.
nl.wandel5openDiscussies over alles betreffende wandelen.
nl.wetenschap681openOver wetenschap en randverschijnselen daarvan.
nl.wetenschap.regulier30openOver wetenschap en techniek in strikte zin.
nl.wetenschap.skeptisch3openKritisch over parafenomenen en pseudowetenschap.
nm.general9openYes, New Mexico is a state.
no.alt.diskusjoner882openDiskusjon om alt.
no.fag.diverse92openDiskusjoner rundt ulike fag og vitenskaper.
no.fag.jus884openDiskusjoner omkring rett, rettspleie og rettsvesen.
no.fritid.bolig3openDiskusjon av boligrelaterte sprsml.
no.fritid.dykking4openDe norske dykkeres samlingssted.
no.fritid.slektsforsking.etterlysing13openEtterlysing av personer og andre slektsdata.
no.fritid.spill.diverse2openDiskusjon og prat om alle typer ikkeelektroniske spill. diskusjon om Apple Macintosh.
no.kultur.folklore.ufo20openDiskusjon om UFO-fenomener.
no.samfunn.religion1150openDiskusjoner rundt ulike religioner og livssyn.
ns.general5openItems of general interest to folks in Nova Scotia.
ny.general12openItems of general interest in New York.
ny.politics18openPolitics in New York.
nyc.general53openItems of general interest in NYC. for contract and consulting work in NYC area. postings for New York City area.
nyc.personals2openPersonals ads for New York City and environs.
nyc.politics115openPolitical discussions about New York City and its environs.
nyc.transit52openDiscussions about transportation in NYC & its environs.
nz.comp70openComputing and computers.
nz.general1505openGeneral information, announcements, etc
nz.politics198openNo description.
nz.reg.auckland.general46openAll about the City of Sails and Region
nz.reg.bay-of-plenty.general46openPlenty to talk about in the BoP
nz.reg.dunedin.general30openNZ's Edinburgh is discussed all right here
nz.reg.gisborne.general30openFirst to see the sun each day
nz.reg.hamilton.general46openWhere it's happening.
nz.reg.wellington.general15openAbsolutely positively capital posts
nz.soc.green49openEnvironmental issues.
nz.soc.queer49openDiscussion of issues related to the NZ queer community.
nz.soc.religion49openEternal debates and discussion
nz.tech8openGadgets, electronics and technology in New Zealand.
nz.test2openNZ heirarchy test messages.
oc.acm7openOrange County, CA ACM related information.
oc.general107openItems of general interest in Orange County, CA.
oesterreich.tratsch373openNo description.
oh.general18openItems of general interest in Ohio, USA.
oh.news2openUsenet in Ohio.
ok.general55openItems of general interest in Oklahoma, USA.
ok.tulsa.general7openTopics of general interest in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
ont.general13openItems of general interest in Ontario, Canada.
opennews.test7openTests OpenNewsNetwork.
openwatcom.contributors2openOpenWatcom Contributors
openwatcom.users.c_cpp15openOpenWatcom C/C++ Discussion
opera.deutsch3openGerman discussions about Opera
opera.general12openThe web browser Opera
opera.italiano3openItalian discussions about Opera
opera.linux4openOpera for Linux
or.general26openItems of general interest in Oregon.
or.politics2577openDiscussion of Oregon political issues and events.
ott.events7openSeminars and the like at Ottawa sites.
ott.general127openGeneral news local to Ottawa sites.
ott.jobs15openJob Listings
ott.politics2openDiscussions about politics relevant to the Ottawa-Hull area
ott.test2openTest newsgroup propagation, newsreaders, etc
ott.weather457moderatedWeather forecasts for the Ottawa area. (Moderated) World Net: Herbs from A-Z.
pa.general4openItems of general interest in Pennsylvania. available in Pennsylvania
pa.motss3openGay, lesbian & bisexual people and issues in Pennsylvania.
pa.politics3openPoliticians & campaign issues in Pennsylvania., yachts, & dinghies for sale.
pdx.forsale6openStuff for sale.
pdx.general11openGeneral discissions
pdx.golf2openTalk regarding golf. (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated) (Moderated)
pgh.apartments3openRental housing in the greater Pittsburgh area. desired in the greater Pittsburgh area
pgh.motss4openLesbian, gay and bisexual issues in Pittsburg.
pgsql.interfaces.jdbc4openPostgreSQL JDBC Driver
phl.forsale5openItems for sale in Philadelphia.
phl.media3openNewspapers, radio & TV in Philadelphia.
phl.motss2openGay, lesbian & bisexual people and issues in Philadelphia
phl.transportation3openGetting around in the Philadelphia region.
pl.answers8moderatedOdpowiedzi na pytania, o ktorych wam sie nie snilo. (Moderated)
pl.biznes23openJak zarobic, jak nie stracic.
pl.biznes.banki1983openFunkcjonowanie bankow w Polsce i zagranica.
pl.biznes.wgpw2openWarszawska Gielda Papierow Wartosciowych, rynek kapitalowy w Polsce.
pl.comp.bazy-danych87openWszystko o bazach danych.
pl.comp.bazy-danych.msaccess71openVisual Basic i MS Access.
pl.comp.dtp33openSzeroko rozumiana poligrafia.
pl.comp.dtp.tex.gust64moderatedJezyk TeX - zastosowania i porady - lista GUST-L. (Moderated)
pl.comp.grafika2openForum dyskusji milosnikow grafiki komputerowej.
pl.comp.lang.c475openC i C++ - kruczki, sztuczki, programowanie.
pl.comp.lang.delphi351openDelphi i Pascal - kruczki, sztuczki, programowanie.
pl.comp.lang.delphi.bazy-danych93openProgramowanie baz danych w Delphi.
pl.comp.lang.java2openProgramowanie w jezyku Java.
pl.comp.lang.javascript100openStosowanie JavaScript.
pl.comp.lang.php144openProgramowanie w jezyku PHP.
pl.comp.lang.python4openProgramowanie w jezyku Python.
pl.comp.mail.mta18openMail Transfer Agents - konfigurowanie i administracja.
pl.comp.nowe-programy22openTutaj pochwal sie nowym programem.
pl.comp.os.advocacy3openDyskusje o wyzszosci jednych systemow nad innymi.
pl.comp.os.linux620openLinux - system operacyjny dla kazdego.
pl.comp.os.linux.programowanie10openProgramowanie w systemie Linux.
pl.comp.os.linux.sieci22openSieci - konfiguracja i uzytkowanie w systemie Linux. Vista. Windows 95 i 98 - blaski i cienie. Windows NT na wszelkich platfomach sprzetowych. XP.
pl.comp.pecet1310openPecety, czyli sprzet komputerowy klasy PC.
pl.comp.programming404openProgramowanie w jezykach wszelkich.
pl.comp.sieci71openSieci w Polsce dla poczatkujacych i zaawansowanych.
pl.comp.sys.amiga34openGrupa dyskusyjna uzytkownikow komputera Amiga.
pl.comp.sys.atari2openGrupa dyskusyjna uzytkownikow komputerow atari.
pl.comp.sys.macintosh12openKomputery Macintosh i dyskusje na ich temat.
pl.comp.www48openWorld Wide Web w Polsce i po polsku.
pl.comp.xml3openXML, SGML i tematy pokrewne.
pl.fidonet.bramka8openFido widziane z Internetu.
pl.gazety.donosy51moderatedDonosy z Warszawy :-) (Moderated)
pl.hum.poezja65openO poezji i poetach, pisaniu i czytaniu wierszy.
pl.hum.polszczyzna1039openAby jezyk gietki powiedzial wszystko, co pomysli glowa.
pl.hum.tlumaczenia19openZ polskiego i na polski.
pl.internet.mordplik8openNie bedzie spamer plul nam w twarz!
