Service usage limits

Since is a non-profit project, the system resources available to its servers are limited and therefore everyone must make responsible use of it. This is necessary to allow everyone to use the service without authentication. To prevent some users from grabbing all available system resources, all clients must stay within certain thresholds in the use of server. This page analytically lists the usage thresholds of system resources that users must comply with. For each parameter, there are two thresholds: if a user exceeds the first one is banned from the news service, if it exceeds the second one, the block is on the firewall.
These thresholds are set at such a high level that it is unlikely that a user could exceed them by chance. However, they must be kept in mind by those who use scripts or automatic programs to download news.


Usage limits per 60 seconds
DescriptionFirewall banUnit
Number of connections25connections
Number of failed attempts to authenticate20attempts
Requested groups2000groups
Number of commands sent after being banned100commands
Amount of time before being unbanned86400seconds

Usage limits per 86400 seconds
DescriptionProtocol banFirewall banUnit
Maximum number of connections per day8001000 connections
Maximum connection time8660090000 seconds
Maximum number of failed attempts to authenticate100300 attempts
Maximum number of unknown or invalid commands50500 commands
Maximum number of connection attempts made by an already banned IP address1520 connections
Maximum size of downloaded articles157286400367001600 bytes
Maximum number of articles per day7000080000 articles
Maximum size of overview data downloaded from server7340032094371840 bytes
Maximum number of overview queries4000050000 queries
System time1012 seconds
User Time1012 seconds
Groups9000095000 groups
Maximum connection time for a single connection4320086400 seconds
Maximum CPU time for a single connection56 seconds
Amount of time before being unbanned8640086400 seconds