Service usage limits

In order to allow all clients to access the service, this news server requires users to limit their use of system resources within certain thresholds. This page analytically lists the usage thresholds of system resources that users must comply with. For each parameter, there are two thresholds: if a user exceeds the first one is banned from the news service, if it exceeds the second one, the block is on the firewall.


DescriptionProtocol banFirewall banUnit
Maximum number of connections per day6001000 connections
Maximum connection time8660090000 seconds
Maximum number of failed attempts to authenticate50150 attempts
Maximum number of unknown or invalid commands50500 commands
Maximum number of connection attempts made by an already banned IP address501000 connections
Maximum size of downloaded articles157286400367001600 bytes
Maximum number of articles per day7000080000 articles
Maximum size of overview data downloaded from server7340032094371840 bytes
Maximum number of overview queries4000050000 queries
System time1015 seconds
User Time1015 seconds
Amount of time after which each IP is unbannedEvery day at 04:00 AM864000seconds
Maximum single connection duration10800seconds
Maximum single connection cpu time5seconds
Maximum number of connections within 5 minutes60connections