pl.internet.polip7openProblemy Internetu polskiego i swiatowego.
pl.internet.pomoc2openJestem tu nowy - pomozcie!
pl.listserv.chomor-l26openPolski humor, Lista
pl.misc.budowanie4855openBudowanie i remontowanie domow i mieszkan.
pl.misc.elektronika6309openUrzadzenia elektroniczne od srodka.
pl.misc.kolej1150openOd drezyny do TGV.
pl.misc.meteorologia4openMeteorologia na co dzien.
pl.misc.militaria1655openWojskowosc, strategia, technika wojskowa, etc.
pl.misc.paranauki515openPsychotronika, UFO, astrologia, magia...
pl.misc.samochody8768openSamochod nie tylko zza kolka.
pl.misc.telefonia227openTelefonia, telefony - uslugi, przepisy, urzadzenia.
pl.misc.telefonia.gsm1241openDyskusja o telefonii komorkowej GSM i pochodnych.
pl.misc.transport.miejski20openKomunikacja miejska dla fanow i uzytkownikow. polskich news - laczcie sie! (Moderated)
pl.ogloszenia.sprzedam3openOgloszenia o sprzedazy roznych rzeczy.
pl.praca.dyskusje52openDyskusje na temat pracy.
pl.praca.oferowana18openOferty pracy.
pl.praca.szukana15openOgloszenia o poszukiwaniu pracy.
pl.pregierz5072openUsenetowy pregierz publiczny.
pl.rec.dom193openDom - budynek i miejsce w ktorym sie zyje.
pl.rec.fantastyka.sf-f82openScience Fiction & Fantasy, lista
pl.rec.fantastyka.starwars15openGwiezdne Wojny: filmy, ksiazki, komiksy, gry w swiecie GW.
pl.rec.film69openFilmy w kinie, tv i na wideo. filmy animowane - z wyjatkiem mangi.
pl.rec.foto108openFotografia - co, jak i czym.
pl.rec.foto.cyfrowa329openSprzet, technika fotografowania i obrobki obrazu.
pl.rec.gory37openDyskusje o gorach i kwalifikowanej turystyce gorskiej.
pl.rec.gps2openSatelitarny drogowskaz w sieci.
pl.rec.gry.komputerowe25openRozkosze lamania glowy i joysticka.
pl.rec.gry.komputerowe.klasyka3openKlasyka gier komputerowych.
pl.rec.humor.monty-python275openA teraz cos z zupelnie innej beczki.
pl.rec.kajaki6openWiosla, kontry, pagaje.
pl.rec.ksiazki18openKsiazki, ktore warto (lub nie) przeczytac.
pl.rec.kuchnia1503openUroki kuchni i rozkosze podniebienia.
pl.rec.lotnictwo240openPtakom podobni...
pl.rec.motocykle72openMotocykle - technika, rozrywka, turystyka.
pl.rec.muzyka10openWszystko o muzyce.
pl.rec.muzyka.bin8openMuzyka w postaci binarnej.
pl.rec.muzyka.gitara8openTechniki gry na gitarze, tabulatury, rady, akordy, gitarzysci.
pl.rec.muzyka.jazz2openJAZZ we wszystkich kolorach teczy
pl.rec.nurkowanie32openNurkuj bracie pokis mlody!!!
pl.rec.ogrody448openOgrody ozdobne, warzywne, rekreacyjne, wodne, dydaktyczne.
pl.rec.paralotnie8475openParalotnie, lotnie, szybowce i inne rozrywki latajace., packet radio, sport DX-owy.
pl.rec.robotki-reczne6openNa drutach, szydelkiem, igla i nie tylko.
pl.rec.rowery1234openRowery: sprzet, wyprawy, jazda w miescie. dla kibicow i sympatykow pilki noznej., narty i inne zabawy na sniegu.
pl.rec.telewizja75openRozmowy milosnikow malego ekranu.
pl.rec.turystyka.tramping19openPodrozowanie zplecakiem.
pl.rec.turystyka.zorganizowana18openWczasy z biurem podrozy.
pl.rec.wedkarstwo3openTechniki polowu, przynety, sprzet, lowiska.
pl.rec.zeglarstwo15openZeglarze wod slonych i slodkich.
pl.rec.zwierzaki32openZwierzeta bedace naszymi przyjaciolmi.
pl.regionalne.krakow171openKrakowiaczek ci ja!
pl.regionalne.lodz5openForum mieszkancow miasta Lodzi i okolic.
pl.regionalne.szczecin6openForum wymiany informacji o Szczecinie.
pl.regionalne.trojmiasto3openMy, mieszkancy Trojmiasta!
pl.regionalne.warszawa221openWirtualna Warszawa - rozmowy, informacje.
pl.regionalne.wroclaw92openO Wroclawiu, nie tylko dla Wroclawian.
pl.sci.ai34openProblematyka sztucznej inteligencji.
pl.sci.biologia15openO rozlicznych genow manifestacjach.
pl.sci.chemia96openChemia czysta, technologia i inzynieria.
pl.sci.ekonomiczne6openNieznajomosc ekonomii szkodzi.
pl.sci.filozofia265openMiejsce spotkan filozofow (nie chlopskich).
pl.sci.fizyka1805openForum fizykow polskich.
pl.sci.geodezja14openGeodezja i kartografia.
pl.sci.historia27openLudzie i zdarzenia na przestrzeni wiekow.
pl.sci.inzynieria1128openRozwiazujemy wszelkie inzynierskie zadania.
pl.sci.kosmos937openOgromny i pelen zagadek.
pl.sci.matematyka129openZagadnienia krolowej nauk.
pl.sci.medycyna56openOd pediatrii do patologii.
pl.sci.psychologia6196openPsychologia w zyciu codziennym.
pl.soc.dekadentyzm2openAntyspoleczne poglady, poezja, swirunki, kreacja.
pl.soc.dzieci2openJak miec dzieci i to przezyc.
pl.soc.dzieci.starsze2openDo matury od przedszkola, ciezka jest rodzica dola.
pl.soc.edukacja.szkola2openSzkola i jej uzytkownicy - uczniowie.
pl.soc.genealogia5openPoszukiwanie przodkow, historia rodow.
pl.soc.polityka10260openDyskusje o polityce (lista
pl.soc.polityka.wybory5openWybory i referenda w Polsce.
pl.soc.prawo2204openPrawo na co dzien - dyskusje, porady, opinie.
pl.soc.prawo.podatki227openPodatki w Polsce.
pl.soc.religia1510openDyskusje religijne (lista
pl.soc.rodzina2openJak zyc w rodzinie i przetrwac.
pl.soc.seks8openWszystko o seksie (ale nie obrazki).
pl.test2580openTu mozna wysylac wszelkie testy.
pnw.motss2openIssues about homosexuality in the Pacific Northwest.
prg.jobs12openNo description.
pt.ciencia.geral17openDiscussao de tematicas cientificas.
pt.comp.geral7openDiscussao de temas relacionados com Computadores. operativo Linux e temas relacionados.
pt.conversa39openGrupo para discussao sobre temas livres.
pt.geral7openDiscussoes sobre Portugal e os Portugueses.
pt.mercado.imobiliario2openAnuncios de compra, venda e aluguer de imobiliario.
pt.rec.artes.cinema3openGrupo destinado 'a discussao de cinema.
pt.rec.desporto.futebol84openDiscussao sobre futebol nacional e internacional.
pt.soc.economia8openDiscussao generica sobre economia em portugues.
pt.soc.geral878openDiscussao geral sobre a Sociedade.
pt.soc.politica25openDiscussao de tematicas politicas.
pt.soc.sexologia3openPara discutir tudo o que se relacione com a sexologia.
qc.general3openGeneral interest items about Quebec.
qc.jobs5openJobs in Quebec.
qc.politique248openPolitics of Quebec.
