Peering data

These informations are needed by newsmasters in order to setup an USENET feed with More informations about them can be found in a tutorial which explains how to setup an USENET feed with These data are completely useless for casual users. Peering data
Path: Path entry that marks all messages transferred through
Accept: sends articles to remote peers from this address.
Receive: expects to receive articles from remote peers to this address.
Size: 32768 rejects all articles larger than 32kb.
Groups: only text groups rejects all articles that include binary contents.
Contact: System contacts for NNTP service.
Location: Germany, EU servers are in Germany.
Antispam: Cleanfeed, Nocem uses both Cleanfeed and Nocem to keep away the spam.
Inpath: about 45th place sends statistical data to the Top1000 project.