User's manual

This section contains several documents that explain how to use the service. All users should take a look at these pages before starting to use this server and they should follow the procedures described there.
At the moment, the following manual pages are available:


Service description
This page contains a summary of essential service information that should be read by all users before starting to use it.
Terms of use
Each service imposes on its users some rules that they are forced to respect. The set of rules that users of this service must comply with are indicated on the page about the terms of the service. Violation of the rules shown here is always considered an abuse.
Privacy policy
Any service collects a certain amount of data about its users and stores them for a certain period of time. The privacy policy clearly explains what data is collected by this service and how long this information is retained.
Abuse report
Any breach of the terms of use of this service is considered an abuse. This page explains the procedure that must follow who is victim of an abuse committed by a user of this service in order to get the intervention of the administrators. All users should read this page before starting to complain.
There are many ways to get in touch with the administrators of this service and each one has a specific function: there is a contact to report abuses, another for technical issues and another one for legal communications. The contact page explains the way to get in touch with the administrators of this service. All users should read this page before trying to contact the administrators.
Special headers
This service supports some special, non-standard headers that allow users to customize server behavior when receiving a message that includes them. This page explains how to use these special headers.
aioe.* USENET hierarchy
This document provides some non-technical information about the usenet hierarchy aioe.* that is managed by this service. This space contains instructions to ask for new groups to be created, a list of existing ones, and some introductory information about the hierarchy.
Frequently Asked Questions
The users ask questions about the service and the administrators are happy to answer. At the same time, questions are often the same. To avoid repeating the explanation to anyone who asks, the FAQs page contains a list of common questions and their answers. All users should read this page before asking questions to make sure that the answer has not already been given