rec.animals.wildlife3openWildlife related discussions/information.
rec.answers47moderatedRepository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
rec.antiques14openDiscussing antiques and vintage items.
rec.antiques.bottles2openAntique Bottle Collecting.
rec.antiques.marketplace19openBuying/selling/trading antiques. devices and materials of yesteryear.
rec.arts.animation42openDiscussion of various kinds of animation.
rec.arts.anime.info19moderatedAnnouncements about Japanese animation. (Moderated)
rec.arts.anime.misc131openJapanese animation fan discussions.
rec.arts.bodyart9openTattoos and body decoration discussions.
rec.arts.books119openBooks of all genres, and the publishing industry.
rec.arts.books.childrens145openAll aspects of children's literature.
rec.arts.books.marketplace38openBuying and selling of books.
rec.arts.books.tolkien82openThe works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
rec.arts.comics.creative332moderatedComics-related original creative writing. (Moderated)
rec.arts.comics.dc.universe25openDC Comics' shared universe and characters.
rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe16openMarvel Comics' shared universe and characters.
rec.arts.comics.misc11openComic books, graphic novels, sequential art.
rec.arts.comics.strips1166openDiscussion of short-form comics.
rec.arts.dance14openAny aspects of dance not covered in another newsgroup.
rec.arts.disney.animation4openAnimated features, cartoons, short subjects.
rec.arts.disney.parks988openParks, resorts, dining, attractions, vacations.
rec.arts.drwho23875openDiscussion about Dr. Who.
rec.arts.drwho.moderated13moderatedDiscussion of "Doctor Who". (Moderated) about interactive fiction.
rec.arts.manga47openAll aspects of the Japanese storytelling art form.
rec.arts.marching.drumcorps10openDrum and bugle corps.
rec.arts.movies.current-films2351openThe latest movie releases.
rec.arts.movies.international9openNon-American art films.
rec.arts.movies.local.indian16openIndian movies and the Indian film industry.
rec.arts.movies.past-films1564openPast movies.
rec.arts.movies.production.sound2openMovie, TV & Video sound.
rec.arts.movies.reviews26moderatedReviews of movies. (Moderated)
rec.arts.movies.tech24openTechnical aspects of movies.
rec.arts.mystery288openMystery and crime books, plays and films.
rec.arts.poems368openFor the posting of poems.
rec.arts.puppetry3openFor discussion of puppets in any form or venue.
rec.arts.sf.announce12moderatedMajor announcements of the SF world. (Moderated)
rec.arts.sf.composition26openThe writing and publishing of speculative fiction.
rec.arts.sf.fandom2501openDiscussions of SF fan activities.
rec.arts.sf.movies160openDiscussing SF motion pictures.
rec.arts.sf.science504openReal and speculative aspects of SF science.
rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc21openMiscellaneous topics pertaining to Star Wars.
rec.arts.sf.tv1493openDiscussing general television SF.
rec.arts.sf.written8018openDiscussion of written science fiction and fantasy.
rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan6openBooks by author Robert Jordan.
rec.arts.startrek.current28openNew Star Trek shows, movies and books.
rec.arts.startrek.tech4openStar Trek's depiction of future technologies. in stagecraft and production.
rec.arts.tv35419openThe boob tube, its history, and past and current shows. fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000. News' The O'Reilly Factor. operas produced by or for the ABC network. operas produced by or for the CBS network. of interest to all soap opera viewers. the UK based show Coronation Street. of automobile audio systems. audio systems. (Moderated) and selling of home audio equipment. about audio here if you can't post anywhere else.'s two bits on audio in your home. audio recording and studio engineering., factual, and DIY topics in home audio. audio circuits which use vacuum tubes. on and off-road four wheel drive vehicle. all aspects of automobiles over 25 years old. automobiles., Plymouth, Jeep, Eagle, etc info/talk. Ford Explorer SUV. Mustangs in all their flavours. automobiles. on Jeep and Willys vehicles. about Saturn cars, fans and company., Bus, Ghia, Squareback, Thing, etc., Jetta, Corrado, Vanagon, new models, etc. discussion about automobiles. 1 motor racing. Car motor racing. and other professional stock car racing. aspects of automobiles, et. al.
rec.aviation.aerobatics3openAerobatics and unusual attitude flying.
rec.aviation.homebuilt25openSelecting, designing, building, and restoring aircraft.
rec.aviation.ifr6openFlying under Instrument Flight Rules.
rec.aviation.military480openMilitary aircraft of the past, present and future.
rec.aviation.military.naval11openDiscussion of Naval Aviation subjects.
rec.aviation.misc9openMiscellaneous topics in aviation.
rec.aviation.owning9openInformation on owning airplanes.
rec.aviation.piloting111openGeneral discussion for aviators.
rec.aviation.restoration2openForum for debate on aircraft restoration.
rec.aviation.soaring3364openAll aspects of sailplanes and hang-gliders.
rec.aviation.student325openLearning to fly.
rec.aviation.ultralight4openLight aircraft in general, all topics.
rec.backcountry13openActivities in the Great Outdoors.
rec.bicycles.marketplace4openBuying, selling & reviewing items for cycling.
rec.bicycles.misc137openGeneral discussion of bicycling.
rec.bicycles.racing110openBicycle racing techniques, rules and results.
rec.bicycles.rides9openDiscussions of tours and training or commuting routes.
rec.bicycles.soc3openSocietal issues of bicycling.
rec.bicycles.tech6893openCycling product design, construction, maintenance, etc.
rec.birds30openHobbyists interested in bird watching.
rec.boats10760openHobbyists interested in boating. building, design, restoration, and repair. in boats., hardware, software on boats. about any boats with oars, paddles, etc.
rec.climbing2openClimbing techniques, competition announcements, etc.
rec.collecting.coins17openCoin, currency, medal, etc. collecting forum.
rec.collecting.paper-money8openPaper money and related collecting. memorabilia (cards, photos, etc).
rec.collecting.stamps.discuss19openDiscussion of stamps and philately.
rec.collecting.stamps.marketplace2openAll philatelic advertising.
rec.collecting.villages2openCollectible houses, cottages, villages, and accessories.
rec.crafts.brewing81openThe art of making beers and meads.
rec.crafts.glass3openAll aspects of glassworking and glass.
rec.crafts.metalworking8180openAll aspects of working with metal.
rec.crafts.polymer-clay2openTechniques & resources relating to polymer clay.
rec.crafts.textiles.misc4openFiber and textile crafts not covered elsewhere.
rec.crafts.textiles.needlework77openAny form of decorative stitching done by hand.
rec.crafts.textiles.quilting80openAll about quilts and other quilted items.
rec.crafts.textiles.sewing2openSewing: clothes, furnishings, costumes, etc.
rec.crafts.winemaking5openThe tasteful art of making wine.
rec.crafts.woodturning92openWoodturning and turned objects.
rec.drugs.cannabis236openThe drug cannabis (marijuana).
rec.drugs.chemistry21openChemistry, pharmacology and related issues.
rec.drugs.misc63openStimulants, sedatives, smart drugs, et cetera.
rec.drugs.psychedelic22openLSD, Ecstasy, magic mushrooms and the like.
rec.drugs.smart70openSmart drugs (nootropics).
rec.equestrian8openDiscussion of things equestrian.
rec.folk-dancing6openFolk dances, dancers, and dancing. and baked goods, e.g. bread, pastries., cooking, cookbooks, and recipes. making and drinking of coffee. as beverage and culture. and selling food-related items. foodstuffs, herbs, and medicinals. of dining out. and baking with sourdough.
rec.gambling.blackjack5openAnalysis of and strategy for blackjack, aka 21.
rec.gambling.lottery353openStrategy and news of lotteries and sweepstakes.
rec.gambling.poker9283openAnalysis and strategy of live poker games.
