News log lines

All unix daemons, including the news server used by, save the most relevant information about their activity in a log file that is updated in real time. Within this file, each line starts with the date and time it was added and it usually represents an action performed by the server. The number of lines added per unit of time by the server in the log file is a good measure of the service workload because each activity  usually corresponds to a line.
The graph below shows the flow of new lines in the log file according to the program that generated them. 'NNRP' is the program that handles client requests, 'innfeed' transfers messages to other peers, 'innd' is the main news server and mainly deals with filtering remote messages against spam. Finally, '' marks all the lines generated by custom programs developed by crew only for internal use.

Number of log lines per day

Number of log lines per week

Number of clog lines per month

Number of log lines per year