Antispam report tries to reject spam messages sent to newsgroups using cleanfeed, an old antispam software written in perl. It plots a nice html statistical page that is printed below. Everybody should consider that these data do not represent a reliable sample of the number of spam messages actually posted on usenet because they only refer to this server.


Cleanfeed Status

Filter started: Sat May 14 08:04:32 2022
Report generated: Tue Jul 5 01:18:11 2022
Uptime: 4468419 seconds

Accepted: 1228088
Rejected: 82356
Refused: 343

Period since last report: 3607 seconds
Articles examined (this period): 0.1/s
Articles accepted (this period): 0.1/s
Articles examined (entire uptime): 0.3/s
Articles accepted (entire uptime): 0.2/s

MD5 entries: 407 Rejecting: 20
PHL entries: 269 Rejecting: 5
PHN entries: 274 Rejecting: 5
PHR entries: 0 Rejecting: 0
FSL entries: 247 Rejecting: 0
MID history: 304

Supersedes entries: 0