rec.gambling.racing55openWagering on animal races.
rec.gambling.sports19openWagering on human sporting events. information, pure strategy games. of the game of backgammon. and hints on board games. interested in bridge. of openings/middlegames/endgames. for news/discussion related to chess. of nat'l/international chess organizations. Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter. Core War computer challenge. of cyberpunk related roleplaying games. role-playing with TSR's Dungeons and Dragons. discussions of role-playing games. about Go. aspects of interactive fiction games. related discussion and posting. and modern tabletop wargaming. in the Warhammer Universe. about DikuMuds. of the X window system game Netrek (XtrekII). about Play by Mail games. pinball-related issues. (non-gambling) card playing. computer game Angband. and programming of Roguelike games. dungeon games without other groups. computer game Nethack. "Magic: the Gathering" postings."Magic: the Gathering" strategy. Magic cards. about trivia. Vectrex game system. about coin-operated video games., converting, repairing etc. and requests for arcade games. of Atari's video game systems. home video entertainment systems. Nintendo video game systems and software. game hardware and software.
rec.gardens138openGardening, methods and results.
rec.gardens.edible310openEdible gardening topics.
rec.gardens.orchids4openGrowing, hybridizing, and general care of orchids.
rec.guns56moderatedDiscussions about firearms. (Moderated)
rec.heraldry42openDiscussion of coats of arms.
rec.humor36openJokes and the like. May be somewhat offensive.
rec.humor.oracle6moderatedSagacious advice from the USENET Oracle. (Moderated)
rec.juggling10openJuggling techniques, equipment and events.
rec.knives58openAnything that goes cut or has an edge.
rec.martial-arts13openDiscussion of the various martial art forms.
rec.models.railroad8openModel railroads of all scales.
rec.models.rc.air4openRadio-controlled air models.
rec.models.rc.misc4openRadio-controlled miscellaneous items.
rec.models.rockets28openModel rockets for hobbyists.
rec.models.scale28openConstruction of models.
rec.motorcycles253openMotorcycles and related products and laws. motorcycles and ATVs off-road. aspects of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Technical Discussion. music without instrumental accompaniment. with Afro-Latin, African and Latin influences. music and artists. Beach Boys' music & the effect they've had. rock band KISS and related projects. for fans of Bruce Springsteen's music. about the Fab Four & their music. of jazz, blues, and related types of music. Blues in all forms and all aspects. and modern music with a Celtic flavor. music, both contemporary and traditional. about classical music. classical music. music performed on guitar. classical (including early) music. music on CD, vinyl, cassette, etc. vinyl records (NO wanted or forsale). musical and lyrical works. fiddle/banjo music and beyond. music, performers, performances, etc. of comedy and novelty music. of Bob's works & music. of pre-classical European music. the discussion of experimental music. genre originated in the sf/fantasy fan community. discussing folk music of various sorts., soul, rhythm & blues and related. group for (Grateful) Dead-heads. music and culture in general. and Carnatic Indian classical music. Indian music in general. of all industrial-related music styles. performers and their discussions. musicians who play in groups with others. family (current & old) performance., building, repair of musical instruments. groups and choral music. horn players and playing. and acoustic guitar techniques and equipment. of acoustic guitar playing. aspects of jazz guitar. by and for musicians on the making of jazz. & selling used music-making equipment. & other percussion techniques & equipment. music, performing, composing, learning, styles. about songwriting., concertinas, and related free reeds. and computer music. exchange of trumpet related information. and selling collectible vinyl records. lovers' group. for movies and television. aspects of opera. the musical group Phish. rock, art rock, fusion, Canterbury, RIO, etc., Rockers, Dancehall Reggae. musical group R.E.M. Rock, Pop, and Rhythm & Blues music. Rock, Pop, and Rhythm & Blues music. Rock, Pop, Soul, and Rhythm & Blues music. forum for discussion of music theory. of music videos and music video software.
rec.nude889openHobbyists interested in naturist/nudist activities. with members of the high IQ society Mensa. relating to tying flies for flyfishing.
rec.outdoors.national-parks7openActivities and politics in national parks.
rec.outdoors.rv-travel4744openDiscussions related to recreational vehicles.
rec.pets111openPets, pet care, and household animals in general.
rec.pets.birds13openThe culture and care of indoor birds.
rec.pets.cats.anecdotes264openStories about our cats.
rec.pets.cats.community109openFeline/human conversations and related topics. health and behavior.
rec.pets.cats.misc6openGeneral feline topics.
rec.pets.dogs.behavior6openBehaviors and problems: housetraining, chewing, etc.
rec.pets.dogs.breeds42openBreed specific -- breed traits, finding breeders, etc.
rec.pets.dogs.health14openInfo about health problems & how to care for dogs.
rec.pets.dogs.misc2openAll other topics, chat, humor, etc.
rec.pets.dogs.rescue8openInformation about breed rescue, placing and adopting.
rec.pets.herp12openReptiles, amphibians and other exotic vivarium pets., printing and other darkroom issues. cameras, scanners, printers, software, PhotoCD. cameras and lenses. format cameras and lenses. format cameras and lenses. formats, tripods, projectors, bags etc. digital photographic equipment. issues related to photography.
rec.puzzles176openPuzzles, problems, and quizzes.
rec.puzzles.crosswords628openMaking and playing gridded word puzzles.
rec.pyrotechnics113openFireworks, rocketry, safety, & other topics. theory, techniques and construction. tube-based amateur radio equipment. radio and other digital radio modes., tips, notices and news for DXers. about production amateur radio hardware. radio construction and experimentation. radio practices, contests, events, rules, etc. radio practices, rules, etc. (Moderated) use & regulation policy. radio transmissions through space. of global domestic broadcast radio. (Moderated) radio. postings related to radio. (Moderated)"Utility" broadcasting traffic above 30 MHz. radio enthusiasts. to trade and swap radio equipment.
rec.roller-coaster462openRoller coasters and other amusement park rides.
rec.running41openRunning for enjoyment, sport, exercise, etc.
rec.scouting.usa12openUSA specific scouting and guiding topics.
rec.scuba5openHobbyists interested in SCUBA diving.
rec.scuba.equipment2openScuba equipment, purchase, pros/cons, use.
rec.skiing.alpine985openDownhill skiing technique, equipment, etc.
rec.skiing.backcountry11openBackcountry skiing.
rec.skiing.nordic3openCross-country skiing technique, equipment, etc.
rec.skydiving12openHobbyists interested in skydiving. aspects of archery for archers of any skill level. about baseball. on the collegiate level. of professional basketball. sports, including pool, snooker, carom games. in all its pugilistic facets and forms. about the sport of cricket. of flying disc based sports. college football. professional football. about all aspects of golfing. about ice hockey. Personal Water Craft, aka "jet skiing". about professional wrestling. league professional wrestling. for competition or fitness. related to playing/supporting Rugby League. related to playing/supporting Rugby Union. skating, aka Rollerblading. about soccer (Association Football). group is dedicated to the Japanese sport Sumo. for and competing in swimming events. of all types: foosball and subbuteo. related to table tennis (aka Ping Pong). related to the sport of tennis. all aspects of multi-event sports. and other boat-towed activities. of toys that lack a specific newsgroup. travel around the world. in Asia. by cruise ship. in Europe. in Central and South America. and accomodations wanted and for sale. and anything about travel. in the United States and Canada.
rec.video6openVideo and video components., computer-based video editing and production. in-depth technical issues."Large Dish" ("BUD") systems and technologies.
rec.windsurfing14openRiding the waves as a hobby.
rec.woodworking2933openHobbyists interested in woodworking.
relcom.extro10openAll extraordinary (UFO, paranormal activity, cryptozoology etc.). important events in politics and social life.
relcom.humor7openHa-ha-ha. Jokes, you know them, funny.
