A lot of information about server activity is available in this section. Some pages describe the activity of this server and serve to measure its performance. Other pages provide information about the activity of remote sites connected to the local server. Finally, a small number of pages measure the activity of USENET as a whole. All the information in this section may only be of interest to advanced users and administrators of other news servers, everyone else can happily forget about it.


System activity
Day-to-day reports about server activity since 2008 generated by innreport
Real time data about USENET feeds established by this host
Antispam report
Cleanfeed real time statistical report about messages rejected due spam by this host
Incoming articles
Information about how many bytes and articles this host is receiving from other USENET peers
USENET articles
This page shows how many messages and how many bytes have been sent in total by users to each usernet hierarchy during the last few months.
Banned IPs
Which IP addresses are banned at the moment is shown on this page along with an explanation about the reason behind each ban.