This section collects several tools that offer some additional services to users of this news server. All users are strongly encouraged to make use of them before requesting assistance in order to check whether their requests for help are well founded.
At the moment, the following tools are available:


Cancel a message
This page allows users to try to delete messages sent through this server. Since USENET cancel messages have never worked well and many servers refuse them in order to protect themselves from abuses, there is no guarantee that other servers will accept to cancel messages as required.
Rejected articles
This page provides a list of all messages sent by a single ip address provided in a search form and rejected by the server in the last 24 hours. For each message sent by the specified ip address and rejected by the server, result page shows the arrival time, the ip address that sent it, the server that received it, the full content of all headers and body and a brief explication about the rejection reason.
Search for articles
This tool allows users to retrieve every USENET message available on the server by indicating its full message-id
Search for groups
Through this service users can search USENET groups among those that are available on the server.
Statistics about groups
This page provide some statistical data about each group carried by the server. The information provided by this page is needed only by the system administrators  in order to manage the news server and it's probably almost useless for casual users.
Server status
This page allows users to check if both servers work properly. This control system is rudimentary and can generate false positives under some circumstances but is also a quick and easy way to check that everything works.