relcom.music6openMusic lovers.
relcom.netnews.big3102openGeneral BIG articles.
relcom.politics106openPolitical discussions.
relcom.talk202openUnfettered talk.
relcom.test10open"Wow, does it really work?".
relcom.wheels2675openAnything concerning auto/moto transport and sport.
ri.general3openGeneral discussion in Rhode Island, USA.
sac.general109openGeneral talk around Sacremento, California.
sac.politics5905openLocal politics of Sacremento, California.
sac.sports9openLocal sports of the Sacremento, California, area.
sat.general2openGeneral items of interest around San Antonio, TX.
sbay.general6openMiscellaneous topics specific to the South Bay Area.
sbay.politics10openLocal politics in the South Bay.
school.general26openGeneral Information about Projects, News, etc.
school.teachers15openDiscussion & chat between teachers.
sci.agriculture.beekeeping14openBeekeeping, bee-culture and hive products.
sci.anthropology2openAll aspects of studying humankind.
sci.anthropology.paleo728openEvolution of man and other primates.
sci.archaeology61openStudying antiquities of the world.
sci.astro365openAstronomy discussions and information.
sci.astro.amateur926openAmateur astronomy equipment, techniques, info, etc.
sci.astro.planetarium8openDiscussion of planetariums.
sci.astro.research88moderatedForum in astronomy/astrophysics research. (Moderated)
sci.astro.satellites.visual-observe6openVisually observing artificial satellite.
sci.astro.seti3openThe Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. scientific study of plants. research. butterflies & moths. insect study and related issues. aspects of fisheries science and fish biology. of biological material., fungi, algae, other microscopic organisms. and related sciences. of the past (but no creation vs evolution!).
sci.chem86openChemistry and related sciences.
sci.chem.electrochem.battery5openAnalyzing all aspects of all types of batteries.
sci.chem.labware2openChemical laboratory equipment.
sci.crypt2166openDifferent methods of data en/decryption.
sci.crypt.random-numbers59openGenerating cryptographic strength randomness.
sci.econ13openThe science of economics.
sci.electronics.basics780openElementary questions about electronics.
sci.electronics.cad33openSchematic drafting, printed circuit layout, simulation.
sci.electronics.components26openIntegrated circuits, resistors, capacitors.
sci.electronics.design17616openElectronic circuit design.
sci.electronics.equipment3openTest, lab, & industrial electronic products.
sci.electronics.misc13openGeneral discussions of the field of electronics.
sci.electronics.repair2634openFixing electronic equipment.
sci.energy27openDiscussions about energy, science & technology. about hydrogen as an alternative fuel.
sci.engr.analysis8openAll aspects of engineering analysis.
sci.engr.chem14openAll aspects of chemical engineering.
sci.engr.civil3openTopics related to civil engineering.
sci.engr.color8openThe art, science, and industry of coloring.
sci.engr.control3openThe engineering of control systems.
sci.engr.heat-vent-ac85openHeating, ventilating, air conditioning & refrigeration.
sci.engr.joining.welding92openWelding of materials for manufacture & repair.
sci.engr.lighting4openLight, vision & color in architecture, media, etc.
sci.engr.mech11openThe field of mechanical engineering.
sci.engr.mining2openMining engineering and mining technical topics.
sci.engr.semiconductors9openSemiconductor devices, processes, materials, physics.
sci.environment127openDiscussions about the environment and ecology.
sci.environment.waste4openImpact of Wastes and Waste Management Methods.
sci.fractals5openObjects of non-integral dimension and other chaos.
sci.geo.earthquakes609openFor discussion of earthquakes and related matters.
sci.geo.geology52openDiscussion of solid earth sciences.
sci.geo.hydrology2openSurface and groundwater hydrology.
sci.geo.meteorology14openDiscussion of meteorology and related topics.
sci.geo.oceanography5openOceanography, oceanology and marine science.
sci.geo.satellite-nav10openSatellite navigation systems, especially GPS.
sci.image.processing35openScientific image processing and analysis.
sci.lang1360openNatural languages, communication, etc.
sci.lang.japan32openThe Japanese language, both spoken and written.
sci.lang.translation27openProblems and concerns of translators/interpreters., stopping or reversing the ageing process.
sci.logic7665openLogic -- math, philosophy & computational aspects.
sci.materials.ceramics11openCeramic science.
sci.math10441openMathematical discussions and pursuits.
sci.math.num-analysis1396openNumerical Analysis.
sci.math.research11moderatedDiscussion of current mathematical research. (Moderated)
sci.math.symbolic520openSymbolic algebra discussion.
sci.med123openMedicine and its related products and regulations. aspects of cardiovascular diseases. related topics; all about teeth. Disease: patient support, research & information. aspects of laboratory medicine and management. questions and discussion. impacts of diet. and laboratory medicine. teaching and practice of pharmacy. prostatic hypertrophy. and news in psychiatry and psychobiology. aspects of radiology. networks. No diagnosis questions. for and about medical transcriptionists. vision, visual correction, and visual science.
sci.military.naval4415openNavies of the world, past, present and future.
sci.misc333openShort-lived discussions on subjects in the sciences.
sci.nonlinear2openChaotic systems and other nonlinear scientific study.
sci.op-research30openResearch, teaching & application of operations research.
sci.optics125openDiscussion relating to the science of optics.
sci.physics18033openPhysical laws, properties, etc.
sci.physics.electromag467openElectromagnetic theory and applications.
sci.physics.particle8openParticle physics discussions.
sci.physics.relativity12615openThe theory of relativity.
sci.physics.research136moderatedCurrent physics research. (Moderated)
sci.polymers12openAll aspects of polymer science.
sci.psychology.misc3openGeneral discussion of psychology.
sci.psychology.psychotherapy6openPractice of psychotherapy.
sci.skeptic36openSkeptics discussing pseudo-science. manned and unmanned space flight programs. of space-related news items. (Moderated) about space policy. and planetary science and related technical work. (Moderated) space shuttle and the STS program. stations and orbiting platforms. and general issues related to space flight. (Moderated)
sci.stat.consult4openStatistical consulting.
sci.stat.math43openStatistics from a strictly mathematical viewpoint.
sci.systems2openThe theory and application of systems science.
sci.techniques.microscopy21openThe field of microscopy.
sci.techniques.testing.nondestructive14openNondestructive tests in science.
scot.politics902openScottish politics discussions.
scruz.politics9openNo description. wanted for the Greater San Diego Area.
se.dator.sys.unix9openAlla sorters UNIX
se.humaniora.historia15openSvensk och internationell historia
se.politik.diverse875openSvensk politik och politik p svenska
se.politik.droger7openAllt om drog- och narkotikapolitik
se.politik.forsvar230openAlla slags frsvarsdiskussioner.
se.prat.humor3openRoliga historier och andra humoristiska inlgg
se.transport.jarnvag2openJrnvg i Sverige och annorstdes.
se.transport.sjofart3openSjfart i Sverige och annorstdes.
se.vetenskap.diverse10openAllmnna vetenskapliga diskussioner
se.vetenskap.psykologi3openPsykologi - fr Akademiker och Lekmn.
seattle.business2openBusiness affairs in Seattle, WA
seattle.general32openItems of general interest in Seattle, Washington.
seattle.internet2openNo description. description.
seattle.politics1215openDiscussion of politics in Seattle, WA, USA.
sfnet.atk.laitteet.pc12openIntel i86 -arkkitehtuurin mikrot ja oheislaitteet
sfnet.atk.linux154openLinux, vapaa *nix tyyppinen kj.
sfnet.atk.sodat49openErilaisten tietokoneiden/ohjelmien puolustamista ja mollaamista
sfnet.harrastus.askartelu2openAskartelu hupi- ja hytymieless
sfnet.harrastus.musiikki5openMusiikinharrastajat keskustelua
sfnet.harrastus.ruoka+juoma121openKulinaristien kohtauspaikka
sfnet.huuhaa1635openVapaamuotoista kirjoittelua
sfnet.keskustelu.evoluutio442openKeskustelua evoluutiosta
sfnet.keskustelu.filosofia2openFilosofiasta kiinnostuneille
sfnet.keskustelu.kieli9openKielet ja niiden kytt
sfnet.keskustelu.kielipolitiikka12openKielten ja niiden kyttjien asema
sfnet.keskustelu.kuluttaja1293openKuluttajansuoja ja asema
sfnet.keskustelu.laki75openLakiasiat ja oikeuskytnt Suomessa ja muualla
sfnet.keskustelu.liikenne174openLiikenne ja liikennepolitiikka
sfnet.keskustelu.politiikka414openKeskustelua politiikasta
sfnet.keskustelu.terveys97openTerveys ja sen hoito
sfnet.keskustelu.uskonto.kristinusko11openKristinusko ennen ja nyt
sfnet.keskustelu.varaventtiili5418openLiikojen hyryjen purkupaikka
sfnet.keskustelu.vitsit101openKaskujen keryskanava
sfnet.test4openNyyssijrjestelmn toiminnan testaamiseen
sfnet.tiede.fysiikka28openFyysikkojen keskustelukanava
sfnet.viestinta.matkapuhelimet2openMatkapuhelimet ja muut matkaviestimet
sfnet.viestinta.tv84openKaikenlaista television tiimoilta
sg.announce8openGeneral Anouncements to the sg.* USENet Community
sg.consumers8openConsumer forum for Singapore
sg.general12openGeneral discussion about life in Singapore
sg.marketplace10openPitch your ware here ONLY.
slo.games2openAbout games and gaming in San Luis Obispo, CA.
soc.culture.afghanistan20openDiscussion of the Afghan society.
soc.culture.african27openDiscussions about Africa & things African.
soc.culture.african.american1116openDiscussions about Afro-American issues.
soc.culture.algeria3openFrom A to Z about Algeria.
soc.culture.arabic8openTechnological & cultural issues, *not* politics.
soc.culture.argentina12openAll about life in Argentina.
soc.culture.asian.american22openIssues & discussion about Asian-Americans.
soc.culture.australian114openAustralian culture and society.
soc.culture.bangladesh26openIssues & discussion about Bangladesh.
soc.culture.belgium244openBelgian society, culture(s) and people.
soc.culture.bengali78openSociocultural identity of worldwide Bengali population.
soc.culture.bolivia3openBolivian people and culture.
soc.culture.brazil2441openTalking about the people and country of Brazil.
soc.culture.british549openIssues about Britain & those of British descent.
soc.culture.bulgaria2499openDiscussing Bulgarian society.
soc.culture.cambodia6openCambodia and its people.
soc.culture.canada119openDiscussions of Canada and its people.
soc.culture.caribbean10openLife in the Caribbean.
soc.culture.catalan31openThe Catalan language and the lands where it is spoken.
soc.culture.celtic4openIrish, Scottish, Breton, Cornish, Manx & Welsh.
soc.culture.chile3openAll about Chile and its people.
soc.culture.china5273openAbout China and Chinese culture.
soc.culture.colombia13openColombian talk, social, politics, science.
soc.culture.costa-rica2openTopics about Costa Rica.
soc.culture.croatia4openThe lives of people of Croatia.
soc.culture.cuba4438openCuban culture, society and politics.
soc.culture.dominican-rep7openThe life and people of the Dominican Republic.
soc.culture.egyptian24openEgypt, and its society, culture, heritage, etc.
soc.culture.el-salvador4openTopics about El Salvador, Central America.
soc.culture.esperanto315openThe neutral international language Esperanto.
soc.culture.europe267openDiscussing all aspects of all-European society.
soc.culture.filipino28openGroup about the Filipino culture.
soc.culture.france14openNo description.
soc.culture.french124openFrench culture, history, and related discussions.
soc.culture.galiza6openGalicia, on the Iberian Peninsula.
soc.culture.german151openDiscussions about German culture and history.
soc.culture.greek141openGroup about Greeks.
soc.culture.hmong50openDiscussion of Hmong people and its culture.
soc.culture.hongkong41openDiscussions pertaining to Hong Kong.
soc.culture.india1775openNo description.
soc.culture.indian5310openGroup for discussion about India & things Indian.
soc.culture.indian.delhi44openInformation related to Delhi, capital of India.
soc.culture.indian.gujarati17openGujarati cultural group.
soc.culture.indian.karnataka17openKarnataka's culture, history, and present.
soc.culture.indian.kerala27openCulture of the people of Keralite origin.
soc.culture.indian.marathi26openDiscussion related to Marathi Culture.
soc.culture.indonesia90openAll about the Indonesian nation.
soc.culture.iranian153openDiscussions about Iran and things Iranian/Persian.
soc.culture.iraq23openIraq, its society, culture and heritage.
soc.culture.irish54openIreland and Irish culture.
soc.culture.israel17568openIsrael and Israelis.
soc.culture.italian12openThe Italian people and their culture.
soc.culture.japan480openEverything Japanese, except the Japanese language.
soc.culture.jewish5389openJewish culture & religion (cf. talk.politics.mideast).
soc.culture.kenya8openKenyan peoples, politics, culture, and affairs.
soc.culture.korean243openDiscussions about Korea & things Korean.
soc.culture.kuwait3openKuwaiti culture, society, and history.
soc.culture.laos23openCultural and Social Aspects of Laos.
soc.culture.latin-america18openTopics about Latin-America.
soc.culture.lebanon18openDiscussion about things Lebanese.
soc.culture.magyar303openThe Hungarian people & their culture.
soc.culture.malaysia70openAll about Malaysian society.
soc.culture.mexican21openDiscussion of Mexico's society.
soc.culture.mexican.american3openMexican-American/Chicano culture and issues.
soc.culture.nepal3openDiscussion of people and things in & from Nepal.
soc.culture.netherlands17openPeople from the Netherlands and Belgium. of topics related to New Zealand.
soc.culture.nicaragua10openTopics related to the country of Nicaragua in general.
soc.culture.nigeria19openNigerian affairs, society, cultures, and peoples.
soc.culture.nordic12openDiscussion about culture up north.
soc.culture.occitan156openSpeakers of Provencal/Occitan/Langue d'Oc.
soc.culture.pakistan33openTopics of discussion about Pakistan.
soc.culture.palestine118openPalestinian people, culture and politics.
soc.culture.peru5openAll about the people of Peru.
soc.culture.polish11232openPolish culture, Polish past, and Polish politics.
soc.culture.portuguese12openDiscussion of the people of Portugal.
soc.culture.puerto-rico64openPuerto Rican culture, society and politics.
soc.culture.punjab15openPunjab and Punjabi culture.
soc.culture.quebec468openQuebec society and culture.
soc.culture.romanian2174openDiscussion of Romanian and Moldavian people.
soc.culture.russian111openAll things Russian in the broadest sense.
soc.culture.scottish26openAnything regarding Scotland or things Scots.
soc.culture.singapore4677openThe past, present and future of Singapore.
soc.culture.somalia8openSomalian affairs, society, and culture.
soc.culture.south-africa28openSouth African society, culture, & politics.
soc.culture.south-africa.afrikaans3openThe Afrikaans language and speakers.
soc.culture.spain13openSpain and the Spanish.
soc.culture.sri-lanka4openThings & people from Sri Lanka.
soc.culture.swiss4openSwiss culture.
soc.culture.syria2openSyrian cultural matters and affairs.
soc.culture.taiwan48openDiscussion about things Taiwanese.
soc.culture.tamil45openTamil language, history and culture.
soc.culture.thai13openThai people and their culture.
soc.culture.turkish597openDiscussion about things Turkish.
soc.culture.ukrainian14openThe lives and times of the Ukrainian people.
soc.culture.usa7297openThe culture of the United States of America.
soc.culture.venezuela1546openDiscussion of topics related to Venezuela.
soc.culture.vietnamese2973openIssues and discussions of Vietnamese culture.
soc.culture.yugoslavia3openDiscussions of Yugoslavia and its people.
soc.genealogy.australia+nz26openAustralia, New Zealand, and their territories.
soc.genealogy.benelux809openGenealogy in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
soc.genealogy.britain473openGenealogy in Great Britain and the islands.
soc.genealogy.computing38openGenealogical computing & net resources.
soc.genealogy.french14openFrancophone genealogy.
soc.genealogy.german47openFamily history including a German background.
soc.genealogy.hispanic5openGenealogy relating to Hispanics.
soc.genealogy.ireland26openGenealogy in Ireland (both North and South).
soc.genealogy.italian29openItalian genealogy and family heraldry.
soc.genealogy.jewish848moderatedJewish genealogy group. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.medieval1811openGenealogy in the period from roughly AD500 to AD1600.
soc.genealogy.misc4openGeneral genealogical discussions.
soc.genealogy.nordic22openGenealogy in the Scandinavian countries.
soc.genealogy.slavic2openGenealogy of Slavic peoples.
soc.genealogy.west-indies50openGenealogy of the West Indies.
soc.history65openDiscussions of things historical.
soc.history.ancient170openAncient history (up to AD 700).
soc.history.early-modern6openEarly modern history worldwide, to 1800.
soc.history.medieval1234openThe historic period of the middle ages.
soc.history.war.misc23openHistory & events of wars in general. & events of World War Two. (Moderated)
soc.history.what-if1908openAlternate history.
soc.men2176openIssues related to men, their problems & relationships.
soc.motss19openIssues pertaining to homosexuality., requests, etc. about people on the net. organizations.
soc.penpals4059openIn search of net.friendships.
soc.religion.quaker2openThe Religious Society of Friends.
soc.retirement18990openFor seniors: retirement, aging, gerontology issues.
soc.rights.human25openHuman rights & activism (e.g., Amnesty International).
soc.senior.issues5openIssues relevant to seniors and aging. among people who are or were single. (Moderated)
soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm22openBondage/Dominance/S&M discussion & support.
soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm.femdom6openSensual domination by females. crisis situations. for fat people. No diet talk. and intersexed persons.
soc.veterans678openSocial issues relating to military veterans.
soc.women1426openIssues related to women, their problems & relationships.
spline.eisfair1869openNo description. regarding installation of StarOffice on MS Windows 95/98/NT. (english)
stgt.general4openThemen von allgemeiner Bedeutung im Raum Stuttgart.
stl.general10openGeneral interest items for St. Louis sites.
swnet.diverse110openDiskussioner om allt mellan himmel och jord.
swnet.filosofi5openAllt om filosofi
swnet.finans14openAllt om ekonomi/finans
swnet.finans.privatekonomi2openEkonomi fr privatpersoner och hushll.
swnet.fordon.bilar11openAllt om bilar
swnet.fordon.diverse2openAllmnt om fordon och fordonstrafik.
swnet.juridik83openAllt om juridik
swnet.kultur.diverse13openAllmnt om kultur.
swnet.kultur.mat+dryck5openAllt om mat- och matlagning, drycker och gastronomi.
swnet.media38openOm Journalistik, bevakning, etik och teknik i Svenska medier about TV, TV programms etc
swnet.moral21openDiskussion om etik och moral
swnet.politik1686openBitching about taxes
swnet.politik.invandring808openFlykting-, invandring- och integrationspolitik.
swnet.religion.diverse6openExistensiella frgor, religion och teologi.
swnet.sci.diverse3openAllmnna vetenskapliga diskussioner.
swnet.sci.genealogi4openSvensk sl{ktforskning.
swnet.sci.kemi2openVetenskapliga diskussioner om kemi.
swnet.sci.medicin19openOm medicin och l{kekonst.
swnet.svenska2959openDiscussions about the Swedish language.
swnet.teknik.diverse2openDiverse diskussioner om teknik och hantverk.
swnet.teknik.telefoni2openAllt om telefoni
talk.abortion11openAll sorts of discussions and arguments on abortion.
talk.atheism38openDebate about the validity and nature of atheism.
talk.bizarre291openThe unusual, bizarre, curious, and often interesting.
talk.environment7openDiscussion the state of the environment & what to do.
talk.euthanasia253openAll aspects of euthanasia.
talk.origins8556moderatedEvolution versus creationism (sometimes hot!). (Moderated)
talk.philosophy.humanism6openHumanism in the modern world.
talk.philosophy.misc15openPhilosophical musings on all topics.
talk.politics.china147openDiscussion of political issues related to China.
talk.politics.drugs47openThe politics of drug issues.
talk.politics.european-union9openThe EU and political integration in Europe.
talk.politics.guns26712openThe politics of firearm ownership and (mis)use.
talk.politics.libertarian37openLibertarian politics & political philosophy.
talk.politics.medicine76openThe politics and ethics involved with health care.
talk.politics.mideast375openDiscussion & debate over Middle Eastern events.
talk.politics.misc14552openPolitical discussions and ravings of all kinds.
talk.politics.soviet44openDiscussion of Soviet politics, domestic and foreign.
talk.politics.tibet10openThe politics of Tibet and the Tibetan people.
talk.rape64openDiscussions on stopping rape; not to be crossposted.
talk.religion.bahai51openDiscussion of the Baha'i Faith.
talk.religion.buddhism3openAll aspects of Buddhism as religion and philosophy.
talk.religion.course-miracle7openA Course in Miracles.
talk.religion.misc30openReligious, ethical, & moral implications.
talk.religion.newage46openEsoteric and minority religions & philosophies. related to the State of Rhode Island, USA.
tamu.forsale35openNo description. description.
tn.general8openItems of general interest in Tennessee.
tor.bizarre4openOddities in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
tor.general22openItems of general interest in Toronto, Canada.
tor.jobs11openJobs in Toronto, Canada.
triangle.general6opengeneral discussion in NC.
triangle.motss2openIssues pertaining to homosexuality in the Triangle area.
triangle.personals.variations5openAlternative and miscellaneous personals
triangle.politics32openPolitics affecting the Triangle area of North Carolina.
trollnet.cinema13openNo description.
tx.general23openItems of general interest in Texas.
tx.guns130openNo description.
tx.politics48openPolitics in Texas.
ucb.politics6openAnnouncements/Discussions of a Political Nature
ucb.politics.progressive547openDiscussion of progressive politics in the scope of UCB.
uk.adverts.computer36openAdverts for computer related items in the UK
uk.adverts.other14openAdverts in the uk for items not covered by other groups
uk.adverts.personals6openFor personal contact adverts with relevance to the UK
uk.answers5moderatedRepository for periodic UK specific USENET articles. (Moderated) industry in the U.K of police and policing in the UK
uk.comp.home-networking42openHome networking, including hardware, protocols, etc.
uk.comp.homebuilt1306openDIY computer construction and hardware upgrades
uk.comp.misc9openMiscellaneous UK-related computing issues
uk.comp.os.linux314openDiscussion of the Linux operating system
uk.comp.security5openMiscellaneous computer security discussion
uk.comp.sys.mac1875openDiscussion relating to Apple's Macintosh computers
uk.culture.language.english2openEnglish language use and abuse
uk.current-events.general34openDiscussion of UK-related news items
uk.current-events.n-ireland33openEvents in Northern Ireland
uk.current-events.terrorism2132open11 September 2001 attack on US and follow up
uk.d-i-y36250openDo-It-Yourself relating to education issues discussion about teaching
uk.finance139openDiscussion about Finance issues in the UK & drink in all forms within the UK ales and related topics, reviews, and advice relating to a wide range of board games, reviews, and advice relating to a wide range of games UK specific newsgroup for all aspects of roleplaying based discussion about Sega's Dreamcast based Discussion about Nintendo's GameBoy Range focused discussion of handheld video gaming discussion of video games discussion about Nintendo videogames consoles Discussion of Sony Playstation range Playstation sales & wants based discussion about Microsoft's XBox bisexuals, lesbians and gays in the UK (Moderated) vacant. No discussion
uk.legal18692openDiscussion of legal issues in the UK topics relevant to UK law (Moderated)
uk.local.birmingham6openThe City of Birmingham, England
uk.local.cumbria11openThe county of Cumbria, England
uk.local.geordie36openThe Culture and Civilisation centred on Newcastle upon Tyne
uk.local.kent7openAll aspects of visiting, living or working in Kent
uk.local.london5openLondon, the capital city of the United Kingdom
uk.local.yorkshire2openDiscussion regarding the Yorkshire region of the UK UK Anime & Manga scene of the BBC radio soap opera "The Archers" issues and programmes on BBC Radio Four of all aspects of TV in the UK Who discussion from a UK perspective discussion of Star Trek relevant to the UK
uk.misc417openGeneral interest to everyone on UKnet about the UK music charts music in the UK art and pursuit of DJing in the UK discussion of UK music RFDs, CFVs, FAQs, etc. within the UK Hierarchy. (Moderated) of RFDs posted in of the uk.* news hierarchy of the moderation of uk.* groups (Andrews & Arnold) discussion of the ISP Gradwell forum for UK web developers
uk.people.bdsm2openDiscussion of bondage, discipline, s/m and D/s
uk.people.consumers.ebay52openDoing business on Ebay in the UK
uk.people.crossdressing6openSupport and info for UK based cross-dressers
uk.people.dead9openUK obituaries and discussion of dead people
uk.people.disability12openDiscussion of disability related topics in the UK
uk.people.ex-forces5openEx-members of HM Forces
uk.people.sf-fans19openDiscussion area for UK SF fans
uk.people.silversurfers4457openAdvice and chat for older internet users, support and chat for depressed people
uk.philosophy.atheism5openAtheist philosophy, UK atheism + atheists
uk.philosophy.humanism8openUK issues in Humanism and in Secular thought
uk.politics.drugs20openPolitics of legal and illegal drug use in the UK
uk.politics.electoral200openDiscussion of elections & electoral systems in the UK
uk.politics.guns7openFor discussion of guns and gun laws in the UK
uk.politics.misc22000openMiscellaneous UK political discussion radio and related matters radio and related matters (Moderated)
uk.railway9947openDiscussion about railways in the UK
uk.rec.audio594openDiscussion and exchange of hi-fi audio equipment
uk.rec.birdwatching27openDiscussion of all aspects of United Kingdom Birdwatching matters relating to boats that are paddled
uk.rec.bodybuilding2openAspects of bodybuilding in the UK
uk.rec.caravanning15openRecreational and technical aspects of caravanning Cars in the UK car maintenance, use and repair of MG cars in the UK
uk.rec.competitions4382openAnnouncement/discussion of UK based competitions
uk.rec.cycling2675openDiscussion of UK cycling issues
uk.rec.cycling.moderated209moderatedCycling in the UK (Moderated)
uk.rec.driving1079openDiscussion of all aspects of non-professional driving
uk.rec.drugs.cannabis15243openCannabis use and abuse in the UK
uk.rec.equestrian9openDiscussion of general UK equestrian activities the discussion of sea angling
uk.rec.gardening876openTo discuss gardening topics relevant to the UK
uk.rec.models.engineering64openAll aspects of model engineering in the UK
uk.rec.models.rail11openRailway model making
uk.rec.motorcaravans3openRecreational and technical aspects of motorcaravanning
uk.rec.motorcycles3310openFor discussion of motorcycle issues relevant to the UK motorcycles, owning, riding, restoring
uk.rec.natural-history3openThe study of UK wildlife
uk.rec.naturist16openDiscussion,chat, on naturism in uk, europe and Photographic issues in the UK
uk.rec.psychic2openPsychic matters discussion of Citizens' Band Radio in the UK
uk.rec.sailing80openTo discuss all aspects of sailing activity in the UK
uk.rec.scouting6openDiscussion of Scouting and Guiding in the UK
uk.rec.sheds4365openSheds: culture, contents, usage
uk.rec.walking14openTo exchange information on walking, hiking or rambling in the uk
uk.rec.waterways65openfor discussing British waterways
uk.religion.christian2257moderatedChristianity in the UK (Moderated)
uk.religion.hindu123openDiscussion of the hindu faith
uk.religion.interfaith140openDiscussion of the interfaith issues
uk.religion.islam142openDiscussion of the islamic faith
uk.religion.misc140openDiscussion about religion in general
uk.religion.other-faiths140openDiscussion of the other faiths Nursing Issues
uk.sci.weather2725openFor the discussion of weather events
uk.singles19openDiscussion for people about, or who are, single of UK cricket Football Club discussion of ice hockey as played in and by GB of sport within the UK used in UK radio and TV broadcasting issues of domestic digital television issues of Sky television
uk.telecom1541openDiscussion of UK telecommunications
uk.telecom.broadband786openADSL/cable/other broadband services/products
uk.telecom.mobile443openMobile telephone equipment and networks
uk.telecom.voip75openVoice over IP technology and related matters
uk.test85openUK wide tests
uk.transport12openTransportation issues in the United Kingdom
uk.transport.buses16openIssues facing the UK bus industry
uk.transport.london1423openDiscussion of all forms of transport in London
ukr.nodes110open Ҧ ̦ InterNet.
ukr.politics159openӦ ̦, for/about the University of Minnesota EE dept.
us.legal2openQ & A about US law and legal issues.
us.military22openGeneral topics related to the US Military.
us.military.army91openLife and work in the US Army.
us.military.history6openHistory of military forces in the USA.
us.military.navy15openLife and work in the US Navy.
us.politics615openGeneral discussion of US politics.
us.taxes19openPros and cons of the US tax system.
ut.test14092openNo description.
uw.cssa4openNo description.
va.general3openFor folks in Virginia.
va.politics4openPolitics in Virginia.
van.general184openGeneral discussion for Vancouver, B.C.
van.jobs3openJobs in Vancouver, B.C.
vegas.general2openGeneral discussion.
vmsnet.pdp-115openPDP-11 hardware and software, gatewayed to info-pdp11.
wa.politics12openPolitics, debates, rational(?) arguments. relating to Welsh rugby union.
wales.test71openTest postings in the wales.* hierarchy.
wash.general2openDiscussion of general matters in Washington State, USA
wash.politics3openNo description.
wi.general4openMiscellaneous topics related to Wisconsin
xs4all.adsl456openAlles over ADSL bij XS4ALL
xs4all.announce176moderatedAankondigingen door XS4ALL voor alle XS4ALL abonnees (Moderated)
xs4all.general1182openNo description.
xs4all.ipv636openXS4ALL provides native IPv6
xs4all.test63openTest! Don't read unless you don't get any news!
xs4all.voip5openNo description.
yolo.news13openGeneral Interest News about Yolo County, CA.
z-netz.alt.rechnerkrieg2openMeiner ist aber besser und schoener!
z-netz.freizeit.rollenspiele.dsa733openDas Rollenspiel DSA
z-netz.miteinander.kontakte5openKontakte suchen und halten use of computers in education.
za.misc11openGeneral chat, comments, announcements etc.
za.politics9openRegional politics.
za.religion.christian6openNo description. of Rugby Union in South Africa
za.test26openTesting of news links and configurations.